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  1. gregory347

    Louis electric Columbia reverb?

    Hey Tag… I took delivery of mine 2-3 weeks ago… wondering if it has the updates….can you please elaborate…
  2. gregory347

    Louis electric Columbia reverb?

    Made to order… I waited 5 months….was quoted 6-7 weeks but I didn’t follow up regularly… just let it ride….call he usually answers the phone
  3. gregory347

    Illitch No More?

    Works for me.. try this link
  4. gregory347

    1957 Fender Deluxe 5E3

    Post your location and ask for recommendations of exceptional amp techs in your locale
  5. gregory347

    Louis Electric Amps

    Waiting on a Columbia….
  6. gregory347

    Louis Electric Columbia vs Deltone

    I ordered a Columbia 2/16/22 and was told 6-7 weeks too.
  7. gregory347

    Louis Electric Columbia vs Deltone

    I have a Columbia on order. What speaker did you go with in your current Columbia?
  8. gregory347

    Noise problem on tweed Deluxe

    Which cleaner did you buy?
  9. gregory347

    Noise problem on tweed Deluxe

    Had a similar issue just recently… was a dirty v1 tube socket… sprayed with chemtronics electro wash and now amp is happy again
  10. gregory347

    Fender Custom Shop '63 Relic Strat Masterbuilt By Todd Krause

    Nice work... beautiful guitar and the video is great too...
  11. gregory347

    My Princeton doesn't sound like this!

    Corey is a pro.... like his videos
  12. gregory347

    Long Island, NY Guitar Techs

    Where on Long Island? Joe Pichkur is still open…I live in Floral Park
  13. gregory347

    Amps – Let’s see your WALL of AMPS!

    Nice... how are the 2 champs together? Something I’ve been wanting to try. I would have to buy 2 Champs
  14. gregory347

    Suhr/Ilitch BPSSC

    Check his site for diagrams.... or just call and ask him.... I have spoken to him in the past and he was very helpful
  15. gregory347

    WDW switching question

    Thanks for the response. Don’t have much past the 2 core amps yet, in planning phase. I only have a Fryette PS2 and a couple reverb and delay pedals. Was thinking of buying another PS2 so as to have a left and right power amp. Open to suggestions.
  16. gregory347

    WDW switching question

    Running a clean amp and a dirty switched with a Radial ABY. Each will have a Suhr iso line out. Need a way to have both amps able to share a common stereo power amp for wet effects. What can I use for switching the line outs into the wet amp?
  17. gregory347

    Quarantine Guitar Sales - Way Up!

    Maybe people using credit with no intention of paying. I am working and have no intention of buying anything other than food and necessities right now.
  18. gregory347

    AC10 clone

    May in fact be Douglas Charles Stalters.... name on literature in Reverb ads is Douglas Charles... looks like his work.... one of his sold amps looks like a Vintone
  19. gregory347

    AC10 clone

    The now defunct Vintone used to have an amp called the Acey-10. Maybe he’s back
  20. gregory347

    Live Grammy thread..let those thoughts out here

    they kicked Joey Kramer out of the band....
  21. gregory347

    Sold 2013 Fender American Telecaster

    2013 American tele in very good condition. Comes with soft case. Pickups are EMG's. Has some dings and light fret wear. Guitar was purchased in 2017 used from Chicago Music Exchange. Selling for my father in law. No trades. $700 obo, shipping and paypal included. Guitar is located in Nassau...
  22. gregory347

    Sold 2014 Gibson 57 Les Paul Reissue factory aged $3100

    2014 57 Les Paul reissue factory aged with case both in excellent condition. Selling for my father in law. Guitar was purchased new from musicians friend and only played in his pet and smoke free home. No fret wear or dings/dents other that what was done by factory aging process. Guitar weight...
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