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    Compression- absolutely necessary for a newbie studio?

    I think in your EQ section in Cubase there is a compressor already. There has been since WAY BACK in the Cubase lineage so you will (or should ) see it when you open up the effects and/or eq section for each track.
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    Room Sound or NO Room Sound?

    Yes not many people have the opportunity to hear/experience that.
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    Why 2 mic's on vocals, 70's content.

    If that were the case they could run the multiple amps with one mic...the other posters have it pegged I believe.
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    Would adding a mic preamp help my Boss BR600 recordings?

    A good preamp will always, I don't know if the ART Studio MP will qualify as I have no experience with that particular one but you should be aware that whatever live sound that you have may be altered somewhat by the frequency response of the microphone. The SM 57's frequency response...
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    Which of these would record piano best?

    I think the best large diaphragm mic would be the choice. The further away the piano is mic'd the higher you want the mic(s) raised.
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    Bass Drum Microphone

    Good to know. Thanks for that. I do tend to experiment with mic position a lot but haven't with the D112 yet.
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    Bass Drum Microphone

    They sound good to me. Your samples seem to have more of the full kick drum sound than some other samples I've heard on the net. The D112 just seems like a 'go to' for that in my opinion. Like I said before...if I was doing a jazz thing or something with more 'space' maybe I'd use a condenser...
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    Bass Drum Microphone

    Well, yeah I suppose I should have added that it doesn't necessarily sound like a great transparent recording of a kick drum but it gives a good useable recording for a rock mix in the same way that a thin sounding recorded guitar works really well with a bass and drum kit. For a jazz recording...
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    Bass Drum Microphone

    That's because they have it facing 180 degrees in the wrong direction. If they have it pointing the right way and they can't get a decent sound then they are encountering other problems that can't be solved on a web forum. ...
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    Installing Drum Software w/ Cubase: EZ Drummer & DFH

    I can sympathize with you. I got Cubase VST back in 2002 and the learning curve was steep. I can only imagine how 4 is. I think one thing that will help you a lot is if you have a lot of patience and realize that you aren't going to be flying at light speed any time right away. There should be...
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    kick, bass???

    That is 100% correct. Aside from sidechain compression one can achieve a really good foundation by: - cutting the kick where there are boosts in the bass - boosting the kick where there are cuts in the bass The frequencies can be found all over the net...just do a search for 'bass and kick...
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