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    New amp day

    It has taken some time ... and all that, but finally the amp came to Norway ( I reside here, so that is the reason it went so far out ;) ) The amp is Smith Custom Amps CS25. I ordered it without hearing it since it was described as a BF Deluxe Reverb with firmer bass ... no flab and a better...
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    Plexi/JCM800'ish sound in a 1x12 combo

    I am looking for the sound of somewhere in the region of a Plexi to a JCM800 ... if possible to switch between the two it would be great. I always play trough a PA, so it will be mic'ed. I know nothing will compare to a 4x12 cab, but close not nailing would be good enough for me - well close for...
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    Demo of the G Sharp Classical The Test Pilot excuses his clams :)
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    Alternatives to Fulltone '69 and Soul-Bender

    I was wondering if there where something close to the two mentioned pedals in the heading out there - available with not too long wait. It has to be something that can be bought new pretty quickly to clearify, unobtanium or discontinued pedals is not what I am looking for. TIA for all help :)
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    British Ball Breaker

    Just got my BBB yesterday. Geek make some serious stompers. At first I wasn't really convinced, it had excellent sustain characteristics and a full sound .. but didn't blend in that well (for me - as always YMMV). it also lacked, for me, that crushed glassed upper mid thngie. Today I put it...
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    Couple of backing tracks if you are into blues style deals
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