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    Fender 68 Deluxe Rev. reissue

    Yes....thanks all.........I was leaning towards the 68 from the beginning, and now moreso.
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    Fender 68 Deluxe Rev. reissue

    Yes, I do realize that they are not reissues...I have read some on them...and I should have said that in the post. I have owned a 65 reissue in the past. I have never tried this 68 model....and was wondering if people that have them more or less than the reissues and why .
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    Fender 68 Deluxe Rev. reissue

    Anyone tried one of these amps up against the 65 Fender BF reissue ?....if you have or even if you haven't but have tried the 68.....what do you think about them ?
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    Top 5 amps

    Mine are: 1. Carvin Belaire (this amp covers anything I do, and does it best.) 2. Victoria tweed Champ 3. Fender Deluxe / Princeton Rev.
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    List all of your current amps...

    I have a Carvin Nomad, 73 Earth traveler, Fender Super champ xd, Kendrick 118, Victoria 518, Jeff Check replica of a Fender tweed Princeton 5F2.
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    1995 Kendrick 118 champ amp

    My computer is quite old but I'll upload some pics this weekend with my wife's computer. I will call Gerald. I was thinking of doing just that if no one on this site may know. I have a victoria 518 as well and the cab is bigger than the 118. LS
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    1995 Kendrick 118 champ amp

    Anyone own one of these amps? I picked one up a month ago. It is a 95 and has Gerald Webers signature on the tube chart. But the amp measures 13.5 x 12 x 7, and I believe the it should measure 13.5 x 12 x 7.5. Anyone know if he may have changed the cab size over the years? If anyone of...
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    Old Fender Princeton

    Nice........I'd love to have that.
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    Old Gibson Amp - Questions!

    I have seen a few of these but its been awhile. You got a hell of a deal on it. If I remember a 10" spk. 15 to 20 watts, no reverb. I think they were a model under the Gibson falcon. Sorry, not much info. But you should be able to look up quite a bit on these amps by looking on line. Anyway...
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    SURVEY: whats the best sounding amp you ever played?

    I a big fan of the Carvin vintage belaires and nomads. SG
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    Clark Amps Alive & Well?

    I owned a Clark B. S. 4 years ago "no reverb", I loved it, best sounding tweed amp I ever had, and I owned around 20 originals. I still sold it for something else but thats my mistake. Great....Great amp. SG
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