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    OK... so I have $450 - $500 to spend on a bass..

    You should play as many Ibanez basses as you can. They are remarkable. On the used market you could get a lot of bass for your budget. I have a USA G&L which sells for 3 times what the Ibanez that I have sells for and I am not kidding the Ibanez is outstanding. I like the look of the G&L more...
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    $750 for a good recording bass...

    I was fortunate enough to pick up a 'used' (used for a couple of hours) G&L JB2 for $700 Canadian about 14 months ago. Very fortunate. Now...knowing that there are many 'big names' out there in bassland...I'd go try some Ibanez basses...they really kick some major azz. They are very versatile...
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    What is the secret to good bass tone?

    I like 'just a touch' of flange!!!
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    Suggestions for a 5-String

    A friend of mine has a couple of basses and likes good quality equipment...he uses an Ibanez SoundGear 5 string. Their price is in no way indicative of the quality of the instruments. I rented a SoundGear 4 string to do some recording about 5 years ago and after 2 months of paying a very...
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