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    A little Gustavsson Guitars love!

    the waiting is the hardest part
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    Does anyone use stage monitors instead of CLRs, etc

    I usually use normal stage monitors. either rcf nx12's or some old (but still working great) qsc k10's - i am intrigued by the rcf tt-08 (very light and small)
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    Which Marshall head has your favorite tone? Pick one!

    mid 67 JTM100 "black flag"
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    Your Rarest Pedal

    i have one of the first 10 menatone kar krashes, only made 10 of it. bought it from bill chapin.
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    Great interview with Cliff from Fractal Audio

    thanks :) - going out there, on stage is for me - and what it is for others, doesn't matter - to create and be myself in the that moment. everything else dosen't matter. the sound and feel .. is always different, what my hands and mind do, is also different. the tools just makes it happen :) ...
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    Axe FX Std/Ultra vs 11R for British Tones (Marshall)

    depends on what kind of marshall i think .. and as always what we are used to hear from that type of marshall. then the other thing is removing myself from the in the room sound and feel, and going for controll room or trough pa feel. for the classic 60's marshall sounds i live easily with the...
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    11R - what are you guys using live?

    i run mine into a small mixer at the moment a mackie profx12 - from the mixer to pa and i use two qsc k10's as monitors also tapped from the mixer. i really miss a global eq on the 11r. i also run - if needed - a nylon string and steel string accoustic trough the mixer and sometimes a guitarsynth.
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    Those gigging with an 11R - foot controller?

    voodoolab ground control pro. works like a charm, have about 90 gigs with it, no issues.
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    Guitarists - what type of bass are you using for demos/recording?

    a fender roger waters p-bass, works great :) didn't need to change the pup either.
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    Your number #1 guitar, #1 pedal and #1 amp

    fender ww 10 stratocaster 11r
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    ELEVEN rack and pedals

    backwards, i run a digitech harmony man, pog2 and a echobaby in the loop - mono. these works just like it would with an amp to my ears. infront i use a modified ernie ball volume (buffer) usually. i have used a fulltone ultimate octave, klon, carb and bettie in front if the gig/sound needs it. i...
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    axe fx standard/ultra vs eleven rack backround white noise

    from my limitied experience, it is about the same without the noise gate. i prefer to not use it on any of them boxes, i ended up with an 11r. i feel i loose dynamics and openess with the gate engaged. it is also difficult, for me, to get controlled feedback with the gate in.
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    What is the oldest pedal on your pedal board?

    currently only two old pedals on my board, a boss ce-2 and a mxr dynacomp both from 79-80 i think.
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    Poll: As a Boost ONLY - Klon or EP Booster

    guess my perspective is different .. i use a klon or klon clone to boost especially singel coils into nw amps, i use a gaspedal version of the echoplex pre, with a loop, to boost up leads with delay. i use the echoplex pre for what it does to a lead tone, it will never take the place of a klon...
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    Pulled the trigger...AC15HW1

    i have one, with a 1 x 12 cab with a blue - i changed to one i had around the house with a lot of hours on it. play it a lot ... it gets better, just play it hotcake for drive, is my choise. a lot of new contenders, still the ol' hotcake is working wonders for me with vox style amps, ef86's...
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    Clean Boosts: Landgraff vs. Bob Burt vs. SHO

    what have been said above ... into bf fenders, voxes and nm marshalls i prefer the klon over them with single coils, ymmv.
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    What DELAYS are in your arsenal?

    re-201 dm-2 dd-2 x2 mp dbd maxon ad-900 x2 - the 2 chip ones - my all time faves without modulation dl-4 :facepalm still love it lovepedal echobaby good one ehx deluxe memory man ehx memory boy - like this one a lot ... still i want to get a skreddy, love it - also the wampler faux...
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    best fuzz for SC's and AC30 for 60's tones?

    benders, i prefer ii or iii's :) - ii with a tele/esquire and working the volume and tone knob on the guitar is a thing of beauty imho, ymmw.
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    Boss CE-2 - lives up to the hype

    great stomper :), i love ce-2's. my old one still gets back on the pedalboard when i am into a chorus mood, i usually prefer delays with modulated delays these days. or a clone of the old dimension d, i use a frommel one.
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    Volume Pedals Which One?

    anybody using the mission-engineering vm-2? i like the form factor, it has a buffer and tuner out.
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    Ethos Owners - where do you put it in your chain?

    if i used it as a od/clean box, i ran it after volume, wah and fuzz. when i recorded with it, i pretty much ran it alone and added timebased fx in cubase. never had to use it as a back-up rig, but the plan was to put it after the pedalboard and go via a di box directly to the snake.
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    How much velcro for an EB volume pedal?

    i use about 4-5 cm dual lock on the toe and the heal of mine. never had a problem, well it was a problem getting it off for service.
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    Your Top 5 pedal GAS list?

    mostly based on gigging needs; ehx pog2 digitech harmony man, i have had 2 of these before :facepalm volume pedal with buffer, needs tuner out - and the size of a cry-baby - would be nice with 4db boost too echo with modulation, the skreddy and wampler are the first i gonna test. fuzz...
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    What does a good faux Leslie?

    experiment with a phaser and a chorus, try chorus to phaser or phaser to chorus- try different settings. poor mans leslie imho.
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    What's Your Favorite Delay?

    maxon ad-900 - had it since '99 i think
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