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    Rick Astley seems pretty cool.

    Would not have guessed he'd have AC/DC, Bauhaus and prog-era Genesis in his bag. Sounds like he's still enjoying his life as a musician.
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    Movable walls on casters for sound proofing(ish) garage (sound reducing?)

    Not sure where there thread really should live, but amps seems like a good starter. Wanted to get your thoughts on this premise. I wish I had more room in the garage to make a permanent soundproofed room-within-a-room , but I don't have enough space to make a dedicated sound proofed (or sound...
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    Boss Waza-Air Headphones - HOW TO: After editing a patch, save it to a Liveset.

    I was having difficulties figuring out how to save an edited patch to one of the Livesets which I created. Also I wasn't quite understanding the function of the "WAZA-AIR USER PATCH DATA" Liveset. I have figured it out, and uploaded screenshots to help. First, a little background info...
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    Using bluetooth EarPods for silent practice, without latency - Need solution

    Hi all - I am using wired headphones in the OX's headphone out, but I'd like to go wireless. SIGNAL PATH: Guitar Amp > UA Ox (or similar attenuator) > Headphone out > BT transmitter > wireless EarPods When I try this, the latency from the transmitter to the Bluetooth EarPods is way too...
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    Which 800 watt bass amp sound like an SVT, weights under 12 lbs and costs $400?

    Also, which solid state guitar amp sounds exactly like a 1960's Plexi? Okay, I confess.... I did a ton of bath salts this morning, and agree that is a ridiculously tall order. Let me try again. Which solid state or hybrid amp (at least 400@8-ohms) will get great rock and metal bass tones...
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    1970's (early 80's) Les Paul versus 2010+ Historic

    Hey gang. I've mostly owned newer mid-range Les Paul's. I'm thinking about leaving the kiddie pool, and could use some advice. I'd like to purchase a used (but excellent condition) Goldtop with P90's or mini-HB, and a tune-a-matic bridge. Option A=(1970's/1980's) Option B=(2010 or newer...
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    Massive amount of hiss/noise on an Old Blood Noise Endeavors Dark Star Reverb

    Tried two different power bricks, and even a stand-alone Boss AC adapter. Even with nothing plugged in it still makes a ton of noise. Running Guitar > Pedal > Amp. No other pedal has this issue. The first knob I mess with is the Mix knob, so even with no verb, its still super noisy. What...
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    Best stores to find vintage Marshalls (besides eBay, CL, Reverb)

    Looking for a vintage Marshall. (70's). Who has a good stock besides eBay, Craigslist, Reverb, and of course, TGP? Google doesn't turn up much. Thanks!
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    Why does a Charvel So Cal not sound like a Strat?

    Okay, I've got a couple Strat types. Charvel Strat (more or less) with a Basswood body, and maple neck. Fender type trem. (Very much a Fender Strat sound and configuration.) EMG SA Single coil in neck and middle, EMG 57 Bridge. Charvel So Cal - Alder body, with a sanded maple neck...
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    EMG Gilmour Noiseless Pickups - HUMMING?

    Hi all, I have a set of the EMG Gilmour noiseless pickups that I dropped into a Strat clone. The stereo input jack is used. The old ground is removed. Everything is connected appropriately (seemingly), but I still have regular old single coil hum. Am I missing something? Thanks!
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    Satan Spelled Backwards at PDX SLABTOWN, Thursdayday 7/3/2014

    Bring your powdered wig down to SLABTOWN on Thursday, July 3. We'll make snide jokes about British ankles and dental care, while hipocritically drinking Scotch and Stout, and discussing the genius of Robert Smith. You'll also be subjected to the loud, complex rock music of...
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    Satan Spelled Backwards at PDX Slims, Friday, June 6

    FREE!!! Mercury Tremors Satan Spelled Backwards
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    Satan Spelled Backwards at PDX Ash St Saloon, Sunday 5/11/2014

    This Mother's Day, silence the unnatural stirrings of your Oedipus complex with bitchin' loud rock and a well stocked bar at Ash Street Saloon. (Mother will wait up till you get home.)
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    Satan Spelled Backwards at PDX Ash St Saloon, Thursday 4/3/2014

    We're closing the night for Cement Season's CD release. Also playing is B-Fiftythousand. Should be a pretty heavy and weird show.
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    Wren and Cuff does the Boss HM-2

    They report that its a recreation of the HM-2, which I've always liked. (Unlike the Boss Metal Zone.) The clips on their site make it sound more fuzz, but I suspect that's the tuning. (Honestly, having no clips is better than these little five second samples with more extreme settings...
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    NAD - 1972 Laney PA (Supergroup?)

    Today I checked out a few amps that I had been meaning to play. Ampeg V4 - w/Reverb (Had to have been modded, as there was no clean tone, or maybe that's a V4 thing. Seemed odd for 100 watts.) Hiwatt DR504 Custom (Not enough clean headroom. Sort of a JCM 800 with more chime)...
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    Dual OD pedal (TS one side, other side something different) anyone do this?

    I tend to have two ODs on my board. One TS and one....other. Does anyone do a nice dual OD pedal with a TS type drive on one side, and a totally different sounding OD on the other? I know there are some that have the same on both side, but one can be a little more gain, but that's not what...
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    Godflesh touring the US. That's right.

    Reformed industrial metal pioneers GODFLESH will embark on a short U.S. tour in October. (And working on a new album.) Confirmed dates are as follows: Oct. 18 - Philadelphia, PA @ Theatre Of Living Arts Oct. 19 - New York City, NY – Irving Plaza Oct. 20 - Boston, MA @ Royale...
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    Like Rats? Yes, Like Rats (Godflesh content)

    Came across Mark Kozelek's cover of the Godflesh classic, Like Rats. Acoustic, not surprisingly, but quite effective. i-gQG0Flpb0 For reference, here's the original and a live version from 1990. cixczzF0A102VlDnlOM1Ew
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    How is it that there are not more indie guitar builders in Mexico?

    And maybe they are, but the only production guitars I see coming out of Mexico are the Squire/Fenders. Anyway, I'd have thought that after, what, ten (twenty?) years or more, they would have come into their own a little more, and started producing their own Edwards, Grecco, etc brands in the...
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    Coveramp Cover for a couple Marshall cabs

    I picked up covers for a Marshall 1960A and B cab, and asked the folks at Coveramp to make the front capable of being folded all the way back. When down, its held in place with a generous amount of velcro, but it folds up and over the back, revealing the speakers. When done playing, its only a...
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    Is it okay to stack ext cab atop a bass combo?

    How about vice versa? Stacking a combo on top of an external cabinet? I'm assuming yea to both, but I'm posting on the off chance that someone may say "She canna handle the vibrations, Cap'n! Any more and she's gunna blow!" :huh I apologize for the sexually charged post.
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    Convert 2x12 guitar into 2x12 bass cab?

    Okay, go easy on me folks. I can think of a couple reasons why this isn't a good idea, but I don't know if they are valid. I have an old unloaded plywood Avatar vertical 2x12 that looks more or less like the photo below, except its old grey carpet, a'la 80's Carvin. I could make good use out...
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    Celestion Vintage 30 - Been repaired?

    Stuck this out in the amp section, but the tech area might be more appropos. No code on the cone, and very sloppily applied red adhesive. Is that a repair job, or is that just the run of the mill MIC V30? Thanks!
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