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  1. Trick Fall

    HX Stomp Utility Block Idea (Possibly Terrible)

    In another thread someone brought up the idea of random multi effects and it got me thinking about how I could achieve this with the HX Stomp and a sequencer. I'm not sure anyone else would be interested, but this lead to the thought that it might be cool to have a simple sixteen step...
  2. Trick Fall

    Suggestions for cheap and obnoxious dirt

    I've been casually looking for a new dirt pedal for some more over the top sounds. I'd prefer something that barely hangs together on chords. I usually find fuzzes too round and am looking for something sharper and more cutting. I'll be using this with tube amps at real volume and would like to...
  3. Trick Fall

    What MIDI foot switch are you using with your HX Stomp?

    I'm toying with the idea of using my HX Stomp to replace my full board when I don't feel like lugging it to rehearsals and the occasional gig. I think I'll probably need to add a foot switch for some extra control and so far I've come across the Disaster Area and Morningstar options and they...
  4. Trick Fall

    Headstock Decal Ideas for Partscasters

    Let me start off by saying I would in no way ever want to be responsible for putting together a guitar that could be passed off as a Fender, or any other brand guitar. That said I purchased a neck today to put together a Tele style guitar and I'm not a big fan of no logo on the headstock. It...
  5. Trick Fall

    Tell me why I should get an IR

    I'm a new HX Stomp owner and haven't used a digital modeler in a while. In the past I've had a POD, POD XT and Zoom G3 which were all pre IR. For the past several years I've been using a Tech21 Leeds pedal if I really needed to, but most of the time I've just been using tube amps. Anyway, I'm...
  6. Trick Fall

    HX Stomp, POD Go, or?

    I've decided to get a modeler and was wondering if there are any others in a similar price range that I should be looking at. My primary reason for getting a modeler is as a headphone amp. I have plenty of regular amps and effects and the ability to use them at volume, but I would like something...
  7. Trick Fall

    Jcm 800 El 34's Vs 6550's

    I've had a 2204 for a long time that came with 6550's. Was considering trying out EL 34's. It doesn't seem like too involved a swap. Just wondering what people think. Is it worth doing? Easy to reverse?
  8. Trick Fall

    Dirt for Supro Black Magick

    I picked up a used Supro Black Magic yesterday and while I'm totally loving the sound of the amp on it's own I'd really like to figure out the right boost, overdrive, or distortion to pair with it. Playing the amp at full volume isn't an issue for me, but the amp doesn't have quite enough gain...
  9. Trick Fall

    Best Reverb Pedals for Non Guitar Sources

    I currently have a Boss RV-500, TC HOF and Tech21 Boost RVB that I use with my synths and drum machine. I don't really love the HOF, or Boost RVB in this application and would like to mix it up. In an ideal world I'd probably just grab an Eventide Space, Ventris, or other super Reverb, but I'm...
  10. Trick Fall

    Inexpensive vertical 2X12

    I've been looking for an inexpensive vertical 2X12 and so far the only two I've come across are the Jet City and EHX ones. The lower end Marshalls don't seem to be as good a quality as those. Are there any I'm missing? Thanks
  11. Trick Fall

    I feel kind of dirty

    I've been on a major gear purchasing splurge and thought I was finished after buying an EHX 22500, but I'm also in the midst of doing some band recording and wanted to try doing a session with both guitars direct. I have a Tech 21 that I love for direct recording, but I only had a Zoom G3 for...
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