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    Who’s Building your favourite semi-hollow?

    I own two Mcinturff Royals ...a 2 and 3 pickup version....semi hollow, port hole style guitars. They have a huge growl to them....very bluesy, smokey sounding...but its my cup of tea and my fav.
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    After two years looking for a more ergonomic Les Paul, I have found...

    I would think the SG could fit the bill.
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    EJ Strats - Maple vs. Rosewood Tonal Differences

    For me: I like maple boards over all for the lower end snap.
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    how many of you guys have got the BIG 3 of guitars?

    Strat...........3 of them.
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    Your First Guitar...Your Latest Guitar

    My first electric was a Japanese strat style electric sometime around 1966. I cannot remember the name of it but it did play quite well. My lastest guitar is a Fender USA made ash body strat with texas specials in blonde with maple neck.
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    Carvin... Am I missing something?

    I have owned a few of their guitars. They were O.K. but not quite what I was looking for, and they didn't fit my style that well. On the other hand, I'm a big fan of the Carvin vintage amps, as in the Belaire, and Nomad. I've owned and gigged with Carvin vintage for over 13 years now.
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    Fender American Special Ash Strat

    Anyone own or tried one of the Fender American Special Ash strats? Its on my list of guitars to get. I like the idea its an ash body with the tex mex pickups, and it has to have a maple board. LS
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    Post your main guitars!

    1984 g&l f-100. Ls
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    Is this Fender Japan Strat authentic?

    I had a new Fender strat from that year that was made in Japan but it is diff. than the Fender strats that you order from Japan. Should be a "made in japan" or " crafted in japan". Mine played and sound real good. Personally, I liked the bass body, it was light and resonant. I also had a 62...
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    so i have $800 to spend, and i want a strat

    A Fender American Special . SG
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    Hamer Daytona vs. G&L Legacy (or S-500)

    Well, I have had a few Legacys and I thought they sounded very strat like, but yes a bit bigger sounding. I think the S-500 is even more kick-ass, and the F-100 (if you find a good one) is even more kick-ass. I have owned all three of the guitars more than once. I own a 84 F-100 as of now...
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    I'm a sucker for cheap Strat!

    I bought a new MIM strat about a year ago. Its the newer version with bigger frets and bigger block. I have to tell ya, they have come a long way. Its a great strat, does everything a strat should do. SG
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    Best Strat you ever heard in your life?

    The best strat tone I have ever heard is on SRV "Live At Daytona Beach", I'm Never Going To Give Up On Love. If you get a chance take a listen to it. SRV was playing the tan/whiteish 63 strat. SG
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    Favourite, GOOD, cheap guitars?

    Tradition guitars. I own a MTP 350, good sounding and playing. Can be had around $250-$350 used. SG
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    Let's see how good you really are! (POLL)

    It looks like a strat, walks like a strat and hopefully talks like a strat. I'll go with custom shop fender strat. SG
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    If you had $1500 to spend on a guitar...

    I would look for a Mcinturff Royal. SG
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    New American Standard Strat, Is it really better?

    I believe the whole body is alder, though I'm not sure of how many pieces, instead of poplar. SG
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    New American Standard Strat, Is it really better?

    I can't speak for the American Series, but they also revamped the MIM series, "bigger frets, bigger block, alder body". IMO, they are much better than the older MIMs. I bought one. SG
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    List all the different guitars you've owned since you started playing!

    OK.... * Fender strats: MIMs, CIJs, MIJs, american standards, big apple, 60NOS, * Fender teles: American std. 52 American, MIM * Carvin bolt, DC 127 * Yamaha-strat style * Gibson: L6S * G&L: f-100s, s-500s, sc-2, sc-3, George fullertons, Asats, Legacys * Mcinturffs: royal, Polaris, Polaris...
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    Peavey T-60 Porn....

    I've owned around 5 of them. My fav. one was one with a rosewood r/b. They are great guitars. The only thing I wasn't greatly fond of was the very thin neck and smallish frets. SG
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    Vintage-savvy G&L folks

    I am quite sure that its poly and it can check. I have owned a nat . f-100 that looked just like the one pictured. Mine was all original and there were a few check marks on the finish. I sold it to a fellow musician and he refinished it in red. SG
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    MIM Strat question

    I paid $399 for a brand new MIM (new version w/bigger block/frets etc). I love it. Plays and sounds great........NO tuning problems at all. I also own a Fender 60 time machine custom shop in which I feel the MIM is very compariable with in playability and tone. SG
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    Cool guitars or any guitars that just never caught on!!

    It caught on to me though. I own one and it has mainly been my main guitar since 98. Its an 84 black G&L F-100 thats black with an ebony board. SG
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