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    Is my Boomerang III broken???

    OK, The unit has many great features and sounds wonderful but I have a problem. During a gig I have many times either hit two buttons at once or rolled my foot between two. If I ever do this the unit goes into any number of "wrong states" rendering it unusable. I finally tested this at home and...
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    Mod to make Loop volume foot control on RC2

    Hey all, My quest for a tiny foot volume control looper is failing........... I am a brave sort....... Any one have experience modding or schematic for RC2 or 3?? I want to disconnect the start stop options from the trs jack and wire the volume pot for the Loop level there and then...
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    Smallest looper pedal with foot volume control

    Hey All, I need a looper for my acoustic pedalboard but it has to be 1) small 2) Able to control Loop Volume from a foot pedal (FV5 or anything) 3) Has to have undo Yes, I have a L6M9, won't fit, and a Rang III same problem....... Even RC2/3 functionality would be fine but I have to...
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    Bluesberry mod for Standard Hot Cake

    I have one of the standard 3 knob hot cakes. Any one know the details for how to do the Bluesberry mod? Thanks, -Lee
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    Any must see shops hear St. Petersbug Fla.

    I am off to (way too :-)) sunny Florida from Seattle and wonder if there are any great guitar amp shops to check out in the St Petersburg, Clearwater, Bradenton or Pt. Charlotte areas. My leanings are towards high end steel string acoustics, hollow body and arch top electrics and boutique 1X12...
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    $450 to refret a Martin 000 ??

    Hey all, I live in a major West coast city. I was quoted $450 to refret an unbound neck, 2002 Martin 000. Since I play this guitar so much I also wanted SS frets. That added another $250 to the price so......... $450 for Nickel frets and $700 for SS. This is a top notch luthier so...
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    What guitar does Steve Howe use on Roundabout?

    In the '74 era videos you seem him using this big old blonde Gibson. What is that thing? Thanks, -lee
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    Is there something wrong with my CS-336?

    I have 3 electrics, PRS singlecut trem, Fender Strat pro with SCN Pups and a brand new CS-336. My PRS and Strat both bloom and sustain like crazy even when clean. Tons of charachter to the sound. The 336 makes a nice tone (and sounds just as good as the other two acoustically) but through an amp...
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    5E3 with Reverb

    I am in love with the 5E3 sound but I really want one with reverb. Any one know of any? -Lee
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