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    Hey Country Bands! Why so many guitars on stage?

    just flipped on the CMA show on CBS and every one of these bands has 4 or 5 guitar players. what are they doing? there's clearly one lead player. but everyone else is just kind of strumming. including one token guy on acoustic in the back, that i swear i can't even hear. it may not...
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    Pedal Steel

    can anyone help out a newbie looking to buy his first pedal steel? don't really know where to find one and how to make sense of what's out there. i'm located in ATL, maybe someone local can steer to a place nearby with a couple in stock? not looking to break the bank on my first one, but...
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    live video clip (suhr content)

    here's a quick live clip of my band from a recent show here in ATL. gear: suhr classic od50 classic plus port city 2x12 with ceramic tonetubbies RC booster rev drivetrain (low gain, slight vol boost) boss digidelay, boss rv-5 recording, including...
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    What does "SG" stand for?

    just wondering... cool guitars though.
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    Lord Valve Catalog request

    does anyone have a copy of the most current Lord Valve catalog they could email me? i think i dropped off the email list...
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    how much power...

    would a 4x12 cab wired with (2) 50w and (2) 75w speakers handle? would it handle 200 watts?
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    1975 Marshall JMP 100

    sweet! just scored an old marshall metal panel, 100w super lead for low $ off craigslist. :banana only problem sound! oh well, it'll be a fun project, and i'm sure it'll sound great once it's back on it's feet. oh, i know :worthless pics to follow shortly!
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    G&L pickguard...same as fender?

    Does anyone know if a standard tele pickguard will fit a G&L ASAT? They seem identical.
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    jensen blackbird

    there has been only limited discussion of these speakers on the board so far. i'm wondering if anyone has any updates, how's the speaker working out for you? has it changed at all as it's broken in? interested especially in how it compares to tone tubbies (ceramic or alnico), scumbacks, or...
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    why does everyone write PRS with an "i" on the end of it? what' the "i" stand for?
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    super reverb problem

    hey guys, i've got a problem with an old super reverb. i just bought this 1968 super reverb, the amp looks fantastic. and the guy i bought it from has videos of the amp running and sounding great taken just before he shipped it. so the amp arrives, the box looks fine, it was packed very...
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    Anyone play their D-style amp thru 10's?

    I've been really digging the sound of my two rock CR plugged into the speakers in my Dr Z maz Jr 2x10. I've played a few gigs this way and I've been real happy with the results. Anyone else using 10's with this style of amp?
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    separate 1x12 cab as monitor?

    i'm fed up with relying on the sound guy to provide a good stage mix where i can hear myself well etc, and i came up with this idea. what if i ran a separate 1x12 cab, along with my regular cab or combo, and i put it up front, tipped back and facing me? similar to a monitor wedge, but direct...
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    favorite humbuckers for a HH strat?

    looking for a good recommendation for a set of humbuckers for an HH strat. i need versatility for everything but metal and also a good split coil sound. does anyone have any advice they could share? also, i'd like to get non-"exotic" pups (under $200 per set). thanks, matt
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    rough live clip

    the recent "jamband" thread made me want to post a clip. here's a song from a very rough audience recording from a recent gig. we were having sound guy issues all night, but i thought this tune was pretty cool. enjoy!
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    PRS SAS mod, a few simple questions...

    so i'm envisioning some simple mods to my PRS swamp ash special, and i wanted to make sure i do everything right. basically, i'm going to swap out the 2 hb's for fralin unbuckers, and i'm going to put a fralin sp42 in the middle position. i also want to replace the volume knob with a push pull...
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    comfortably numb

    i heard this tune for the first time in a while the other day, and gilmour's solo tone is just awesome! anyone have any idea how to acheive that tone? is it a flanger? or an octave up, or some kind of treble booster? it can't be just guitar into amp, can it? any insight is welcome...
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    live video

    this is my first time ever posting a clip on TGP! it's a rough video clip from a recent gig. the jam gets going a couple minutes in, and please excuse the audio quality (guitar is a little quiet in the beginning). hope you enjoy!
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    budda vs vht

    i played a budda superdrive 30 II the other day and it was really a great sounding amp, wounderful cleans and really warm overdrive. what a fat sound! so i'm wondering, how does this compare to the superdrive 45 or the vht pittbull 45? has anyone owned both or have experience with both...
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    el34 and 6l6, interchangable?

    i know there are some amps that can take both el34's and 6l6's with a bias adjustment. can any amp that takes el34's also run 6l6's, or are they different enough that only certain amps can do it? thanks, matt
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    what cab for a fuchs/two rock?

    what kind of cabs do you all like with your fuchs or two rock style amp? i know the THD is popular, but what else? what's the philosophy behind choosing a speaker for these amps. their voice has always seemed to me to be neither "american" nor "british". in general: open back vs...
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    bias dilemma

    i'm trying to bias my super reverb and i'm having an interesting issue. i just bought some matched 6l6's from mike at kca and i've got a weber bias rite to measure the current. with the old tubes in, the 1st one measures at 40.1 and the 2nd one measures at 28. and then with the new tubes in i...
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    impedence of a blackface twin reverb

    i've got on old blackface twin that's about to get some new speakers. but, i don't know what the impedence of the amp is. can someone help? it's a 2x12, of course, so what ohm speakers should i buy? also, how many ohms should the ext. out be? thanks, matt
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    delighted with my suhr

    i recently acquired a new suhr classic (alder, rosewood, even c huge) and tonight was the first time i really let her rip at rehearsal. i've been lusting for a bad-ass strat for a while, and this guitar delivers. exceeded all of my expectations. what a joy to play and the tones were dynamite...
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    anyone cured the trem bar wiggles?

    my strat has a screw in trem bar that wiggles around unless it's at the very end of it's thread. does anyone know of a good solution to solve that. i'd like it be easiliy movable, but stay where i put it. thanks, matt
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