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  1. noley

    Start the show with the drum solo!

    Piggybacking onto the Phil Collins thread in the Sound Hound Lounge... I love the way this show opens. There’s no denying his songwriting skills and his vocal talents but a solid drummer as well and one that rarely gets mentioned in discussions and threads about drummers: I’ll admit to not...
  2. noley

    Hey Drummers, Congrats on your new Forum!

    Not a drummer myself but I know I’ll spend some time here. Hey I was watching motorcycle videos (instead of learning to drum) and came across this visit with Chris Layton, maybe you'll enjoy this little tour of his cluttered studio... Cheers!
  3. noley

    OK to run a 1/4" cable end into a Speakon input?

    EDIT: My inputs are not Speakon, they are Combo, which accept both XLR and 1/4”. Sorry for the goof. :hide2 Will it cause problems to run the 1/4" end of an instrument cable into the Speakon inputs on a mixer? It seems to sound fine when I do but want to be sure I won't be damaging anything...
  4. noley

    Just in Time For Christmas... (Craigslist)

    For the guitar nut on your Christmas list, an awesome LP signed by LP himself. Even without a “tuner block” , a bargain at twice the price:
  5. noley

    T.S.O.... Where to sit?

    Looking at tickets for a T.S.O. Christmas Show and see that there is seating pretty close and center. ...Would we be missing too much of a stage show if we’re too close to the stage? ...Is the volume typically overwhelming and is it better to be back a bit? I know that every venue is...
  6. noley

    Article about Asheville area recording studios...

    I know discussion in this sub-forum is primarily focused on home-recording, but I'm linking an ARTICLE in this month's 'Capital At Play' magazine for those who might enjoy learning about the Studio scene in and around Asheville, NC. See what you think!
  7. noley

    A Revelation (wound G content)

    Good grief what a difference in clarity! Should have done this a while ago :oops: I put them on two Strats and a Tele and there was an absolute, instant improvement on each of them. I use the EB Heavy Bottoms so an easy transition from the .017 G in that set.
  8. noley

    Mysterious Farting Amp!

    Maybe I can describe this well enough that someone will recognize it if it's happened to them. Unable to upload the video I made ??? I have a MIM Blues Jr, several years old but without any history of problems. It's on it's second set of tubes and is otherwise stock except for a BillM...
  9. noley

    Hats off to Bill Wharton... The Sauce Boss!

    I've been meaning to do this for a while, I hope you get a kick outta this. Let me introduce you to Bill Wharton, aka The Sauce Boss. Some of you southerners might know of him, especially all y'all in Florida. ( Sorry for the GIANT pictures, my first time using imgur... anyone know which code...
  10. noley

    It's time to retire 'Trigger', Willie

    Here's Willie Nelson inducting Kris Kristofferson into the Austin City Limits Hall of Fame last night: Tell me this guitar doesn't sound like absolute $#!+. I've seen Willie at least 30 times going back to the '70's so I'm not a hater, but for crying out loud that guitar is ready for the...
  11. noley

    These Guys Look Like...

    ...everything is all-right :aok Cell phone pic of a photo in a restaurant. I don't know when or where it was taken, or who the photographer was, but they sure captured a neat moment. Cheers y'all, hope you have a great weekend!
  12. noley

    Ovation 12 String / Asheville, NC

    Posting this for a guy my wife works with. Thanks for reading... n. "... It's a pretty recognizable instrument - an Ovation Standard Elite 12 string, Seriel number K10041784. It was stolen along with it's black hardshell case with a plush emerald green lining. The guitar looks like this...
  13. noley

    Rory Gallagher Acoustic Tribute Album

    Wonderful collection of Rory Gallagher songs presented as acoustic instrumentals by Jacques Stotzem... Cheers,
  14. noley

    N.T.D. !

    That's TROMBONE day y'all! Nothing fancy but just right for an absolute beginner. Gonna drive my wife C R A Z Y ! :banana Won't be long I'll sound just like this... Cheers, n.
  15. noley

    CL Heads-Up (Tubes)

    Mods, please move or remove if inappropriate to post this here, thanks. Just a heads up on this CL listing I came across this morning. These are not my tubes, and I have no affiliation with the seller, simply stumbled upon the ad and thought someone here might have interest...
  16. noley

    Songs About Guitars...

    ...need to be shared! Here's one from 1971 to start it off. ?v=Awm-19jQmhg Once there was a time I'd rob my mother For a good meal and a smoke Once there was a time I'd sell my brother For a dollar when I was broke But I'd never sell my guitar And my strings are always sharp...
  17. noley

    For DeadHeads With Deep Pockets...

    Upcoming auction of Jerry G memorabilia, gear, artwork... n.
  18. noley

    Widman Custom Electrics

    The January Vintage Guitar Magazine features a review of John Widman's most recent model, a set-neck. I met John through the January 2010 issue of VG in their monthly featured builder article and am the happy owner of the 'yellow' T-Master you'll see on his website and in the 'Tele love' threads...
  19. noley

    Artsy Grill Cloth

    On the hunt for grill cloth lately and came across this site that sells cloth for old radios. Maybe just what someone's looking for so thought I'd share. n.
  20. noley

    2010 Warren Haynes Christmas Jam

    Saturday night I was at the (22nd Annual!) Warren Haynes Christmas Jam. There have been some fantastic shows and this year was another good one though without a real extensive lineup compared to years past, and a few big gaps between sets. Still, the music, the sound, and the lights were all...
  21. noley


    Hello Gear Pagers, Looking forward to joining in, looks like a great site and a bunch of good folks. I've been playing about 5 years, and wish I'd have started 40 years ago... so it goes. See you on the forums! n.
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