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    Looking for an amp

    The aforementioned Rivera amps *sound* lovely, but don’t meet your requirements. They have to get really loud to sound good (and when you get them there, they sound GREAT). The TC-50 would be a great choice. Its master volume is phenomenal. I’d also throw a vote for a (used, at your price...
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    Speaker advice for 4x12 Marshall 1960A cab.

    Holy cow, @ZEN Amps, wow, GREAT video. I'm not even going to try to record clips for the OP. Y'all nailed it. Subscribed to your channel. I also like my Depth control at noon. I haven't had the amp all that long and remember the "Hard/Soft" switch, but don't remember the "Modern/Classic"...
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    Speaker advice for 4x12 Marshall 1960A cab.

    I also have a Landry LS100G3 - glorious amp. I’ve always liked the WGS Retro 30 speaker. If you give me a couple of days, I could probably supply some tones of the Landry through that speaker and compare it to other speakers I have in cabinets such as Creamback H75 or maybe a Vintage 30. The...
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    212 Vertical cab speaker suggestions?

    My vertical slant 2x12 is inherently brighter sounding than my horizontal 2x12. I believe that that’s due to the top slanted speaker being angled up at your head (as opposed to it being too thin). With increased highs or high mids comes the human perception of a lack of lows. It is possible you...
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    Bought some amps this weekend, Henning and a TriAmp Mark 3!

    Why don’t we hear more about Henning?
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    Fixed and cathode bias in same amp

    Ha ha. Voice-to-text got me again!
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    Fixed and cathode bias in same amp

    Gerald Weber talks about this in his book “tube amp talk for the guitarist and tech.” “There are two main reasons cathode bias sounds different from fixed bias. In a cathode biased amp, the tubes only see the difference between the cathode and plate voltages. If you have +48 V on the cathode...
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    Speaker Cabinet hook up question.

    I would not do this, and I think you can damage your amp. My rationale: it appears that when the Fender 4x12 cabinet is used in mono and by itself, it presents a 4 ohm load. When used with another cabinet with your Marshall 20W head, it’ll present a total load of less than 4 ohms. It does not...
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    NAD: Landry Lexi (Now with Clips)

    Bill Landry is indeed an awesome and exceptional dude. Congratulations on the new amp!
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    How many of you have a big collection of speaker cabs?

    Yeah, One big difference is the lack of grill cloth. I think this makes them sound inherently brighter/open. They are also front mount speakers instead of rear mounted. I have never found that to be a big issue either way. I don’t think I can hear the difference between front mounted and rear...
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    Which Marshall-esque amp?

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    How many of you have a big collection of speaker cabs?

    Yeah… I have as many cabs as I do heads. 80s Carvin 4x12 slant cab that I use as my benchmark because I have the most history (20 years) with it. I will never sell it because it’s not worth anything on the open market anyway. Bogner 2x12 OS: I use this as the cab that I have found sounds the...
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    Which Marshall-esque amp?

    The problem with my comment will be that I have no experience with the other amps on your list, so I cannot compare to any of them. My comment: I think the Landry would do what you want in an amazing way. The onboard reverb is a plus, for me, and this amp offers a really, really great “circle...
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    Mesa Boogie price increase

    I don’t know if a comment like this is allowed or not, so I apologize if it is against the rules, but I do not blame Gibson as much as those (in power) choosing to distribute more “stimulus” checks. In my local area, another round of them are going out from our state as we speak.
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    Why so many great builders in the Jersey/ NYC area?

    I’ve asked the same question to myself, but “Canada” instead of “New Jersey.”
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    Soldano SLO 100 - Recommendations for a speaker cabinet

    In all of my speaker shootouts, V30s shine in the high gain department. For the style of music you reference, I’d think the Creamback would be a better fit. Your ears and preference might vary.
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    Which Wizard Amp? MTL or MCII

    In my earlier quote, I acknowledge owning both and playing them side-by-side. My MTL was a 2016 Mk. I. In all of the amps I had at that time, I would consider the MTL and the JP2C the most “opposite” of each other. If you love mids, get the JP2C. If you’d like a nice, firm, brilliant...
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    Ohm my God this is confusing

    What risk? (Serious question; I’m not being snarky)
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    Newbie at wiring up speakers, paranoid about reading

    And yes, 4.8 to 5 ohms is just fine.
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    Newbie at wiring up speakers, paranoid about reading

    Are your probe leads plugged into the multi meter at both the COM and ohm setting port? I.e., not set up to read voltage? I have a Fluke meter that doesn’t require me to select the expected resistance level, but I’d think you’d want to be on the “200 ohms” setting.
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    New Cab Day

    I have run the 80s Carvin 4x12 slant cab for a long time and it routinely “beats out” (which is totally subjective) other modern, boutiquey, all Baltic birch cabs. Congrats on the 1960B!
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    Incoming: The LAST Landry LS30

    I got a (used) LS100G3 earlier this year and it’s unbelievably good. Bill is awesome. I also have a story similar to yours back when Mike Soldano was retiring. He had one last HR50+ transformer and an HR100+ chassis. So I have a Mike-built 50 in a 100 chassis with DC heaters and some other...
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    How many Ohms is 5 Speakers

    this is the correct question to ask.
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    Change Grill Cloth in 4x12 cab

    @j_el_jee , thanks. Great work and great ideas. Question: regarding your idea to remove the plywood strips with an oscillating tool: Do you think my baffle is screwed into those strips? In other words, I was thinking that I cannot remove them because they hold in the baffle. Thoughts?
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    Change Grill Cloth in 4x12 cab

    @j_el_jee , can you explain a little more the steps you took to convert your Mesa metal-grill cab to a cloth-grill cab? Here’s my front-loaded Carvin 4x12 slant. I believe the strips of plywood covered with felt strips are permanently installed. How would/could you convert this to grill cloth?
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