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  1. alivegy

    Foxx Tone Machine clone?

    Isnt the fulltone ultimate octave a tone machine clone? I think the octafuzz is an octavio clone but if you're looking for an accessible and easy to find tone machine clone I would add a used ultimate octave to your list.
  2. alivegy

    Powerful EQ unit to allow dirt boxes to be used in front of a Twin Reverb?

    What speakers are in the twin? A switch to a more neutral speaker may make it a more useable amp for you and allow it to behave better with overdrives. But it also sounds like it may not be the amp for you.
  3. alivegy

    EP Booster -- purpose?

    I also found it to be too bassy and if I remember correctly I traded it in when I bought my Timmy many years ago. I really like using the jfet boost side of my king of the britains as unity gain always on pedal. It makes everything before it sound better, fuzz, tubescreamer, rat, everything. I...
  4. alivegy

    What's your tubescreamer of the minute?

    I like the green rhino. I can set it to sound exactly like my maxon 0D9 and then I can dial out or add mids and bass to taste. It Sounds like a tubescreamer should but with just enough added flexibility.
  5. alivegy

    King of Tone after a Beano Boost

    A tube screamer variant or even just a clean jfet boost works really well for this as well.
  6. alivegy

    Fender In A Box into Marshall

    A lot of what people attribute to being the Marshall sound is just an eq curve with a vocal mid frequency emphasis, so I use a pedal that counteracts this. I run a Menatone dirty blonde into a cranked Jcm800. It works great. On the pedal I keep the bass and treble pretty high and leave the mids...
  7. alivegy

    What gauge strings do you use on your Strat?

    I really like fender pure nickel 150’s 11s. They have great feel, balanced tone and respond well to my aggressive pick attack.
  8. alivegy

    I love my Dunlop Ultex Jazz III picks: what else might I like? Gravity 003?

    I prefer the Max Grip Jazz iii’s. Good feel, not too slick.
  9. alivegy

    Red Snapper Mid Hump

    No. The blue collar is the Menatone pedal that has more of a mid hump, but it still does not have as much as a ts9.
  10. alivegy

    Bright fuzz?

    I haven't played one myself, but I wonder if an SI Law Bender Fuzz would work for you. It has a tone control, a sag control for compression, as well as a knob that lets you adjust the gain of the first gain stage.
  11. alivegy

    Menatone pedals: Any opinion?

    He's one of those builders where I wish that I could collect them all. I've been using a 7 knob kotb for many years at the end of my chain, and I also just love to leave the boost side turned down low and always on as it seems to make everything before it sound better, especially fuzzes. His...
  12. alivegy

    MXR Dookie pedal

    So theyre dumping it?
  13. alivegy

    Fuzz Pedals Add Hum When Off

    I recently went through my pedal board on a quest to find pedals that were causing excess noise. I run a strat through a cranked jcm800 so any noise early in the chain becomes really prominent. I noticed that my two hartman pedals, an 8va octafuzz clone and a rangemaster treblebooster both...
  14. alivegy

    Dejà Víbe drop in volume, low volumepower

    Which power supply are you using? The isp-9 supplies more current than a typical 9v adapter.
  15. alivegy

    Snapper arrived :)

    The 4 knob snapper is the pedal that I have wanted for the longest time but for whatever reason have yet to purchase. I even have a blue collar already. I really just need to bite the bullet and buy one.
  16. alivegy

    MIAB March Madness

    I'm glad you said this because I had actually set my WMB aside to pull off the back to make sure I wasn't losing my mind. I love the MKiii's as well, but if it helps, my dirty blonde is a later 6 knob model. I find with that pedal in particular it is really helpful to be able to dial in bass...
  17. alivegy

    MIAB March Madness

    I believe the WMB has a trimmer on the inside for the bass content. His latest "The King" studio replaces the king of the britains and wmb as it is supposed to be able to dial in the sounds of both pedals. I love the menatone pedals because I can treat them like an amp. They respond in...
  18. alivegy

    I want to talk about treble boosters

    Ok I have to agree with you. I bought the hartman years ago and it has never left my board. It’s the ultimate “everyone is going to hear me!” Pedal. I love to use it to Boost other pedals like silicon fuzzes and especially a tube screamer and it always sits second in line right after my wah.
  19. alivegy

    I want to talk about treble boosters

    The hartman vintage germaniumboost is a good no nonsense rangemaster clone that you can find on reverb for a good price.
  20. alivegy

    Timmy as a Treble Booster

    A used Hartman Vintage germanium boost is a great treble booster that you can usually find at a reasonable price. While you could leave the treble at full and cut all the bass with the timmy it would still be more of a mid boost and it will never offer the amount of high frequency exciting that...
  21. alivegy

    Mini optical compressors

    So the problem with the jac is the size not the tone? Ive been meaning to pick one of those up.
  22. alivegy

    Timmy lovers, state your case.

    The timmy is really more of an overdrive. It sounds like you're trying to use it as a distortion pedal. The idea is to add more harmonic content and compression to an already clipping amp.
  23. alivegy

    Talk to me about attenuators, please...

    The aaracom has a 2 ohm tap. I just used mine with my 71 sr this week and it sounded great. It works with my marshalls as well as my fenders and has a line out in case you want to run your amps silently.
  24. alivegy

    So I finally started gigging with smaller, thicker “jazz” type picks...

    Love the max grip jazz iii. I dont play metal but my playing has always featured a pretty percussive pick attack, so they fit my style well.
  25. alivegy

    Let’s talk Treble Boosters.

    I love my hartman too. It’s a good simple circuit, and it stacks so well with everything.
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