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  1. Dandy13

    Noisy LED's

    I've noticed that on a few pedals I've owned, I get a bit of white noise (similiar to the sound of 60cycle hum)through the amp that pulses in time with an active LED on the pedal. For example, the smiley face LED on the boss RE20 did this as well as the modulation speed LED on my echolution 1...
  2. Dandy13

    Henretta Engineering Planetarium

    apparantly a CME exclusive. I kinda want. Any opinions on this one out there?
  3. Dandy13

    Metro 20, Power supply advice, Pigtronix

    I want to build a small board for grab and go and living room use. I'm looking at a metro 20 with the following layout: Is there a power supply solution that I can fit underneath the metro that will power these pedals? The Infinity and echolution both require 18v and the pt is 15v.
  4. Dandy13

    Looking to improve my playing..Lessons?

    Like so many others, I'm a self taught player. I've been playing for 20 years, but not too often over the past 5 as we started to have kids and my free time has gone down. Lately though, the kids are getting older and I find myself drawn to the guitar again. I would love to be able to play in...
  5. Dandy13

    Show me your Live Pedalboard/Rig Set up

    There are lots of pedalboard threads out there but most of the pics included show pedalboards that are way over the top and/or totally impractical for live use.. What I would like to see is actual set-ups for live use. Not "I don't play live but if I did it would look like this..", but actual...
  6. Dandy13

    I Busted A Nut

    So I was cleaning up this old 12 string I've had laying around for a number of years...When I removed the strings, the nut came right out. Do I just get some wood glue and stick it back in? Does it need to be glued in? I am a novice at setting up guitars. Thanks
  7. Dandy13

    Klon gone, What now?

    Due to some unfortunate circumstances I was forced to sell my Klon for the cash. Eventually I will get a new one but in the mean time I need a cheap alternative. I play mostly single coil guitars through a princeton. I'm mostly looking for that nice big fat boost I get from the Klon when I've...
  8. Dandy13

    King of Tone High Gain Mod

    What does the high gain option sound like on the KOT? Can it get into vintage Rat territory? Thanks
  9. Dandy13

    semaphore vs fulltone supa trem

    i'm undecided between these two trems. I'd appreciate comments from anyone who has owned one or both. i recently sold a guyatone flip trem that i really liked, just couldn't fit it into my rig cause it won't run off my pedal power. So basically i'm looking for something with a similiar sound...
  10. Dandy13

    Polychorus Owners

    Do you guys get some clock noise (like a high pitched sound in the backround) with your delay time maxed and feedback up past noon? I don't remember noticing it before. hopefully the chip isn't going bad. I'm thinking it might be normal since it really wasn't designed to do delay, but it's...
  11. Dandy13

    What was/will be your 1st pedal purchase in '09

    Man, 5 days in and I already picked up another pedal. So much for my resolution:horse Anyways, just picked up a Boss PS3 from the emporium. What was your first purchase of the new year? What do you have on the radar for '09?
  12. Dandy13

    Pigtronix Echolution

    I don't hear much about this delay or see it on too many boards. Are there any users out there? Is it a difficult pedal to use? Well built? In fact I don't hear much about Pigtronix in general on the forum. Good experiences? Bad experiences? It's pretty pricey but seems to be packed with a...
  13. Dandy13

    The best solder for making patch cables?

    What do you recommend? Thanks:BEER
  14. Dandy13

    Tell me about this Tonebender

    A friend of mine got this from his dad a few years ago. Does anybody know what year it may be and what it is worth? Thanks :dude
  15. Dandy13

    PedalTrain Pro Soft Case users

    I'm thinking about getting a PT Pro SC and was wondering how durable the case is. Once I load it up, the board will be pretty heavy. I don't gig much anymore (say once every 2 months) and only travel to practice once a week. I've been using smaller combos of different pedals but I've been...
  16. Dandy13

    Simulating a pedal steel w/ effects?

    Anyone try this? What did you use and what were the settings? Thanks!
  17. Dandy13

    Non Alkaline Batteries

    I found a bunch at a local dollar store for my fuzz boxes. My question is are they only good for germanium pedals or do they perform better than regular batteries in other pedals as well. Also, should I worry about them exploding/leaking while inside my pedals? I'm going to put them in my '69...
  18. Dandy13

    Pedal Train PT2

    I'm gearing up to buy one of these boards and want to get an idea of what I'll be able to fit on it. I was wondering: 1) How many pedals do you have on your pt2? 2) What pedals are they?
  19. Dandy13

    Bass Noob needs amp advice

    I am a guitar player that is contemplating switching to bass for a band that needs a bass player. I would be using a Fender Bass VI for my main bass for now. I am interested in a cheap tube amp loud enough for small clubs and hopefully not too large/heavy. Especially interested in any...
  20. Dandy13

    Sunface NKT vs Fulltone '69

    I recently picked up a Sunface based on many opinions here that it's a superior pedal to the '69. i gave them both an extensive work out through a 71 princeton and an ac 30 using a 90's mia telecaster and an epi casino. They are both awesome pedals but i've got to say that to my ears i prefer...
  21. Dandy13

    BFF Honey Bee

    after reading previous posts it seems as if this is the ultimate overdrive for getting keith richards type overdrive sounds. however it's also one of the hardest to get and most expensive. i know probably nothing sounds exactly like it but if you had to pick a runner up to get those classic...
  22. Dandy13

    Boutique Small Stone

    i know there are 1001 clones of the phase 90 out there but which boutique phaser will get me small stone sounds -without the volume drop thanks
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