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    FS- Port City 1x12----SOLD

    For sale is a Port City 1x12. I got this one from another TGP member a couple years ago, and it has served me really well. I have been impressed by the build and sound of this little guy. I don't really have a need for the 1x12 anymore, as I have been using a smaller combo for home use, so it is...
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    FS - Fender SuperSonic 60 Head

    I am in the process of a tele build, and am looking for some things to unload, so this Fender amp is looking for a new home. I purchased it from a gear page member about 4 months ago thinking that it would be a good amp for home playing but I quickly realized it is one LOUD beast. It has...
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    FS:: Martin 000-15 Mahogany $600

    Up for sale is my ol' trusty - the Martin 000-15. Made in the USA. I bought this new around 2003. It was my first real acoustic guitar, and has treated me nicely. It has such a nice warm, inviting tone to it, and is very comfortable to play. It has been broken in quite nicely, and in some...
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    Could I benefit from a crossover?

    Hello! My current set up is this: Mackie 1640i Main outs to: Samson 500w Powered Subwoofer with Corssover Built in ( From the Samson, we go Left to a QSC HPR 3 way speaker - Same on the Right as well...
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    Advice? Good HD Video Camera for Recording our Band?

    I'm looking for a good (hopefully entry level professional) Video Camera to video our band playing songs at our practice space. It is my intent to take good quality video, and then produce it in iMovie (or similar) to match the with the recordings of that song. I have 16 tracks going into...
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    What type of delay settings for Van Halen sound?

    I really like the amount of space that his sound has. Just the right amount of delay for leads, and it also sounds so well for his rhythm work too. I just picked up a timeline, and I am sure the thing is capable of getting it, but what type of tone, and time and repeats would get me there...
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    Getting more sustain from an Electric Solidbody

    What are some things one can do to their electric solidbody to help create more sustain. Frets? Nut? Bridge? etc..? I just hate it when a note dies out too quickly and doesn't provide any continuity...
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    Looking for Info - Evolution of the Taylor 814ce

    I just played a brand new 814ce and really like it, mostly for the way it feels. But the price is a bit high, unfortunately, which brings me into looking for used models. I've seen more attractive pricing online for used 814's, but they are older, like 1998, or 2002 How have things...
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    Please tell me what amp fits this description:

    Fender amp (or very similar) Head Effects loop Must have nice low end headroom Good headroom in general, though a bit of breakup aint too bad Good with Pedals and takes OD, Dist, Fuzz well Looking for an amp with good build quality, solid, great quality tone. So what amp you think...
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    Can you recommend some songs to cover on the acoustic?

    I am an electric player, and never really play my martin 000-15 often, but when I do, I enjoy it. Recently, I have not been able to play my electric as often, due to an addition to the family, and small spaces, so I would like to satisfy my need to play music with my acoustic! I would...
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    Why would my Logic Projects take so long to SAVE?

    I am looking for some assistance here, if possible: * We record our band practices through Logic Pro 9 on a 2008 iMac 4gb ram, 2.4ghz or soemthign around that. * There are a total of 13 tracks being simultaneously recorded (from a mackie onyx 1640i) for a running total of over 1.5 hours (we...
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    Amp in a pedal, used with headphones for silent jamming?

    Is it possible that there is a decent product out there in pedal format that will allow me to connect all my pedals to it, and then plug my headphones into that to use for silent jamming? Digital stuff and CPU's have kinda left me cold, and wondering if I can harness the power of all my...
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    Can a Mesa Lonestar combo amp be moved to a headshell?

    I have a Mesa Lonestar Classic 4x10 on the way, and although that is pretty cool, the thing is going to be a beast to lug around, I'm sure. Is it possible to take the chassis from the 4x10, and move it into a Lonestar Classic head? How about a Lonestar Special Head? According to Mesa...
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    Can a Two Rock Do High Gain Modern Riffing?

    I'm betting it can, but what does it sound like? Know of any clips where any Two Rock can do modern power chord riffing, or sweet liquid soloing? Pedals or straight amp, looking for any examples (if any) of how beastly a Two Rock Can get. Or are they just for blues/fusion stuff? Cause that...
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    Anyone Have any experience with

    I am trying to place an order for a pair of Beats headphone on said website. I cannot get my card to be accepted, and now I am growing skeptical. Here is the site: These are the Headphones I am after...
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    FX loop Signal Strength - Mesa Content

    Is it possible to determine the strength of the signal coming from the send of the FX loop on an amp? My mini rectifier can take the MXR Carbon Copy well, and there is no audible difference between bypassing the FX loop, and engaging it. My Mark V however, cannot seem to play nice with...
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    Is there a tremolo in a "wah" style enclosure?

    Looking for a tremolo that can be turned on by pressing forward on a rocker panel, kind of like a "wah". When pressed forward, the speed would get faster. I imagine this as working like a Fulltone MDV-2, but with a tremolo sound on it... I have considered a tremolo with an expression pedal...
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    New iPad and Jamming Wirelessly?

    So i guess you can get together with three other people wirelessly and play together? Does this mean I can plug my guitar in and jam with my buddy down the street?? Or is this just a cheap little thing they threw...
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    Anyone switch from 10's to 9's?

    I used to play 9 gauge, and then for some reason thought I needed to play 10 gauge when I got my PRS 513. Its a nice guitar, but I think I miss the 9 gauge. I cannot remember what it was like playing 9's though... I have 9's on a couple other guitars, but they are tele's, so im sure there is...
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    Preamp under $400 that sounds good in the Studio, and Live as well?

    Anyone have any ideas of a decent preamp that can be used for studio recordings, as well as live sound uses? Is this even possible/advisable? Looking to send the vocals through it, and maybe getting more preamps to put two guitars and a bass in... Thanks!
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    How are you mic'g your guitar cab with two mics?

    I'm using a 4x12 cab w/ vintage 30's Amps are Mesa MarkV, and Road King Got a somewhat solid soundproof room I have a sm57, and would like to use an AKG C-214. Any good practices out there using two mics like these, or are you doing anything that is sounding good? Thanks for the...
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    Can I switch channel on my mark Five without the stock Footcontroller?

    Id like to use a smaller footprint footcontroller for my mark V. I just need it to change between the channels, and I don't need the switches for Reverb/EQ/solo, etc... The stock FC is so HUGE. I just need a three button footswitch to just change channels. Does anyone know if this is...
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    Grateful Dead - Built To Last... hmmmmmm

    I'm a fan. big fan. I'm listening to this album and wondering what were they thinking? What was going on during this time? It just sounds a completely different band, and although I can listen to it and appreciate it for what it is, I don't listen to it more than once a year, if that...
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    Xotic EP Booster - whats up with the Different Versions?

    I cant really find any info on this. I have one, but its a couple years old, so I'm thinking its a 1st version. I'm not even sure there ARE two versions, but I have seen some "v2" popping up in the emporium, so it leaves me to wonder what the difference is. Anybody have any insight on...
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    Vibe Pedal - Before or After Dirt ???

    Before or After?
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