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    FS 2021 Suhr Classic T -- Mint!

    This amazing guitar was supposed to be a lifetime keeper that would someday be passed on to my grandchildren. It’s absolutely perfect in every way except for one thing I cannot change – the nut is just too narrow for my gorilla hands. Great for construction work and self-defense over the years...
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    Sold Fractal Audio FM3 Like New $850

    I am the original owner of this amazing device which is in mint, like new condition and has lived exclusively in my smoke-free home studio. I’d love to keep this along with my FM9, but I only have room for one. Will miss this badass little guy! This one includes the headphone jack, works...
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    HD500 as a Floor Controller for AxeFX?

    Curious if anyone has tried this yet and can offer some feedback. Thanks
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    So I built a new pedalboard ... a boring story with lots of pics.

    Once upon a time ... I decided I couldn't stand my messy pedalboard anymore. It was covered with a crappy black carpet that must have specifically designed to collect all the dust in Southern California. As a builder and electrician in my past life, I hated all the exposed wiring running around...
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