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  1. Kent

    Timeline putting tuner>right out, left completely panned to right, silent tuning?

    is it possible ? Anybody try it. The left output would need to be silent so using a midi pedal I could pull up a tuning patch in the loop.
  2. Kent

    Guytron GT VS. FV

    Just curious why the perception of the FV is valued so much more over the GT. Besides having some tonal options don't most people use the FV in the stock GT mode? I did. I thought that the GT rev.b I have sounded better than the FV i owned. After Full tube swaps and bias on the FV, my GT still...
  3. Kent

    Self Biasing Amp- Voltage Regulator? Bias?

    I bias my amps @120v with a voltage regulator and always use a voltage regulator @120v with my amps when I gig. With a self biasing amp (Fryette Memphis) Is there any point (other than low or high Voltage) to have a voltage...
  4. Kent

    Loop-Master Located Where???

    Anybody know where loop-master ships from?
  5. Kent

    fender cs trem issue

    If anybody has any suggestions please advise. I just traded a custom 24 ten top (today) for this mint 2006 closet classic, I'm a strat guy through and through, I have set up floating bridges on more strats than i can remember. This is my first custom shop guitar and i'm baffled. IF YOU PULL...
  6. Kent

    biasing a guytron gt 100 rev b

    trying to bias the el34's but cant seem to get any readings off the resistors that make any sense. the amp sounds good and i dont suspect a problem. i could use a little help. thanks
  7. Kent

    guytron effects loop

    i just got a guytron fv and i thought the effects loop had a hi & lo level button, i cant find any pictures of the back panel, anyway no switch on this one:dunno can anybody let me know here if the loop is switchable on the fv, thanks
  8. Kent

    how do i run 2 effects units in loop 1 at a time?

    i have a allan holdsworth ud stomp that i love for chordal stuff, and i want to remove it from the signal path and run another unit during solo's, how would i achieve this? i would prefer to keep the cables short, and use my midi switcher out front that controls my effects, dont want to spend a...
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