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  1. Greg V.

    Then & Now - classic album cover locations - Pronounced Lynyrd Skynyrd, their 1st album

    As a kid I was always, still am?, mesmerized by cool album covers. In the pre-internet world it was often the only imagery available of bands aside from magazine photos in Rolling Stone, Creem, Circus, Hit Parader etc… Lynyrd Skynyrd’s first album “Pronounced LS” and their promo photos always...
  2. Greg V.

    Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Free Bird done a little differently...

    Hey Cats! Here’s a raw stripped down version of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Free Bird I recorded with soulful Nashville singer-songwriter Shelly Fairchild. It was done for a movie that Shelly was up for as the main lead role. She is such a great singer, as this recording shows, and I decided to release...
  3. Greg V.

    Playing guitar with Ronnie Montrose - Road stories when we toured with Allan Holdsworth

    Hi Everyone, So, back in 1988 I toured with Ronnie Montrose and wanted to share some road stories plus a rare full concert recording from that "Speed of Sound" tour at the end of the video. It was a blast to play music with Ronnie, such a legend and I miss him.
  4. Greg V.

    My Telecaster Love Affair

    The mighty Telecaster has been my favorite guitar since I was a kid for it's pure, sleek and minimalist design where nothing is wasted. Sure, I've had and still have other guitars but the Telescaster will forever be my first love and a 2000 Fender Custom Shop Nocaster is my main guitar. Wanted...
  5. Greg V.

    Help find my stolen mid 70’s Gibson Les Paul Custom

    Hi everyone, I sure could use some help in finding my mid 1970’s Gibson Les Paul Custom “Black Beauty” that was stolen November 1983 from my rehearsal space in San Rafael, CA. just north of San Francisco. Pics below. My parents bought me this Les Paul Custom brand new for my birthday in 1977...
  6. Greg V.

    Some of my musician photos: Joan Osborne, Edgar Winter, David Grissom + others

    Hey everyone, I wanted to share some of my music artist photography. Hope you dig the shots! In order shown: Joan Osborne Shane Theriot (Hall & Oates, Neville Brothers) Richie Kotzen (featured in the new Guitar Player and Vintage Guitar magazines Tech21 ads) David Grissom Edgar...
  7. Greg V.

    Bogner New Yorker full amp demo - lots of tweed tones

    Hi Everyone, I always thought amp circuit boards looked like little cities. All the different components at various heights kind of look like the skyline of a bustling metropolis. So, of course, with this demo of Bogner's "New Yorker" amp I knew right away the kind of visuals I was going for...
  8. Greg V.

    Bogner Mephisto demo, el84 and 6v6, and more!

    Hi folks, Here's a new demo, and some other fun imagery!!, of the 18 watt Bogner Mephisto which has two amps in one: an el84 and 6v6 that you can switch between and also combine together. Featuring RJ Ronquillo who is a great guitarist with a very musical style and identity, plus a super nice...
  9. Greg V.

    Bogner Mephisto amp

    Hi Everyone, I just edited the new Mephisto video and hope you can watch! So what does Mephisto mean?'s an immortal entity possessing magical powers and abilities gained by manipulation of the forces of magic. In Bogner's case it's a cool vintage styled 20 watt amp that features...
  10. Greg V.

    New music video I shot for the Aaron Hendra Project

    Hi Everyone, Here's a new music video just released for the Aaron Hendra Project that I directed, shot and lit. Had a blast but it's quite a challenge running 4 cameras all alone! Aaron's a talented Aussie singer, writer and guitarist, plus he edited the video. The second link shows some behind...
  11. Greg V.

    Bogner Ecstasy - A Sonic Journey

    Hey Folks, Here's a bit of a surreal mind-trip with the Bogner Ecstasy amp taking you to the edge of light. Can you dig it?? zRw_zyUZQPk
  12. Greg V.

    Bogner Barcelona amp demo, 20 to 40 watts 6CA7 tubes

    Hi Everyone, Check out the new demo of the Bogner Barcelona amp. Flamenco dancing on top of a 4x12 speaker cabinet, impossible, right?? Well we gave it a try, and had some fun, while playing a vintage Jazzmaster through the new Bogner "International series" Barcelona amp. 40 watts of...
  13. Greg V.

