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  1. phillygtr

    Switched OP Amp from JRC4559D to JRC072BD - Should be OK?

    I have a Barber Small Fry and decided to roll some Op amps. I tried a 072BD (JFET) from another pedal and it sounds pretty cool. Not as much gain, but I hear a different character that I like. Any issues with the pedal by swapping to the JFET?
  2. phillygtr

    NYLE Compressor/Preamp

    This sounds like a really cool pedal. I like the combo of comp & mic pre sound.
  3. phillygtr

    HX Stomp as headphone amp DAC for iPhone

    Can the Stomp be used as a headphone amp through the USB connection? I want the HX Stomp to be the D/A converter for some hi-res music I have on my iPhone (24 bit/96K stuff). I do have the camera kit for my iPhone 8, but I haven't tried it yet.
  4. phillygtr

    DigiTech PDS 1002 - referb? Mod?

    I have an old 1002 lying around here (my first pedal back in the 80s). Anyone have experience with the fx doctor mods and overhaul? It’s never been quite right. Maybe switches bad or something. Just wondering if there are people able to either bring it back to new or can it be refurbished and...
  5. phillygtr

    MIJ e-series Squier bridge saddle replacement

    I’m having trouble figuring out which replacement saddles to use. I’m getting conflicting measurements. I want to replace the saddles with the low profile Highwood saddles (from Stewmac). When I measure from the middle of the Low/high E saddle screws, I get 2-7/32” spread (vintage spacing)...
  6. phillygtr

    Replacement nut for PRS SE - Wide Thin neck

    I'm looking for a good upgrade nut for a PRS Paul Allender SE. It has the Wide Thin neck if that helps. Ideally drop in, but would be willing to take it to a luthier.
  7. phillygtr

    Digital in/outs to connect two digital devices

    Let’s say you wanted to connect an Eleven Rack as a preamp to a Two Notes Studio. Is it preferable to go digital out from 11r to 2 notes or do you have to use the analog out from the 11r?
  8. phillygtr

    What is the thinnest yet stiffest pick on the market

    Let's put metal picks aside for the moment. I'm looking for a very thin pick (less than or equal to 1.0mm), but with little to no flex. Durability is a factor too. Blue chip?
  9. phillygtr

    Offa Rex (Olivia Chaney + The Decemberists)

    Sounds right out of the '70s.
  10. phillygtr

    Best old school DI guitar sound examples

    What are your favorite "direct to the board" sounds on records? Any examples you can post? I know a lot of music today is DI, but they tend to employ amp sims so for me that doesn't count. I'm talking more about Boss pedals into the board kind of vibe, funk DI (I'm more familiar with this e.g...
  11. phillygtr

    Henriksen Amplifiers 310 or 312?

    If I get the 310 will I always be wondering "what if"? Does the 312 do everything the 310 does plus more bass? I know people like the 312 if they tune lower or have a 7 string, but I'm just wondering if the 310 is where it's at. Looking at "The Bud" as well, but that's a whole other animal.
  12. phillygtr

    Orange valve tester VT-1000 matching number

    Recently bought this. Tested a bunch of tubes I had lying around. I have two Philips 6L6GC that both tested good with matching value 8. For fun I tested the 6L6s in my dual rec and it turns out a couple were also an 8. The others were 9. Does this imply that I can take the two Philips and two 8...
  13. phillygtr

    "Spongy" mode and output tube choice (Mesa)

    I know Mesa wants me to use their tubes since they are matched to work with their amps, but from a purely safe operating range perspective, could I use any matched 6L6 quad as long as I kept it in Spongy (variac) mode? Does the fact the voltage is kicked down put me in a generally safe range for...
  14. phillygtr

    If Ibanezes had heftier necks, I'd be all over that

    I've always had a soft spot for Ibanez. I love MIJ craftsmanship. I just wish they offered girthier necks. Guitars like this are cool:
  15. phillygtr

    In praise of "Mr. Carlson's Lab"

    Amazing electronics guru. This guy knows his stuff. Like the stuff of stuff. What I appreciate is that he really fixes things at the lowest level. Instead of replacing a switch, he'll take the switch apart and fix it. Respect. Check out his channel. And yes, he pronounces solder as "sold-er"...
  16. phillygtr

    Setting up Ethos OD with Amp options

    I've had the Ethos for several years and periodically I'll revisit how I use it with my amps. For clean, I'll typically try to set the amp kind of flat or "neutral", then use the Ethos clean channel as the main sound. I think this is kind of typical in that the player is letting the Ethos do...
  17. phillygtr

    Apogee One (original) with Windows?

    I used to have a Mac, but that crapped out long ago. I have an original version of Apogee One. Is there a way for it to work with Windows? I've heard Avid released some drivers for the Duet so it could work with Pro Tools, but will this work with One? Or is there some other solution out there?
  18. phillygtr

    Examples of new/recent mixes of old recordings

    I've been interested in listening to some new mixes of stuff recording long ago (I'll let you define what that means). What I'm looking for is not remastering, nor "DJ remixing", but where someone has gone into into multi-tracks and come up with a new mix that makes an older recording sound like...
  19. phillygtr

    Strat single coil steel pole w/Alnico mag

    Are these made? I know Fralin has his steel pole pu's, but with ceramic magnets. Are there makers who do strat style but with Alnico bar mags?
  20. phillygtr

    Tele pickups: Fishman Gristletone Fluence vs EMG T System

    If you had to pick between these two (and only these two), which would you prefer and why?
  21. phillygtr

    Nocaster pickup set vs rewind HWY1 A3?

    I have a HWY1 tele with a set of the much maligned overwound alnico 3s. While I could buy a set of Nocasters, and sell the old ones, I'd prefer to use the existing pickups. Do you think it's worth the trouble to get the current pickups wound (unwound) to be less hot? I'm aware of all the...
  22. phillygtr

    Telecaster RWRP wiring possibilities

    I posted this in another person's thread but thought I'd create a separate thread for visibility. Here's a question - is it possible (just asking for theoretical shiz & giggles) with RWRP to wire the tele three way so that all three positions are some flavor of noise cancelling but with EQ...
  23. phillygtr

    Let's say you had 5 telecasters (or strats)...

    Do you think that there is at least one combination of parts from all the teles that would make a superior guitar to the original 5?
  24. phillygtr

    What guitar is Keith Urban playing in this video?
  25. phillygtr

    Tube Preamp w Class D pwr amp?

    What are some of the tube pre/class D pwr amp out there? I'm aware of the stand alone class d modules you can use with any pre you want, but I'm looking for an integrated design such as the Fuchs Jazz Classic. I'm aware of the Bad cat Unleash tech, but that's more reamping in a box. Who else...
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