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    NGD: 1953 Les Paul

    Got it from Willie’s. Player grade—repaired headstock and neck refin. Grovers. Sounds and plays ridiculous.
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    Is there any luthier willing to make a hurdy gurdy?

    Not trying to make wtb thread, but am having zero luck finding any builders who are still operating…other than Chinese mass products. seems like an amazing instrument.
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    NGD: 1959 Les Paul Jr TV model

    Have wanted one for a while...finally got one. All stock. The neck is perfect. The toanz are amazing.
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    NGD: oops I did it again...seeing double

    somebody stop me. :fp: yep, another 1964 SG Standard obtained. i really shouldn't have done this and i may have to put up my non-reverse Firebird VII, but i got a pretty killer deal on this and just couldn't pass it up. it's 100% original, no issues, pretty much flawless except for a...
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    Another epic NGD: 1956 Telecaster

    After that '64 SG, i just couldn't leave well enough alone. I present a very fine '56 telecaster blonde whiteguard. this thing sounds amazing. A/B'd the bridge pickup against a real '52 flat pole and it was every bit as good to my ears. it's in relatively pristine condition for a '50's tele...
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    NGD: 1964 SG Standard....grail obtained

    Finally after many years i've been able to obtain what was previously unobtainium. My dream SG...the '64 standard. and this one is basically flawless. 100% original. only thing not factory is someone added a weird kind of emblem on top of the wheat inlay on the headstock. i could probably...
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    NGD: 1966 Gibson Firebird V

    finally got a non-rev V, which has eluded me ever since I passed on an awesome one about 8 years ago. this puppy is straight up, all orig, no cracks/repairs. it does look like someone famous sharpied something on the front a long time ago, it's basically gone now. playing and tone wise...
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    NGD: 1959 Jazzmaster

    Added another Goldie to the collection. This thing is so clean. Other than a refret, it is 100% orig. Plays wonderfully, although to be honest, the frets are a little too new/high compared to my other JM's. A little easier I suppose to do big bends, etc. Toanz are fantastic though. No...
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    NGD: 1968 Rickenbacker 365 mapleglo

    This is my first Ric. This thing is extremely clean. Sounds and plays amazing--i particularly like the Ric-o-sound.
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    NAD (Hi-Tone DR201 SAP, the ultimate Hiwatt)

    Dude. Is pretty much all I have to say: Dude. Pretty much the ultimate amp, imho. it has all the power (and more) any dictator would ever need, but it also sounds fantastic at lower levels with the master down. it has all the Hiwatt cleans you could ever want, but it also is capable of...
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    NAD (Orange Matamp ORST)

    This amp might only be the tender young age of 42--but it has seen things. Terrible, unspeakable things. And the toans are there. for days. I'm glad this amp is as rare as it is--because something this beautiful should be reserved only for the 1% who can truly appreciate its beauty and...
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    Hi-Tone DR201 SAP in the works

    Put in my order today for a Hi-Tone DR201 SAP. 4 x KT88's. Enormous transformers. 80 lbs. a special preamp circuit w/footswitch. basically a nuts on replica of a 1969 Hiwatt--the same one in this vid: eqdtgoa_2xk anyhow, should be ready in a few weeks--i ordered mine with mustard caps and...
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    Another NPD: Korg X911 Guitar Synthesizer

    got this the same day as my echorec--pretty epic NPDx2. anyhow, always wanted one of these. finally got one. :dude Unfortunately, it uses a different kind of CV as my moogers. need to find some sort of converter box so i can patch it in with that stuff. anyhow, really stoked with it...
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    Npd: Binson echorec special evo

    Still will probably keep my vintage one--kind of sentimental about it since i got it years ago and rewired it myself. but this one is ****ing dohp!! gTwjL9YOdos
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    Gear Demo Vids are prohibited at TGP Effects

    When did this become the rule? Also, what is the logic behind it? This has got to be the most POINTLESS requirement on the Internet. It's ok to say--"I bought pedalX!!" But if someone asks you to post a demo of it--sorry, got to take that to the ****ing Demo Vid Forum.
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    Arc Effects Gamut Boost

    Love this pedal--definite keeper!
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    MuTron BiPhase demo

    stick around, later in the video i use fuzz too. wYUPH69I8wc
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    Infanem STEP

    Just ordered one of these, which i guess were released in the last couple days. Infanem is doing dohp stuff--i have no doubt this will be cool as well. rBmU3G4IBc0 here are the spec's: [/LIST]
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    Infanem Faye's Her (with demo vid)

    here you go: uNnaxr58R3U
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    Zvex Sonar (Hidden controls)

    The demo vids i've seen don't show the full capabilities of this pedal. Here they are: WABP5awG_1Q
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    NGD 1959 Gibson ES175D

    1959 Gibson ES175D. 2 PAF's. toan 4 ****ing days. seriously beautiful guitar tonewise and looks. pickguard is in the case. had to trade in my new '65 SG special that i scored and my blue '66 Jag. liked my '68 SG better and i don't need 2 p-90 sg's. and i'm totally more of a Jazzmaster guy, so...
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    1965 SG Special

    got this off craigslist for $1500! GbgyZxTztxM
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    ARC Effects B3 buzzaround (Aaron SS content)

    Some sweet toanz in here. Really awesome buzzaround version!! STheqtwxQM4 and as always, Aaron does top notch work--check it:
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    KNAS Ekdahl Moisturizer demo vid

    got this last night. it pwns!! _nIMKzU5Dko
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    Jerms Fuzzstainer (sam ash clone) demo

    Got this recently--awesome fuzz! really good mix of focused/trebly toans & fat/bassy toans. Enjoy! 87dyIdV284Q
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