    Bogner Palermo amp demo, 18 to 9 watts 6v6 tubes

    Hi Folks, Here's a new demo of the Bogner Palermo amp. Features include 18 watts of 6v6 power with a 1/2 power switch taking you to 9 watts and four position Schizo switch The Palermo is also available in a head or combo, or a 36 watt el34 version switchable to 18 watts. Hope you can...
  14. Greg V.

    Cool video and tune done via internet session

    Hi everyone, Here's a video shot in Paris for the talented German artist Tom Keller. I played guitar(s) on this track (and many others) via our internet sessions which are a lot of fun. Pretty amazing to be able to create with others from all around the world without actually meeting in...
  15. Greg V.

    You Tube interview: Guthrie Trapp - The Path From Lillian

    Had a great time hangin' and talking with my good friend guitarist Guthrie Trapp from Nashville. He talks about the early years, his Nashville journey and the new, upcoming solo CD "Pick Peace". I call him a "Guitar Assassin" and when you hear him play you'll know why. Here's the interview -...
  16. Greg V.

    STUNNING!!! James Brown And The Famous Flames - 1964 Tami Show

    After Bruce Springsteen, during his SXSW keynote speech, mentioned James Brown's performance at the 1964 Tami Show, I revisited this incredible concert after seeing it awhile back. So glad I did... It's an absolutely stunning, mesmerizing and incendiary performance of rock-n-roll history...
  17. Greg V.

    Interesting Jol Dantzig (Hamer Guitars) documentary.

    Cool documentary about Jol Dantzig's early history as a musician, and then Hamer Guitars, to his life long evolution as a guitar designer and luthier. To hear Jol share his insights and obvious passion for creating instruments that inspire so many players actually inspires me as well. iQl5ayVNKeE
  18. Greg V.

    Hi Greg V. here - Do you need a high quality HD video product demo???

    Hello everyone, If any of you are in need of a product demo for your new or existing product line please consider my comprehensive and musical approach for creating highly detailed gear demos located on my You Tube Channel In a nutshell, I go to great lengths to...
  19. Greg V.

    Bogner New Yorker and something a little different...

    Hi folks, Here's a new video I created "New Yorker State Of Mind" with a Bogner New Yorker amp and my 335. It's a bit more cinematic and conceptual given the amps name and video title, hope you can watch. Thank you! tPUqszZG7zg UPDATE 4/15/13: Just wanted...
  20. Greg V.

    Cool Americana, Red-Dirt artist Dameon Allensworth

    I rediscovered some songs I produced and played on for Dameon Allensworth, he's a great singer-songwriter in the americana, alt-country, red dirt music or what ever style folks want to call it. Real deal cat from Oklahoma, now living in Nashville, and I hope he gets the attention he deserves...
  21. Greg V.

    You Tube interview with Doug Belote, drummer with Sonny Landreth, Derek Trucks +

    Hey folks, Here's a new You Tube interview I did with Doug Belote one of New Orleans premier and most respected drummers. He shares how music came into his life early on, his post-Katrina move from New Orleans to Nashville and his musical path playing with many esteemed artists including...
  22. Greg V.

    Adjusting your Pickups string-to-string balance

    Hi Folks, I can't remember if I posted this video I made on how I adjust my pickups. Thought it possibly may help some of you get your guitars fully dialed in with string-to-string balance for each pickup. GlL21TLil7Y
  23. Greg V.

    Swampy, rootsy and raw HD500 clip

    Hey Folks, Here's a new HD500 You Tube video that features the HD500 with some tremolo and lower gain swamp. I used my Tele > HD500 and went direct into my ProTools 003 via left and right outputs. Hope you can listen. Thanks! usGrjfB5otM
  24. Greg V.

    The Tungsten Mosaic - the other 5-watt mouse that roared!

    Hey Folks, So here's my other favorite 5 watt rippin' amp!! the Tungsten Mosaic with a 8" speaker. Turned down it'll let you rub it's belly gently like a yellow labrador but turn it up and it'll tear into you like an angry junkyard dog! I love small amps that sound massive turned up or in front...
  25. Greg V.

    The Swart Atom - the 5 watt mouse that roared!

    Hey Folks, It's been a crazy few months with selling our home in Nashviile and the move across country to Los Angeles just in time for the holidays! I've been getting settled in and was listening to some recent Swart Atom 5 watt Mp3s I recorded. I really love this amp, big tone (and loud) for...
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