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  1. Jeff Scott

    R.I.P. Rick Turner

    Just putting this out here for those who haven't yet heard about this. R.I.P. Rick.
  2. Jeff Scott

    The gayageum

    I learned about a new, to me, instrument, today.
  3. Jeff Scott

    Lee Sklar's gear

    We need more of these kinds of videos! :aok Thank you, Lee! :)
  4. Jeff Scott

    Linda Ronstadt

    Lots of great acoustic (and otherwise) guitar porn in the film! :)
  5. Jeff Scott

    Martin Logan 35xt

    Anybody got these? Experiences?
  6. Jeff Scott

    Who here has a speaker in their fireplace?

    We have my SO's dad's old Bozak in there, been in place since the 1960s. Totally fill s up the fire box!
  7. Jeff Scott

    Yamamoto Guitars

    I have not come across any discussion in the section about Tony's great guitars he builds in the East Bay of San Francisco. Tony has been quite innovative in thinking of different possibilities in making acoustic guitars. I have had a MS-12 multiscale 12 string guitar for about a year and a...
  8. Jeff Scott

    The great UZEB!

  9. Jeff Scott

    WDR Big Band - Mark Egan

    Fantastic!!! :dude
  10. Jeff Scott

    Supro amp specs

    I was looking at the current ad in VG magazine for the Supro 1624T amplifier and the specs they mention in the ad made me laugh a bit: 1x12 24 watts 6973 tubes 34 lbs Damn, that's a lot of tubes!!! :banana
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