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    Kendrick Texas Crude combo amp (The Gusher)

    Howdy, My local Guitar emporium has this amp , in excellent condition. I played it at low/ moderate volume with my 5-string (Open G) Tele and especially dug it's clean tones. It has a duet of EL34 output tubes and Kendrick "brown frame" speakers. The price tag is $1900, btw. It appears to be...
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    My LesPaul forum down

    Howdy, This morning I noticed that the My LesPaul forum is down. Does anyone have any info?
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    Supply/Quality of remaining NOS tubes

    Howdy, Yesterday over at the Dr. Z forum, Mike Zaite commented that the quality of the remaining NOS preamps tubes isn't what it used to be. Are supplies of NOS tubes really thinning to the point where "regular" folks like us won't have access to them due to high cost/low supply? Can anyone...
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    Valve Arts EL84s

    Howdy, Who has experience with the made in China Valve Arts EL84? I've noticed they cost a little less than JJ or Sovtek, fwiw. Anyone?
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    DiMarzio Virtual P-90

    Howdy, I'm ready to raise the white flag! All those dimmer switches in my new house render my beloved Les Paul Special unplayable at home, due to the 60 cycle hum. So, who has experience with the DiMarzio Virtual P-90? While I don't demand exact P-90 tone in a quiet package-a seemingly...
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    DiMarzio Air Classics

    Howdy, What are your opinions and experiences with DiMarzio's Air Classics? I'm looking at a set for my ES-335. I'm also considering Lindy Fralin's Pure PAF as well. Is the Fralin Pure PAF worth twice the money? Currently I've got '59s in my 335, and wanting a change, but desire to retain...
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    DiMarzio Air Classics & ES-335

    Howdy, I'm looking to put new P/Us in my ES-335 this Summer. Do DiMarzio's Air Classics do a good job at helping you achieve vintage tone? Do the Air Classics give the more pricey vintage type HBers a "run for thier money"?
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    DiMarzio 36th Anniversary & 335

    Howdy, I'm a vintage tone kind of guy. Since I've been unable to add nickel covers to the SD '59 set in my ES-335, I'm considering a replacement set with Nickel covers. I've considered SD '59s again, and might end up just getting another set with covers. I'm also thinking about DiMarzio's...
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    Martin 000-18 Woody Guthrie

    Howdy, Does anyone here have experience with the Martin 000-18 WG? There's one for sale at my local shop and it has a fairly attractive price tag. $1400. It's in only "Good" condition; with some dings. It sports a worn out set of strings, so I couldn't get an accurate "read" on it's tone at...
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    New Carmen Ghia

    Howdy, My new Carmen Ghia just arrived. Blonde head w/ matching Dr. Z 1-12 cab. I've got a Weber AlNiCo Silver Bell on order, which should help for those raunchy tones. So far I like it. Any Ghia owners here? Anybody have Weber's 12-inch AlNiCo Silver Bell (30 watt variant)? Chime in...
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    Carmen Ghia vs. Swart AST

    Howdy, This thread is to compare and contrast the differences, similarities, strengths and weaknesses of these two similarly powered amps. I'm not necessarily creating a thread for arguing the superiority of one amp over another, rather I'd prefer to learn more about both amps. What type...
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    Swart AST reservations

    Howdy, I'm considering a Swart AST for later this Spring or Summer. (I'm busy saving as fast as I can; I want to be as "un-American" as possible and not borrow money, nyuk nyuk). OK, I'm pretty much sold on the AST and actually prefer it's tone to the AST Pro on the clips I've heard...
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