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  1. msquared

    Sold Carol-Ann Triptik 50w - original prototype

    I got this in trade recently and though it sounds awesome and is impressively versatile, I will probably never need a really nice high gain amp like this one. I don't mind keeping it and using it but I'm interested in seeing what else is out there. This is the actual amp that put the Triptik on...
  2. msquared

    Sold EBMM Luke 3 - special run - $1800

    *THIS IS ON HOLD PENDING TRADE* Up for grabs is an Ernie Ball Music Man Luke 3 from 2013, dual humbucker, in Bali Blue Burst. I rate this guitar as being in excellent condition, it's been strictly a bedroom guitar as far as I'm aware. It has been upgraded with Fishman Fluence Classic pickups...
  3. msquared

    Help me understand the V neck profile

    I don't find guitar necks with a V profile to be comfortable. No matter how much I give it a shot, I can't tell what the point is or why anyone would play these. This isn't a criticism of the shape - plenty of players I seriously love are into this profile. I am clearly the weak point here so I...
  4. msquared

    Sold Acme Low B2 - $300

    This is the 2x10 version of the original cab that put Acme on the map. It goes low enough that it works as a main cabinet with the right head but is small enough to fit into pretty much any car's trunk for a grab and go situation. This was originally purchased as the v1 4ohm version. I...
  5. msquared

    Sold Bergantino HT322 - $700

    This is Bergantino's modern big cab: 1x12, 2x10, and a full range tweeter. I consider it the holy grail of bass cabs and I have never found anything else that comes close to the level of depth and articulation that I've had with the HT322. If I was still mainly a bass player it wouldn't be going...
  6. msquared

    Sold PRS DC3 (traded)

    This is ideally for trade rather than sale but I would let this go for 1400 (shipped and pp'd). I love this guitar. The quartersawn pattern regular neck with satin finish and jumbo frets is without question the most comfortable neck I've ever played. The pickups are well executed and it...
  7. msquared

    Greg Koch Gristletone P90s

    I saw on Gregory Kochery's feed today that he's got a prototype Reverend Gristlemaster 290 with prototype Fluence P90s. It sounded pretty amazing. Anybody hear anything about these yet? I've been wanting to see Fluence P90s for a while (and am crossing my fingers for a Charlie Christian voicing).
  8. msquared

    'buckers for rosewood+mahogany

    TLDR: Rosewood neck, mahogany/maple body, which humbuckers would you pick for a "do everything" guitar? I recently got a EBMM Luke 3 with a rosewood neck and maple capped mahogany body. I am completely in love with it! It plays like butter and the low frets combined with the rosewood neck is...
  9. msquared

    NGD - L3 has brought me back to EBMM

    Today I am ending a 14 year hiatus from being an EBMM owner with this Luke 3: This is Bali Burst with a rosewood neck/board and a mahogany body. No V neck on this one. This is a particularly serendipitous find for me. I had a Stingray bass with this finish that my wife made me sell because...
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