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  1. gregory347

    WDW switching question

    Running a clean amp and a dirty switched with a Radial ABY. Each will have a Suhr iso line out. Need a way to have both amps able to share a common stereo power amp for wet effects. What can I use for switching the line outs into the wet amp?
  2. gregory347

    Sold 2013 Fender American Telecaster

    2013 American tele in very good condition. Comes with soft case. Pickups are EMG's. Has some dings and light fret wear. Guitar was purchased in 2017 used from Chicago Music Exchange. Selling for my father in law. No trades. $700 obo, shipping and paypal included. Guitar is located in Nassau...
  3. gregory347

    Sold 2014 Gibson 57 Les Paul Reissue factory aged $3100

    2014 57 Les Paul reissue factory aged with case both in excellent condition. Selling for my father in law. Guitar was purchased new from musicians friend and only played in his pet and smoke free home. No fret wear or dings/dents other that what was done by factory aging process. Guitar weight...
  4. gregory347

    Trinity Tramp Kit

    Taking the leap. Decided to build my first amp. The trinity tramp has my attention. I like the fact that it fits in a tweed deluxe cabinet. So has anyone here built one or have any experience with one?
  5. gregory347

    Musiciansfriend, no coupon for me.

    Tried 3x recently to get a discount on a guitar and was shot down. In the past I was given 15% and even 20% discounts. The rep told me the only discount code available is "sandyclaus" which applies to nothing anybody would want to buy. Any tips?
  6. gregory347

    Another WDW?

    Thinking of using desktop studio monitors for the wet side. Need to hear from those that have experience with this.
  7. gregory347

    Sold Muchxs 5F1 Champ

    5F1 champ built by Muchxs over on Oversized cabinet with a 10" THD 8ohm speaker and an external speaker out on the back panel that disconnects internal speaker when used. Amp is built with all high quality components and workmanship is excellent. Tubes are all old glass. Amp has never...
  8. gregory347

    Sold Rutters La Cabronita Bare Body

    Rutters bare 1 piece alder body with pick guard, rear cover and screws. Weight is 4lb 1oz. Small imperfection pictured at end of body. $100 includes shipping and paypal.
  9. gregory347

    Sold Way Huge Fat Sandwich(SOLD), Oddfellow Caveman(SOLD), Loop-master ABY(SOLD)

    SOLD Way Huge Fat Sandwich in excellent condition no velcro with box. $65 $60 includes shipping and paypal. SOLD Oddfellow Caveman V1 in excellent condition no velcro with box. $80 $75 includes shipping and paypal. SOLD Loop-master passive ABY in excellent condition no velcro. $50 $45...
  10. gregory347

    Sold Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates(SOLD) and Dimarzio Pro Track (SOLD)

    SOLD Gates that I purchased from a member here a while back. Very good condition with some pick scratches. Wire measures 11.5". Includes screws, springs and instructions in original case. $60 $55 shipping and paypal included. SOLD Dimarzio Pro Track that I purchased new. Excellent condition...
  11. gregory347

    HH for Strat

    Planning to set up my strat with dual humbuckers. Looking for a paf type combo. Thinking of using a Dimarzio Paf 36th anniversary for the bridge but don't know what neck pickup to pair it with. Any recommendations are welcomed.
  12. gregory347

    Tokai Dealers

    Looking for suggestions regarding Tokai dealers, which are good, which to stay away from. I am trying to find a Love Rock II. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Greg
  13. gregory347

    Dimarzio Pro Track in bridge of EJ Strat

    Need wiring help for the dp188 in bridge of EJ strat. Want it to split in 2nd position on 5 way and be hum canceling with middle pickup.
  14. gregory347

    EJ Strat bridge humbucker

    Thinking of trying a single sized humbucker. May just have it routed for regular size humbucker. Any words of wisdom?
  15. gregory347

    Fender CS Double TV Jones

    Picked one of these telecasters up about a month ago. Noticed the guitar was a little dark sounding so I checked the electronics. Found it had 250k volume and tone pots. I called TV Jones and he said it should have 500k and was surprised that Fender assembled it with the 250k. I have some 500k...
  16. gregory347

    Gibson Les Paul ES going back

    Got the guitar from Amazon for a good price but decided it needs to go back for a couple issues. The finish on the top of the headstock was never sanded and polished. The guitar also will not stay in tune. Both these issues could be taken care of by a tech but why go trough the trouble. Gibson...
  17. gregory347

    Ultraphonix Mod

    Have been considering an Ultraphonix mod for a while now. The time has come to move on it. Looking for input as to who builds them. Bill at Sebago seems to to be a popular choice. I just want to make sure I am not missing any other builders I should consider.
  18. gregory347

    Goodsell Tinibox F/S

    Sold. Thanks Ryan. Goodsell Tinibox #3 of 6 for sale. I am the original owner of this amp which is in excellent condition and has never left my pet and smoke free home. Original speaker has been replaced with a THD which was a nice upgrade. Will also include an extra nos GE power tube. No...
  19. gregory347

    Power supply?

    Would a 15v 1.0a power supply be ok to use with an overdrive pedal?
  20. gregory347


    What is the current day equivalent of this masterpiece?
  21. gregory347

    Fender blowout sales?

    Gibson and PRS are blowing them out. Where are the Fender sales? Looking for another American Standard Strat like the one I got last year from Sam Ash for. $799.
  22. gregory347

    Swart STR to STR tweed mod

    Have a 2007 STR and I am thinking about sending it back to Swart for the $100 upgrade to the STR tweed specs. Has anyone out there done this and what are your thoughts?
  23. gregory347

    Bad Cat Mini Cat II

    Amp is sold.For sale a Mini Cat II. This amp was built in 2011 and purchased from one of the guys at Bad Cat off ebay in Jan of 2013 as new old stock. The amp is in excellent condition and has never left my pet and smoke free home. $575 paypal and shipping included to the lower 48. Not looking...
  24. gregory347

    Neck reshape

    Have a neck I would like to have reprofiled. Looking for recommendations from those of you out there that have had this done. Who can do this for me?
  25. gregory347

    Delay for distorted tones

    Looking for suggestions on a delay thats plays nice with distortion for fattening up my sound. Dont need or want a delay with many features. Thanks, Greg
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