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  1. david(j)

    Mesa F50 or Fillmore 25

    Based on your needs, I’d pass on the F50 unless you’re using pedals for gain. beautiful clean channel, but the od channels get heavily driven pretty quick. Great for a lot of things, just not really what you’ve listed for target tones.
  2. david(j)

    Walrus Audio - MIRA Optical Compressor

    This thing looks fantastic. I need to check all the videos out, but the feature set and artwork had me at hello.
  3. david(j)

    The Definitive Vox-in-a-Box Thread

    I’ve been messing around with a Catalinbread Galileo v1. At first I didn’t really think much of it, but then I put it on my main board to really put it through some paces, and I’ll be damned if it isn’t awesome. i can’t speak to the v2, but I love the tones and range of this v1 main channel...
  4. david(j)

    I can't help it...NAD: Orange Rockerverb 50

    must have missed this thread when it popped up, but congrats!! how’s it sounding after a few days?? I think a Rockerverb is next on my list.
  5. david(j)

    Does anyone use Eminence speakers anymore?

    CV-75s in my 2x12. No plans to change them!
  6. david(j)

    Boostrap pickups users (recommendations for Strat)

    Not strat pickups, but I’d agree on the Pretzel Set. I put them in a parts build last year, and they sound phenomenal. That build came out really well, in general. I should play it more.
  7. david(j)

    What amp has "cured" you G.A.S.?

    My solution is playing through my gear. Like, really using it to write, record, gig, etc. It’s when I am not playing as much that I start to look around, and the GAS creeps in.
  8. david(j)

    NPD - JHS AT+

    Yep. It’s fantastic.
  9. david(j)

    New Marcus King Album! Good lord so good.

    Interesting and well said. I think I agree, although I’m torn between Carolina Confessions and The Marcus King Band, which has some incredible stuff.
  10. david(j)

    1981 Inventions DRV pedal

    It also gets gnarly when boosted through the front end by either of those. Congrats on an awesome new pedal day!
  11. david(j)

    RYRA Klone incoming

    Absolutely killer pedal. Fixed to my board.
  12. david(j)

    Sold Supro 1310 Tremolo

    Excellent cosmetic and functional shape - a small chip on the front and some slight wear on the sticker. No box, but ships with manual. $139 shipped and paypal'd. No trades, thanks.
  13. david(j)

    FSOT Catalinbread Galileo MkI

    Had some interest, but still available.
  14. david(j)

    NPD - JHS AT+

    So this landed yesterday and I had some time to check it out this morning through my 68CDR. JHS AT+... I'm loving it so far. I didn't think I'd really care about the "headroom" switch, but it's actually got some very cool variations on the theme here. I love the EQ, and the boost seems like...
  15. david(j)

    Andy Timmons Pedalboard Settings on TPS

    i absolutely agree. i actually just grabbed an AT+ pedal and it's been fun checking this out. the pedal is awesome, btw...
  16. david(j)

    Strat humbucker opinions

    +1. Excellent pickup. Great in a strat bridge. The Pro Track is another Dimarzio single-sized humbucker that sounds more like a warmer classic PAF voice (not really...but close enough for a reference). I liked this in my strat but it was kind of too polite for me. If I were doing this...
  17. david(j)

    So which $500 solid state head?

    It can happen with the CR120. However, I've never had an issue dialing the clean channel around this so that it's not a problem. The CR120 Is op-amp based, and as such it can exhibit this from time to time. Again, I've not had an issue dialing around this, and based on many other users...
  18. david(j)

    Your favorite preamp pedal

    This one is interesting to me. I’ll do more digging. In theory, it’s right up my alley.
  19. david(j)

    So which $500 solid state head?

    Great amps. I still look at them when they pop used. My go-to SS head is my CR120. Just an awesome amp.
  20. david(j)

    NAD Fender Supersonic 22

    There are some great tones in those amps. Have fun!
  21. david(j)

    EVH Guitar Models

    Well played. How that Dimarzio set sounding for you? There’s a whole lot I love about this.
  22. david(j)

    Recommend me a Dimarzio set

    Lots of good suggestions here already. My picks: Gravity Storm set AT-1 bridge and Bluesbucker neck
  23. david(j)

    Low Gain Fuzzface

    I highly recommend tracking down a Jetter Indigo. It’s been fixed to my board for years, and while I’ve tried many very cool fuzz faces in the meantime, it just works best for me. It’s a lower gain circuit that sounds germanium-y but isn’t. Has a tone knob, too. I usually run it into a...
  24. david(j)

    FSOT Catalinbread Galileo MkI

    Tuesday night bump!
  25. david(j)

    That Pedal Show - going stale?

    I kind of get it. They’ve covered a lot of ground over the years, and it is probably challenging finding new topics to fill. Of course, there are lots of new pedals all the time, so maybe that could be more of a focus vs method or use case, etc. I love their guest spots, though. I’d be...
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