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    WHEW! What a relief! (When troubleshooting finds the simplest solution.)

    One of my favorite fuzz pedals started making a HUGE pop noise when turned on so I started troubleshooting what was up the line from it and looking at all the patch cables. It had been working fine where it was but I thought maybe some static electricity had built up somewhere in the pedal. When...
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    Anyone else watch BIBL ROCKS pedal demos?

    They are strangely entertaining. Like watching an aged vampire demo pedals. Don’t know where the accent is from but it’s pretty great. Dude has some serious chops and gear. The ones where he has friends over are even better.
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    Huge fuzz pedal collection in Japanese music video?

    Anyone remember that Japanese music video from a few years ago where the camera moves over a huge collection of fuzz pedals all lined up as the guitarist turns them on? I think there was some animation toward the end. Anyone have a link?
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    Throbak Overdrive Boost finally arrived!

    Freakin' nice! I'm liking the punchy feel of the silicon setting. Stacks great with other pedals running into it, too. (Screwdriver, old Barber Burn Unit) A great pedal for adding some presence to your sound. Still need to try stacking with more pedals and try that attenuation thang. Props...
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    BigFoot FX Magnavibe!!!

    Pretty dang freakin' cool syrupy goodness! I loves me some tremolo but sometimes that doesn't quite work for what I'm wanting to hear. Chorus ain't quite right. Phase is gettin' close but I want it to be subtle and have a nice smooth sweep without the Univibe kinda double bump on the wave shape...
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    I'm selling an effect on eBay-should I take overseas bids?

    I'm in the US and have read a lot of eBay rip-off stories about people selling stuff to overseas buyers. There is a guy in Australia who wants to bid on the pedal but I swear I just read a story about a guy who got ripped-off selling to an Australian buyer. It isn't the country or the people...
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    Is there any difference in a slotted headstock...

    ... and a regular headstock regarding the sound or the feel of the tension? I'm thinking about getting a good fingerstyle acoustic and I've seen several with the slotted headstock and I'm wondering if it's something I should look for in a guitar. Thanks!
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    Anyone able to compare the Subdecay Stupid box 2.0 to Liquid Sunshine, Blackstar?

    I'm curious about the Stupid Box 2.0 with the internal trim pots. i have the Liquid Sunshine and the Blackstar and really like them. I'm wondering if having the Stupid Box would be redundant. Thanks!
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    Strange sighting at the Arlington Guitar Show-a table stacked full of Tims & Timmys!

    Well at least 10 or so of each but it is something you just don't plan on seeing! So I picked up a Timmy and am digging it. The transparency hype - doesn't seem to be hype to my ears. Kind of hi-fi ina good way with single coils and also nice with humbuckers. Different from any other dirt...
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    Who's going to the Arlington Guitar Show this weekend?

    I've kind of blown my budget before the show even got here. ( Got a Homebrew CPR and a Psilocybe on the way. ) Looks like I'll just be looking and maybe get some picks and a few brochures.
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    Anyone directly compared the Skreddy Screwdriver to the GT500?

    I've been saving up for a Screwdriver. I want something with a bright, articulate, open, uncompressed tone. It's also supposed to be a good stacker. Now I'm reading those same descriptions about the GT500. Anyone compared the two side by side? Thanks!
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    Eventide TimeFactor in the house!

    Sounds great! Almost too many options so there's a learning curve that's gonna be pretty steep for a while. I've only messed around with it for about an hour to get a good overview. The tape echo is excellent. The reverse delay is very cool and the looper seems to be easy to use with several...
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    Just got my Empress Tremolo! The new knobs look great!

    The left led also flashes the tempo. Very cool! Sounds great! Aluminium shafts on those new knobs and they're flush with the top of the box. Glad I waited to get one. Brad at Tonefactor, once again, is the man! Gotta go play with it some more! Later!
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    Skreddy Screwdriver vs MI Audio Tube Zone?

    I'm on the waiting list for a Screwdriver with the fine folks at and I recently saw and heard the new version of the Tube Zone which looks very cool. Has anyone compared the two? I have several pedals and the Screwdriver is the most unique sounding dirt pedal I've heard in a...
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    Pod XT or Pod XT Live? ( For recording )

    I just got a Guitar Center gift certificate that will cover the Pod XT. I already have enough guitars, amps and effects and I've been wanting something to get audio signals into my computer for recording. I think the Pod would be great for this. I have been looking at a Mobile Pre USB...
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