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  1. jsboswell

    Elusive perfect strap

  2. jsboswell

    RIP Mark Lacey

    Wow... what a loss. I had the privilege of talking with him a few times when I had delusions of commissioning a high-end acoustic archtop. A very gentle soul, and a true artisan.
  3. jsboswell

    Has the used market started to cool down?

    I practice medicine, not economics. Filter everything I'm about to say through that prism. Debating the definition of a recession is rather like debating the definition of shock. All that matters in shock is the effect on the end organs (kidneys, liver, etc.). I'd suggest that recession should...
  4. jsboswell

    BTPA | New Time-Lapse Video + Blog Post

    Always nice to see the pros at work! I've picked up a lot of useful info watching you guys work. Would love to see a non-time-lapsed video someday featuring all the little tips and tricks that go into rig building. Thanks for sharing this.
  5. jsboswell

    Neunaber Audio ILLUMINE

    My Illumine arrives Monday! Unfortunately, I'm out of town for a week starting tomorrow. At least I'll have something special awaiting my return...
  6. jsboswell

    Tremolo and Chorus suggestions

    I'd go: AnalogMan Chorus Origin Effects Deluxe '61
  7. jsboswell

    Local article on K-Line guitars

    Great story about a fantastic builder and person. Thanks for sharing.
  8. jsboswell

    Should I just go for a Grace Alix or Bix?

    Another EXTREMELY pleased Alix owner here! Top shelf acoustic preamp.
  9. jsboswell

    Does anyone make this guitar?

    I ordered through a dealer many states away. Had some conversations with Juhn Suhr (he is @Husky on TGP) in advance of the build, and the neck he recommended was exactly what I was after.
  10. jsboswell

    Does anyone make this guitar?

    It is more than a regular production model, but not much so. It doesn't look like your specs are all that radical (i.e. expensive). Definitely worth investigating, and the finished product will be phenomenal. Here's a picture of mine for reference. I was going for an 80's Charvel vibe (like the...
  11. jsboswell

    Does anyone make this guitar?

    Custom order Suhr is where I'd start.
  12. jsboswell

    What’s your favorite auto wah / envelope filter pedal?

    I've loved my Mad Professor Snow White Auto Wah for years. Does both envelope and auto wah.
  13. jsboswell

    3rd Power - Wooly Coats Extra Spanky 6VEL

    Oh, I don't know... I have a pair of them that I run as part of a stereo rig. I haven't found a volume yet where they sound anything but stellar! A testament to the work you guys do.
  14. jsboswell

    Callaham amp

    I wish they would. I love mine, but wouldn't mind at all adding one or two more.
  15. jsboswell

    3rd Power - Wooly Coats Extra Spanky 6VEL

    Absolutely loving both of mine. Buzzing must be a strange aberration, as this is one of the quietest (in terms of background noise) amps I've ever owned.
  16. jsboswell

    Collings 01A/Assisted Living Music

    America is somewhat unique in that we tend to "warehouse" our elderly rather than bringing them into our own homes as they age. Gestures like yours are an invaluable injection of kindness and humanity into an environment of those who so often are forgotten. Music is a universal language. Having...
  17. jsboswell

    Neunaber Illumine / Source Audio Collider: Compare/Contrast

    Hi folks. In the midst of a major pedalboard rebuild and down to the one pedal I haven't decided on yet: Stereo reverb/delay. The two that interest me the most are the Neunaber Illumine and the Source Audio Collider. A little background: I'm interested in it mainly for the stereo reverb quality...
  18. jsboswell

    ‘Always on’ reverb delay pedal

    I use Source Audio Collider for this.
  19. jsboswell

    The Pete Cornish Thread Mark VI

    Thanks to all for your input and counsel. Connected with Pete yesterday and ordered OC-1, CC-1, GC-1, and 3Q-1. He quoted around 12-15 weeks, which was better than I was expecting.
  20. jsboswell

    The Pete Cornish Thread Mark VI

    Another question for you guys who have ordered direct from Pete. He responded very quickly when I contacted him about pedal recommendations. I emailed him back soon thereafter telling him I'd like to order. I gave that email a couple days without response before emailing again to place an order...
  21. jsboswell

    Mosrite/ Univox

    If you want this look at top shelf quality, have Mark Fuqua of MotorAve guitars build you a MotoVox. He built some years ago as a limited edition. I had a beautiful Moss Green one that was purchased by another TGP member (can't remember the name). I believe Mark said he would still build them to...
  22. jsboswell

    The Pete Cornish Thread Mark VI

    So... had a consultation of sorts with Pete himself. To maximize versatility and minimize redundancy, he recommended: P-1 OC-1 GC-1 CC-1 3Q-1 Can those of you who ordered new from Pete recently please describe the process, wait times, etc.? Thanks so much!
  23. jsboswell

    The Pete Cornish Thread Mark VI

    Greetings to the Cornish experts! I am rebuilding my rig (again!) and considering going with Cornish for all of the front-end pedals. Thought I might tap into the collective wisdom in this thread. Given that Cornish pedals aren't clones of existing circuits, it's a little difficult to make...
  24. jsboswell

    What strings do you favour?

    Haven't spoken to Dean in forever, but got turned onto SOB strings by Stu Carter in the early days of Fat Sound Guitars. SOB's were my favorites until they weren't available anymore. After that, I tried everything I could get my hands on at every price point imaginable. To my surprise, I found...
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