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  1. IAE

    Fender American Classic (The New American Vintage Series) - Turned Out To Be A Troll

    UPDATE: It was one big Troll by Tug Douglas. Posted on Strat-Talk in this thread It seems that we have some answers as to what will replace the American Originals...
  2. IAE

    Which Color Scheme Is Cooler?

    Update: I chose gold and will also try mint and red tort. Poll will be closed. Thanks for the replies everybody. I like both and can’t decide. (this is a mock-up but the guards are available)
  3. IAE

    And We Thought The Fender AO Series Was Gone…

    EDIT: See thread here about the new line. …and it was offline temporarily, but it’s back up again. Hopefully they changed their mind and keep it as I, and many others, feel...
  4. IAE

    True double coil Humbucker in dogear P90 package...exist?

    ? I know you can get hum canceling P90's but what about true HB's? not just dummy coils. Just like the DiMarzio soapbar super distortion but in dogear P90 form is what I'm after. Ya'll know of any manufacturers? :drool All I have found is Duncans version and a german version. Neither look...
  5. IAE

    EHX voice box video!

    Watch it! INFO
  6. IAE

    Help me learn some lead!

    I never have been very good at lead guitar and I've always wanted to learn some nice lead riffs. I've been playing for 14 years but somehow I skipped the lead part of guitar, I can play small solos that I come up with and I can actually physically play lead, I just cant put the right notes...
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