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  1. uptheoctave

    I don't understand why people use UPS and FedEx

    The only time I've ever had a massive problem was with USPS where a one off custom guitar, shipped from Texas to the UK, was essentially lost for 5 months. I got it in the end but it was very stressful.
  2. uptheoctave

    How to remove prs tremolo springs

    Epic trolling.
  3. uptheoctave

    Forshage Neo-H Koa build

    I have a pair of Orions- a hollow and a solid. What spec are you going for?
  4. uptheoctave

    Forshage Neo-H Koa build

    Ha- was just about to post it.
  5. uptheoctave

    Forshage Neo-H Koa build

    Thanks, I love it. Yes I believe he has.
  6. uptheoctave

    Forshage Neo-H Koa build

    Updated (and completed) pics:
  7. uptheoctave

    Forshage Neo-H Koa build

    Fully hollow, aside from the trem support.
  8. uptheoctave

    Forshage Neo-H Koa build

    I've mentioned this on a few threads but figured it needed its own. My mother passed away 2 years ago and I used part of the inheritance to commission a guitar from Chris Forshage. I already have a pair of Chris' headless Orion model but this time I was looking for something a bit special. We...
  9. uptheoctave

    Forshage Galaxy Custom Build

    Thank you- yes it is a very special piece of Koa. The guitar was a 'present' from my mum's estate. Before died she said I should have a guitar made.
  10. uptheoctave

    Forshage Galaxy Custom Build

    Congrats- it looks amazing. Chris is building me a hollow Neo with Tornipulator at the moment. I have a pair of Orions already. My next will be a Galaxy with Tornipulator. Here is a pic:
  11. uptheoctave

    Worst Studio Gear That You’ve Owned?

    Behringer MX8000 24 channel console. That thing broke down every week. Haven't owned a Behringer product since.
  12. uptheoctave

    Well I did it, just bought an Axe III and FC-12

    I've recently upgraded from a II to a III and liking it much. I do still prefer the Kemper for mid gain, slightly broken up stuff but I love the Axe III for everything else.
  13. uptheoctave

    Donna Lee – post your take

    Never had it as fast as the OP. Here is the head at 200bpm: DONNA LEE
  14. uptheoctave

    Trevor Rabin (Yes) Fractal and bassist KPA

    It is typical to have a backup in case one goes down- but if you look in close there doesn't seem to be anything plugged into the front of the right side Kemper. He could be using it purely as an FX RTN feed out to a second cab if it is a power head, or using the rear input (but why use the...
  15. uptheoctave

    Trevor Rabin (Yes) Fractal and bassist KPA

    Yup, Lee Pomeroy is playing bass though the Kemper, Rabin through the Fractal. Interesting article on Lee's use of the Kemper here:
  16. uptheoctave

    Helix 2.8?

    Smaller companies can innovate quicker though- which is why you see a 20:1 ratio of Fractal updates to the rest of the competition. I've had a lot of Line 6 devices- currently have a Helix along with a Kemper, Axe FX II and FX8. Line 6 development looks positively glacial in comparison to Fractal.
  17. uptheoctave

    You're not practicing enough...

    I used to play until my hands ached. After 25 years of doing that I required hand surgery and then had an enforced 2 years away from the instrument (if I ever wanted to play again). I now play 2-3 hours a day. It is enough.
  18. uptheoctave

    Your favorite small luthier semi hollow you own?

    Oh yeah- you should buy one. :)
  19. uptheoctave

    Headless Guitars - ????

    I have a Forshage. It is one of my two favourite guitars- the other is a Tom Anderson.
  20. uptheoctave

    Forshage Neo-H

    I expect nothing less from Chris- he's an amazing luthier.
  21. uptheoctave

    Luthiers: what's on your workbench?

    Just finished this: and this:
  22. uptheoctave

    Gibson mahogany - why does the old stuff sound different?

    Thanks, I'll check it out.
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