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    New tech: 3rd Power MagFrag pickups

    The pickup can't function if it's inverted. It's like this: ...... NNN SSS ......
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    New tech: 3rd Power MagFrag pickups

    Sort of. In the case of the Duncan 5/2 or a 5/4/2 the gauss and reluctance definitely produce a different result under their respective strings. But in a humbucker for example, if you're one of those hobbyists who has done magnet swaps, you know that A2 sounds different from A5 in the same...
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    New tech: 3rd Power MagFrag pickups

    It's a complicated situation. Alnicos will degauss one another based on their proximity, their dimensions, but in conjunction with what the return path looks like. To give you an example of the dimensional issues, Alnicos are supposed to be 5x as long as they are wide, to safely maintain a full...
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    Precision Scatter Wound Pickups?

    To make use of it, you'd have to know the magic recipes of course. Simple randomizing will accomplish something but in general each pickup maker has an idea of when they want to do what as the coil is filling up. To be effective you would also want to have control over the tension, not just the...
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    Tone King Amplifiers - Big change!

    Well, sort of. An Imperial MKII built this month is the same as it ever was, really. Highly skilled amp makers made them up at PBG, now highly skilled amp builders make them at Boutique. They ARE cool. But yes mrwhipple is correct, Grover Jackson makes those, and does a fine job at that.
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    Tone King Amplifiers - Big change!

    No, Fano went here:
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    Tone King Amplifiers - Big change!

    Hi guys, Frank Falbo here. Premier Builders Guild is no more. Boutique Amps Distribution has acquired Tone King and I'm helping to manage the transition, working with Mark, etc. The company is in good hands. There will be some transition time, but I just picked up all the assets from PBG last...
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    Axis Wah Announcement - Coming Clean

    That's certainly not what was going through my mind. If you were to write me off, that's another example of the damage these kinds of scams cause. You can do it, it's your right to dislike something I said, and I can't argue with that. But I feel you'll have ended up [mis]judging me for feelings...
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    Axis Wah Announcement - Coming Clean

    Nah that's not me at all. If that's how you see me I apologize, but it's not what's in my heart. Out of the whole hour I probably spoke a total of 5 minutes. It'd be a shame if you made up your mind about me based on that. There's a difference between having empathy for someone scammed...
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    Axis Wah Announcement - Coming Clean

    It's a bit out of context. I'm not defending the statement, Dan can speak for himself, but I think the vibe is more the collective culture of elevating and deifying the next boutique pedal maker is what creates the opportunity risk. It's the same reason they don't let you insure a $200,000 house...
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    Acoustic arrangement for Clapton's "Change the World"?!/search?q=change+the+world+kirkpatrick Not sure if this link will work, if not search them out on iTunes or elsewhere. These are the guys who wrote that tune. They did their own version. I'm sorry I don't have any help in transcribing or arranging, but this song has...
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    the guitar industry: an industry thriving off reissues (and lacking innovators)

    This. A true innovator is looking at how these objects are integrated into our lives. Take stress away. If there's something I have to work at, make it easier, or more fun, or give it a voice. To a large extent Steve Jobs had it right that most people don't know what they want until you show...
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    Basic question about leveling frets

    The short answer is only to develop your technique, but there is a bit of cross-checking and blending when going laterally with a block to remove the longitudinal scratches.
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    PSA for Tim Pierce fans!

    Huge Tim Pierce fan. Runaway & Rick Springfield's Living in Oz album may have some cheese but the solos are so well executed and unmistakably "Tim". He's a monster. Tasteful and purposeful in an era when soulless shred was acceptable.
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    The relationship of string tension to wood

    Right but even in that case it still would be a store and release of energy from the string. Even if your picking inertia exceeds the string's "bandwidth" so to speak its still the string delivering the energy to the body. And this hypothetical overload in theory would only last a couple of...
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    The relationship of string tension to wood

    If it is not subtractive then you have just defied the laws of physics, and are ready to begin designing your perpetual motion machine and solving the world's energy crisis. :) The energy in from the string is finite. The only way the wood can be additive without outside sources is if what you...
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    Falbo Guitars event, first night of NAMM@ Vintage King Audio Nashville

    I'll hold a small get together at Vintage King Audio, a wonderful place with a new showroom in Nashville on July 11th, the first night of NAMM. You'll be able to see their outfit (which is an experience all its own) but also try the Falbos (including a new 12-string) in the "right" setting...
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    Tip of the Hat to 80s Ibanez Roadstars...

    Great guitar. Needs a Fender import twang bar, like from some Squires. The fatter thread than a USA vintage.
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    does direc mounting a pickup change the tone

    Microphonics are only part of the equation. Pickups are extremely sensitive. One way to demonstrate it is to just barely touch the string with your finger. You can hear it yet the vibration is so small you may not even be able to see it. Even sliding your finger across the string gets picked up...
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    Increasing Pole Piece Height

    I haven't tried EB's new Cobalt strings yet, but I wonder if using one of those on your G along with standard nickel plated for the rest would work. Another way to view this problem is not that the G is too soft, but the rest are too loud. Selective degaussing of the others would work but is not...
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    For those of you who are pulling frets....

    i dont want to derail a good fret thread. its not a hard and fast rule because there are different transformer sizes. Usually its not a problem but the general consensus is use irons, not guns around guitars. When you're heating the frets the way Terry suggests (cut the tip, let the fret close...
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    For those of you who are pulling frets....

    Old thread but worth the reminder: watch those soldering "guns" near your pickups. Transformer can demagnetize Alnico.
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    G&L Legacy - Underwhelmed, Thoughts?

    I am a big G&L fan, but will say that their alnicos can be a bit fatiguing to me as well. If it were my guitar I'd put something like either of the Antiquity sets in before I judged the guitar. I don't know quite how to describe it, you'd think being G&L they'd make a fantastic vintage single...
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    The underlying principles for tremolo block selection

    There are many attributes (in my opinion, I can't post the science to back it up) that make some blocks better for some guitars, and others better for others. The one thing I haven't seen mentioned is the relationship between the fulcrum, the saddles, and the block dimensions. Sometimes a...
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