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  1. mAx___

    NOS TDK Inductor Wah Pedal - What To Look For
  2. mAx___

    Duke's Big 4 with Joe Pass - Footage <<

    Just sharing this. I recently discovered that the recording of one of my favourite albums of all time was filmed for posterity in January of 1973. I couldn't believe my eyes. Duke Ellington, Joe Pass, Ray Brown and Louie Bellson did it all in basically one take. Pure, absolute genius. It's so...
  3. mAx___

    Musikraft Strat Neck. Is this a wood defect?

    I received a replacement Strat neck that looks beautiful all around but that has these dark marks on the headstock. I talked to the guys at Musikraft and they think it's a natural light blem of the wood. But they look too dark and too geometric to me. What do you guys think?
  4. mAx___

    Isolating Guitar Tracks -Riffstation Alternatives?

    Riffstation works pretty well for isolating guitar tracks and it's great to create backing tracks. Unfortunately it no longer exists. I still have it installed and use it a lot. But since I'll need a new computer soon, I looked up for alternatives and came up with nothing. Anybody knows why...
  5. mAx___

    Stratocaster 3TSB Replacement Body

    I was looking at what Fender is offering as a "Classic 60s" replacement body and noticed that their 3-Tone Sunburst colours are off by a good margin in comparison to actual guitars from that era, or to their own Custom Shop models. I can't figure out a good reason for this but what do I know...
  6. mAx___

    Best Moisture Absorber for 4x12 Cab?

    I have a 4x12 that lives in the garage inside an isolation cab. I live in a very humid part of the US, what do you guys recommend to keep my vintage speakers in good health? I tried DampRId but was wondering if there was a better solution. Thanks!
  7. mAx___

    MusiKraft Neck "In Wood Selection" For a Month Now

    First time ordering an after market neck and was wondering if it's normal that my order is stuck in wood selection since mid February. I know that production times are longer than normal for everything in general, but still...
  8. mAx___

    Lacquer for Strat Neck That Stays Clear?

    Hi all, I got a 70s Strat neck from Musikraft and I'd like to apply a lacquer that won't get age yellow or amber, at least not too much. I've read that the StewMac stuff takes forever to dry and it's very expensive. What would be my best bet among the Minwax/Watco/etc. brands I can get OTC...
  9. mAx___

    NOS 150K Iskra 1/2W Resistor

    Can't find any on eBay. I'm willing to buy one or trade for a 100K value of the same type if any of you guys are interested. Thanks.
  10. mAx___

    Matched Quad - Different Idle Current Biasing

    Hi guys, this happened two times already, with two different new quads. 1970 Marshall Major. These latest four new matched Gold Lion KT88 are from June 2020. I biased them at around 35mA. After 3 months or so V7 was measuring less than the others, around 25mA. Today was at 11mA. The other three...
  11. mAx___

    Shielded a Strat - Didn't Work

    I used conductive metallic tape for the main cavity and back of pickguard. Grounded the shielding to the back of the pot where all the input jack and the other grounds are wired to. Got continuity for the shield and everything seems to be alright. But the hum is still there, almost the same as...
  12. mAx___

    10mV Difference in Idle Bias Voltage

    V7 V6 measure at 45mV on one side using the 1R resistor to ground method, and V5 and V4 are 55mV. I tried two different sets of closely matched KT88, as well as switching positions between the current ones and the difference in voltage persists. 1970 Marshall Major. I measured the bias...
  13. mAx___

    How to Date F&T Electrolytics

    Hi, anybody knows if it's possible to know the manufacturing date of F&T can capacitors? Thanks!
  14. mAx___

    Lost Power for A Second -Amp Sounds Bad Now

    Or let's just say "different". It sounds harsher now, less woody. I checked voltages and all is normal. 1970 Marshall Major. Where should I be looking at? Thanks guys. M.
  15. mAx___

    Bias Voltage Lower Than in 1975

    Inside the chassis of a 1970 Marshall Major that was serviced in 1975 there's the bias reading at -75v. When I measure it now it's -72v. AC voltage is 120v in my house. Is this normal after 45 years and the probably different AC voltages between now and then? As an added reference the plate...
  16. mAx___

    How To Protect Vintage Output Transformer?

    I usually play at full volume and with a booster in front. The amp I'm worried about is a Marshall Major from 1970 with cascaded inputs. I want to be able to play it for as long as I want without having to worry about blowing the OT. What would you guys do. I thought of two alternatives, please...
  17. mAx___

    Transistor hFE Too High

    Quick question: Is there any way to lower the gain of a transistor? Thanks.
  18. mAx___

    Amp Started Sounding Different

    As in "not as good". For the last two days or so I noticed a degradation in sound. Like a blanket is on top of the speakers, with shrill highs and less defined low end. Swapped the preamp tubes just in case but it didn't get back to normal. I don't have a spare set of power tubes but these are...
  19. mAx___

    100W Head To 4x12 Cab. Question.

    If I connect one speaker output of a 100w amp to a 4x12 cab and the other speaker output to an attenuator connected to nothing (as a load), am I effectively sending just 50W to the cab? Since the cab is inside an isolation box the purpose of this is to protect the speakers. So I wanted to make...
  20. mAx___

    Molded Styrofoam To Pack Amp Head?

    Hi, I have to ship an amp head the size of a Marshall Superlead and I wanted to make sure it arrives in good shape. I was thinking that molded styrofoam would be a good way to protect it inside a cardboard box. Do you guys know of any company that could custom make this if given the size of the...
  21. mAx___

    Triode USA: AVOID

    This is what happened. I ordered a Classic Tone PT for a new build on June 14, paid with my credit card. They don't have PayPal. Days later I tried contacting them because I was not receiving any shipping information. Called several times to their customer service line and nobody picked up. So I...
  22. mAx___

    Marshall Reverb-Fuzz Unit in a pedal?

    Wondering if any pedal maker has a take on this. The Marshall Reverb-Fuzz unit is impossible to find anymore. Thanks!
  23. mAx___

    200w Ot + 2 Kt88 = 100w?

    Hi, I'm planning a new Marshall Major build with 2 KT88 and a MM 200W OT. I wouldn't want to get more than 100W/120W out of it. Is the math in the title correct? Thanks.
  24. mAx___

    Blackmore's "Made In Japan" Sound Demo

    100w Marshall Major build with "Blackmore" factory mods, CS Strat with CS'69 pickups, Rockcrusher attenuator, 4x12 in iso cab with '72 G12H 55Hz Greenbacks.
  25. mAx___

    Microphone Clip for Sennheiser 421?

    Looking for a good aftermarket alternative to the $40+ that Sennheiser sells. Thanks
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