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    YouTube + Hot Chick + Ibanez GB10C = Whoa!

    I suggest 1080p: qBywFwfVz5E It's videos like this that keep me from taking psychedelics! What a strange world...
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    Brent Mason singin' scattin' and burnin'

    Yikes! Be sure to check out the outro. ZMCmNx3hJiI
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    Robben Ford - Axis Bold as Love (Rainy Day added!)

    This should open pandora's box... Bk6QpUe-Nhs Enjoy! Or, as we've come to expect, criticize... VAAMwTVUY44
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    Joe Diorio with David Becker: 2005 album

    Joe Diorio recorded an album with David Becker called The Color of Sound in 2005. I believe it is the last studio recording before Joe's stroke. This record has blown me away. The facility that Joe had on the guitar is just astonishing. Becker has clearly digested a lot of Diorio's approach...
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    Robben Ford in straight-ahead jazz setting (Purdie, Berg, Woods, et al.)
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    Emu 1820

    Does anyone use one of these? If so, what are your thoughts? (Ed, don't you have one?) I'm currently running a AMD 2600 Barton and a Via KT400 mobo. I was looking around to see if there were any known problems between my mobo and the 1820. I don't need a bunch of inputs, just a couple for...
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