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  1. SteveK

    Any of you touring and gigging regularly after age 60?

    Gigging regularly. Band with my wife (Lady Blue Band), acoustic duo with my wife (Acoustic Fusion), and we are our church worship team leaders.
  2. SteveK

    PSA: $499 Gretsch G5622T Electromatic w/Bigsby w/Free Ship

    I got the SKB 335 case frow SW. Perfect fit, very light, a bit pricey though. That said, no regrets on the purchase whatsoever.
  3. SteveK

    Pre wired P/J pickguard...

    I'm wanting to replace the active EMG P/J set on my Fender bass, with a passive set. Since it would have to use different pots etc., I'd like to replace the whole enchilada. Any suggestions where I can find this? Or anybody have one they would like to swap? Thanks.
  4. SteveK

    How many of you LP and PRS guys are using 9s...too slinky??

    Elixir .009 - .042 on all my electrics.
  5. SteveK

    Do you love or hate maple fingerboards on a Strat?

    Neither love or hate. I just much prefer rosewood for the feel...
  6. SteveK

    PSA: $499 Gretsch G5622T Electromatic w/Bigsby w/Free Ship

    I got the SKB, and it fits like a glove...
  7. SteveK


    My 2011 Custom Shop is fine for me, absolutely one of my favorite guitars.
  8. SteveK

    Recommendations for tele pickups? Advice needed.

    Joe Barden Modern Tele set. Love 'em in my Tele. We play blues, blues-rock, and classic rock.
  9. SteveK

    PSA: $499 Gretsch G5622T Electromatic w/Bigsby w/Free Ship

    Yes, got the e-mail 12/1, still showing as ""pre shipment"...
  10. SteveK

    PSA: $499 Gretsch G5622T Electromatic w/Bigsby w/Free Ship

    I ordered mine on 11/28. The tracking # is still showing as "pre-shipment"? I called Adorama, and they said it was shipped 12/3, but I should give it until 12/17 to show up?!?!?! (Shipping from NJ to WV) Has this happened to any other folks here?
  11. SteveK

    Should I go wireless?

    I've been wireless for literally decades. Can't stand to deal with a cable underfoot. I have had a Line 6 G30 on my three pedalboards for years. I've never had a problem or dropout. I also use it to check front of house sound. Just my .02 ;)
  12. SteveK

    POLL: Your Favorite Southern Rock Band?

    .38 Special hands down...
  13. SteveK

    Sold PRS SE 245

    Re-posting the PRS SE 245. Guitar is in great shape, just some light pick swirls on the face. Locking PRS SE tuners added from John Mann. Dimarzio Super Distortion in bridge, Dunlop strap lock buttons, or I can put the originals back on. Includes PRS SE gig bag. Price is $325 with shipping...
  14. SteveK

    Anyone from Fuchs Amplification on here?

    Thanks, sounds even better!
  15. SteveK

    PSA: $499 Gretsch G5622T Electromatic w/Bigsby w/Free Ship

    Thanks for the PSA. Pulled the trigger on the Vintage Orange model. A lot of first's for me here. After playing for 47 years, it will be my first Gretsch, first orange guitar, first Bigsby, and first guitar with some type of "Tron" pickup. Now I need to find a case for it...
  16. SteveK

    Official Cyber Monday & Black Friday deals thread

    Thanks for the link. I took the plunge and ordered one in Vintage Orange. Anybody have a suggestion for a case?
  17. SteveK

    PSA: $499 Gretsch G5622T Electromatic w/Bigsby w/Free Ship

    Thanks, that's really helpful.
  18. SteveK

    PSA: $499 Gretsch G5622T Electromatic w/Bigsby w/Free Ship

    I've been thinking about getting a Gretsch, have never owned one before. Size wise is this guitar more like a ES-335, or a ES-339? Where do they generally come in as far as weight, and are the necks beefy or thin? Thanks.
  19. SteveK

    Genalex Gold Lion, Groove Tubes, Mesa Boogie, JJ...

    I'm wanting to get a spare set of 6V6 tubes to have on hand. It will be for a Fender DRRI/Fuchs ODS mod. Shipped with Groove Tubes, but I'm wondering if there would be any advantage to using any of the other brands. Thanks.
  20. SteveK

    Nad - Fender DRRI/fuchs Ods Mod

    Came in today. Band practice in AM...can't wait! Christmas in November!
  21. SteveK

    Roasted maple Stainless Steel Goodness

    I added a Warmoth roasted maple/dark rosewood neck with stainless steel frets to my Tele. (Mine is also a Gibson conversion scale) Roasted maple requires no finish, so the feel is...exquisite. Stainless steel frets last longer than nickel. Some people say they can hear a difference, but since my...
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