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  1. bugzapper

    Roger Waters' ego shows no signs of shrinking with age

    That interview . . . You can find the whole thing on YouTube. Not going to post it. I think this is one of those cases of a person, often a famous or powerful person, who is very heavily insulated from ever having to genuinely consider another person's thoughts. Not my idea of someone I'd...
  2. bugzapper

    How do you feel about a cover song(s) in an original band's set?

    I'm in favor of it. If a band has a good set of originals, throwing in a couple of covers 1) is fun for the band and the audience and 2) honors the community of musicians. If, on a gig in 2022, the Stones can play a Beatles song, literally no one should think they're so good or so important...
  3. bugzapper

    Supergroups that you don't find 'super'

    Chickenfoot's Highway Star is, indeed, really good. They all clearly love the song, and they're all putting their hearts into it. I'm a huge Satriani fan, but I've never listened to the Chickenfoot albums more than once or twice. Maybe I need to revisit them, but I don't remember anything that...
  4. bugzapper

    Supergroups that you don't find 'super'

    Gossard and Ament were already pretty well-known. Mother Love Bone was on the verge, before Wood's untimely death, people following SubPop likely knew Green River. Chris Cornell was certainly well-known. I remember talk about Soundgarden in the late 80s-early early 90s. Vedder and McCready...
  5. bugzapper

    Julian Lage at the Village Vanguard

    I hope so!
  6. bugzapper

    Tone really does follow the neck?? D*mn!

    Out of curiosity about your guitar equation, can you say more about the suspect neck? What is it made of? What are the dimensions? Scale length? Nut width? Back carve? What about the frets?
  7. bugzapper

    Why don’t more people talk about Vivian Campbell?

    I just listened to the remix of Holy Diver. It has to be since the 80s that I've heard the album beginning-to-end. It holds up, IMO--good album. It's a shame that band had its time as a real band cut short by the reported weaseliness about money. Campbell was clearly putting his heart into it.
  8. bugzapper

    Will GnR ever record new music?

    One day, a band that’s been around forever that lots of people had written off as past its creative peak is gonna knock one outta the park when it’s far from expected. Might be unlikely, but it’s not impossible. It will be as much lightning-in-a-bottle inspiration as an unexpected great album...
  9. bugzapper

    Will GnR ever record new music?

    I thought I read a while back that there is the intention to make a new album. How long ago was it that they released a couple singles? 2019? I remember really not liking one of them and thinking the other was a good-but-not-outstanding example of the GnR sound. Then I read that neither was...
  10. bugzapper

    Why don’t more people talk about Vivian Campbell?

    I love the Rainbow in the Dark and Last in Line solos--VC digs in on those!.
  11. bugzapper

    Is this an abomination, genius or insane?

    Can something be abomination, genius, and insanity at the same time? I now think so . . .
  12. bugzapper

    New Vito Bratta Guitar World Interview

    An instrumental solo album is definitely the right idea for Vito, especially if, at one time, he had the thought of doing through-composed music. IMO, he was much better than his band.
  13. bugzapper

    What's Mike McCready tryin to prove? He's no Hendrix!

    I'm a Pearl Jam fan from the beginning. That was painful to watch. I dig McCready's guitar playing, but gear smashing is unequivocally wack. It wasn't cool even back in the day. If you're that pissed off, go fling the backstage potato salad against the wall, and, then, clean it up your damn self.
  14. bugzapper


    I certainly hope he gets his stolen guitars back, and I wouldn't mind if the thief got a good peck in the eye from, say, a giant robot mutant chicken. The messaging on this, however, is weird and unclear. It would help to know more about the stolen guitars. There's very little detail, so far...
  15. bugzapper

    Koch Marshall Trio

    Greg Koch is something else when he gets absorbed into playing a full set, something far beyond his impressive gear demos.
  16. bugzapper

    Which modeler or digital amp has the best Soldano SLO 100 and or Hot Rod 50 profile/setting?

    I'd give Nembrini a try. I like its lead channel quite a bit, and its crunch setting is very boost-friendly. Don't hesitate to mix-and-match with whatever you like for speaker & cab modeling.
  17. bugzapper

    Which modeler or digital amp has the best Soldano SLO 100 and or Hot Rod 50 profile/setting?

    I still use all three of the SLO channels whenever I use my HD500, which is what I use whenever I play with other people (not all that often recently, unfortunately).
  18. bugzapper

    NGD: Sago Yukikaze Kai - the opposite of a TGP guitar

    Very interesting--in a good way!
  19. bugzapper

    Goose - Terrific Band, Awesome Guitar Playing

    Great band chemistry; outstanding rhythm section; two consistently interesting soloists; singers who are good singers; cool stage presentation; generous to fans; never play the same set; never play a bad set------But, most of all, lots of good songs, with memorable melodies and choruses. Very...
  20. bugzapper

    IK Multimedia AI Machine Modeling (Profile/Capture in your daw)

    It seems that profiling of pedals will open the field in AT5 to Klons and Klones and more without IK having to buy them and model them.
  21. bugzapper

    Just saw Roger Waters in Albany last night...

    Some people should be apologetic. He has something to apologize for, and to stop doing. To be clear, it's not his Pink Floyd days that are the problem.
  22. bugzapper

    IK Multimedia AI Machine Modeling (Profile/Capture in your daw)

    Now, I'm even more curious! Listened on headphones, and my impression didn't change: on a few clips, I think I hear a little more low end on the IK identified models. Everything sounds plenty good, real rigs and "machine models." I'm a long-time Amplitube user, and I'll certainly give this...
  23. bugzapper

    IK Multimedia AI Machine Modeling (Profile/Capture in your daw)

    My color perception is not the best. Can't tell which of the waves is which in your second pic. Could you clarify, please?
  24. bugzapper

    IK Multimedia AI Machine Modeling (Profile/Capture in your daw)

    Haven't read through the whole thread yet, and haven't yet listened to IK's samples on my best monitors or headphones, but my guess the red spectrum is the Machine Modeling and the gold is the real rig.
  25. bugzapper

    Stevie Nicks or Ann Wilson?

    Glad I don't have to choose, but . . . Stevie, and, for me, it's not remotely close.
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