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  1. Dandy13

    What is your primary delay and what do you use it for?

    Home board: Tonal Recall rkm Away board: Disaster Transport SR Going through a phase for a while now where I use more reverb, less delay. I used to use delay as a pseudo reverb, now with all of the insane reverb pedal options out there I find myself doing the opposite.
  2. Dandy13

    Best pedal purchase 2018

    EQD Aqueduct
  3. Dandy13

    One board, one rig, for 2019

    I still have 2018 gear on my wish list so def not gonna happen for me
  4. Dandy13

    Top Product/pedal of 2018...

    Moog Grandmother Favorite pedal released in 2018 that I own: EQD Aqueduct On my list to purchase: RP Tensor, Meris Enzo, Empress Zoia (If it ever gets released!)
  5. Dandy13

    Favorite pedal from your top 5 favorite pedal companies…. go

    EQD : Aqueduct at the moment, but probably Rainbow Machine Zvex: fuzz factory Pigtronix : infinity Smallsound/bigsound : mini Ehx: pog2
  6. Dandy13

    Top 3 Pedal Companies: the poll!

    EQD Poll also needs zvex
  7. Dandy13

    Most Versatile Earthquaker Reverb

    I havent missed having one. The mix knob is there to control the wet/dry mix.. it sets real well in the mix without having an overall volume control if thats what you mean. There is actually a lot of control imo with the 4 knobs and the short/long switch. The sounds are pretty conventional...
  8. Dandy13

    Most Versatile Earthquaker Reverb

    Levitation. Can be plug and play like a holy grail type, or it can also get long and atmospheric.
  9. Dandy13

    Empress ZOIA

    Must Have this
  10. Dandy13

    5 Favorite Dirtboxes...

    Rat ssbs mini Eqd hoof reaper Zvex fuzz factory Zvex sd2in1
  11. Dandy13

    Fuzzheads: your list of essential circuits/pedals.

    Everyone should have at least one variety of fuzz face and one variety of big muff IMO. My personal favorite fuzz’s are zvex fuzz factory, fulltone 69, and atm hoof reaper. also love eqd bit commander if you count that as a fuzz strictly speaking
  12. Dandy13

    PedalTrain Pro Case vs. Mono M80 Case for my PedalBoard

    Curious as to why some of you prefer the soft cases ? I generally shy away from them and wonder if there are some advantages over a hard case that I haven't considered .
  13. Dandy13

    Absolute BEST Big Muff you've ever heard/played?

    I'm not huge into muffs, I've still got my old late 90's/early 00's era big box on the shelf. I really love the sound of the Cream Puff and the Hoof. I'm actually pretty close to pulling the trigger on a hoof or a hoof reaper
  14. Dandy13

    New Metalzone Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!

    to having been one of 8 million, ahhh the memories
  15. Dandy13

    Pigtronix Echolution 2 Deluxe

    I've never had an issue but I don't think I've ever gigged it. I've had it so long I don't remember when I got it
  16. Dandy13

    Pigtronix Echolution 2 Deluxe

    This is what I use as well
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