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  1. Schroedinger

    New (to me) 1974 Princeton Reverb

    I have the stock Jensen C10R in my PRRI. My buddy has my old 1968 drip edge PR, with its stock C10R. Side by side they are almost indistinguishable. To me that's "the" sound. I play my Princetons mostly clean though, and I don't love the sound that C10R's make when breaking up.
  2. Schroedinger

    Most versatile amp you have ever owned

    I can’t believe this thread has gone 6 pages without anyone saying PR or DR. I get that a lot of people want channel switching and master volume to consider an amp “versatile”, but I feel like with 2 or 3 pedals I can play any style of music well with a blackface Fender.
  3. Schroedinger

    Vintage '56 Tweed Champ is dieing

    The 5B3 Deluxe I restored needed every capacitor replaced. Seriously, every single one was leaking DC. Half the resistors were crumbling apart and also needed to be replaced. 50’s electrical components were not made to survive 60 years.
  4. Schroedinger

    I Finally realized Something about Amps Today...

    After thousands of dollars of gear swapping, I realized that I’ll never sound any better than I do with a Classic Vibe Strat and a Princeton Reverb Reissue. I don’t regret one minute or one dollar I spent on it though. Gear is cool and fun, and I don’t have 12 hours a day to practice and...
  5. Schroedinger

    If the Mk II C+ is so good...

    Had a 2c+. Beautiful amp, koa cabinet and wicker front. Weighed a million pounds. Ten times as loud as anyone would ever need. Sold it. Don’t miss it.
  6. Schroedinger

    So - Lets talk 'cranked'

    I think this “cranked” amp sound is more of a concept than something that requires a technical definition. Something like Pete Townshend giving no fux and ear-raping the first 20 rows with his Hi-Watt. It’s knowing that something is a bad idea, then doing it anyway.
  7. Schroedinger

    Time to let the Super Reverb go.

    I envy the guys that have gigs that let them really wind up a Super Reverb. I haven’t had one of those in 10 years. Half the time I get yelled at that my Princeton is too loud.
  8. Schroedinger

    Opinions on amps for home use? Looking for my first tube amp...

    A pair of EL84's will put you in the 18-20 watt range, a pair of EL34's will put you in the 40-50 watt range. Some people (myself included) think that the 18 watt 1974x with EL84's is the best rock sound that Marshall ever made. Definitely a different animal than the plexi/superlead thing...
  9. Schroedinger

    Opinions on amps for home use? Looking for my first tube amp...

    Caution: old man post ahead. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten more conscious of protecting my hearing. I’ve been through all sorts of amps from 5 watt single-ended that I built myself, to a 100 watt Mark 2. My rule of thumb is that if I set it how I like it, and my ears are ringing when I’m...
  10. Schroedinger

    paging tweed Deluxe experts

    OK, the Fender Amp Field Guide disagrees with the link I posted in the OP. It says that wide panel amps went from 5B3 to 5D3. Also says "Model 5B3 is the same as the 5A3 but in the wide panel cabinet." This seems to be the correct answer.
  11. Schroedinger

    paging tweed Deluxe experts

    Good idea, I've got to find a copy. Some before and after pics of the amp, for reference. It was a labor of love.
  12. Schroedinger

    There ain’t a single reason why an amp builder today can’t!

    Disclaimer: I love vintage stuff, and have owned a few really nice vintage amps. Now that that’s out of the way: we guitarists are a superstitious bunch, and especially so here at TGP. Many of the guys here are chasing that last 1% of tone in a game that is totally subjective. My ‘66 Deluxe...
  13. Schroedinger

    Question on 5E3 concept.

    Extra gain stage and different tone stack, but I still think they sound more similar than different.
  14. Schroedinger

    Question on 5E3 concept.

    As to question 1- you pretty much described the 5F6A Bassman. They sound similar, and I think the biggest difference is the 4x10 speaker configuration. Question 2- transistors don’t work that way, you can’t just plug them in where tubes belong. They require a whole different amp topology...
  15. Schroedinger

    paging tweed Deluxe experts

    Six or seven years ago I made a trade for a wide panel Fender Deluxe amp. I may be exaggerating by calling it an “amp” because it was not working, came in about nine pieces, was missing the tweed and grill cloth, etc. Nonetheless, the chassis and most of the parts were there and I took it on...
  16. Schroedinger

    Gibson files for Chapter 11

    I agree with the comment above, nobody wins here and this is probably the new Norlin era. They will scale back the company to only the most profitable core business, probably electric guitars. The business will be managed on a cash flow basis. Since inventory is the biggest hit to cash flow...
  17. Schroedinger

    P90s with a Tweed Deluxe?

    I have an original 5B3, which is a Tweed Deluxe- although it's quite a different animal than the 5E3. For my amp, P-90 is THE pickup. I can make all single coils work and bridge humbuckers, but the P-90 can do it all through that amp.
  18. Schroedinger

    NGD Gibson Les Paul Special Double Cut

    Just ordered one. Will report back!
  19. Schroedinger

    I finally cranked the mids

    This is pretty much true of all tone controls on all amps. They're passive filters, they only reduce volume at certain frequencies- not add it. Any time I get a new amp, I start with all the tone controls dimed. I then start to back away on things that don't sound good, or things that need to...
  20. Schroedinger

    NGD: MJT tele content

    It is a beauty, my go-to #1 instrument. I've taken very good care of it, so it's in pretty much the same shape it was in when I got it 6 years ago. I wouldn't consider parting with it except that I've barely been playing for the last year. If the original owner wants it back and will pay...
  21. Schroedinger

    NGD: MJT tele content

    I still have the guitar; tried to PM you but your Inbox was full. Clear it out and hit me up. Thanks
  22. Schroedinger

    Fender Professional range 2017 - anyone else drooling over..

    Just the other day I was looking around my music room, thinking that I don't really need anything more that a Squier CV Tele and a DRRI. I seriously can't believe that the only business strategy they have left is to launch another premium-premium-premium line to out-premium their...
  23. Schroedinger

    Help-I'm sick of listening to music via Computer

    As everyone has gone to digital and computer speakers, Craigslist is a goldmine of great old audio gear. I would start with excellent speakers and work backwards. Find a pair of Vandersteens, B&W, heck even PSB or Paradigm. A decent receiver or integrated amp with 25 WPC or more should do the...
  24. Schroedinger

    Tele from 100+ year old family barn wood.

    I have a stack of 100+ year old pine floorboards in my workshop that I'm going to turn into amp cabinets some day. They're too thin for guitar bodies. Pine that old is very different from new pine. New pine is very soft.. you can press a fingernail into it and leave a mark. The resins in the...
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