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  1. pgoon

    Lower volume than expected out of my Bad Cat Panther

    Hi All, looking for any thoughts you have. Here are the details. Thank you in advance for looking! I have had a Bad Cat Panther Reverb (4x 6v6) as my #1 for a while. I bought it used, and hadn't done anything to it since I bought it. Recently I have been running it stereo with an Allen Old...
  2. pgoon

    Bought a used Bad Cat Panther and it overheated at 1st gig - should I return it?

    Hi TGP family, So I bought a used Bad Cat Panther Head at Guitar Center last week. 1st gig this weekend, and after having it on and in an iso cab for about 4 hours the volume decreased and it got all fuzzy/clippy/farty not in a good way (I had it set for clean). Up to that point it sounded...
  3. pgoon

    Sold 3rd Power DS112 - 1x12 cab

    Hi TGP Family, Up for sale or trade is a 3rd Power DS112 (Dream Series 1x12) cabinet, nice and clean with no significant defects that I can find. Bought new by me unloaded from a dealer. Has an Alnico Gold - rated for 8 Ohms. SOLD $685, shipped CONUS (paypal only please). Interested trades, -...
  4. pgoon

    Can I run a Blackface Bassman through a single 50w 8ohm rated speaker?

    Hi TGP Family, Thanks to @GAT, I am now the proud owner of a 65 bassman :) My understanding is this amp is 50W, which is forcing me to rethink my cab situation. I will need to get a new cab for home practice, and would like to go with a Celestion Vintage 30 or Alnico Gold, 1x12 8ohm cab. I...
  5. pgoon

    Sold Morgan Dual 20 1x12 combo, Matchless Spitfire w/Reverb 1x12 wide combo

    Hi All, Two really great amps for sale which both have served me well for the past few years. Selling to fund an upgrade to a 30w Matchless rig. First up, a beautiful Morgan Dual 20 in Chalk Chilewich. This was originally built for Pete Min and used to be featured on the Morgan website...
  6. pgoon

    Help me choose a 3rd Power Amp!

    Hi gang, I have been on a search for a great fender sound, and I believe that 3rd power might be the best new (vs. vintage) option for me... They have 3 models I am interested in: - MkII American Dream - MkII Dream 40 American - MkII Dual Citizen My Main questions are: - Why would I buy the...
  7. pgoon

    PLEASE HELP me diagnose my amp issue - matchless spitfire 15

    Hi tgp family, I let a friend borrow my matchless spitfire 15 amp (combo) for church gig last week. He ended up using it with another cab. I got it back for my rehearsal this week, and fired it up. It worked for a minute or two, then all of a sudden went to very low (almost no) volume. I...
  8. pgoon

    Does this OD pedal exist?

    Hi gang, I recently bought an Xotic RC booster, and love it. the tone (bass and treble) at noon are flat, and counter-clockwise turns roll off the bass or treble, and clockwise turns add more. What I was wondering is if there is an OD pedal with all of the following - transparent like RC...
  9. pgoon

    Help me choose a Fender-style amp

    Hi TGP Family, So I have been playing EL84 amps for the past few years (Matchless Spitfire and Morgan Dual 20), and have been looking at adding a Fender-style amp to the mix. I had a 69 vintage twin reverb in the past, and then a deville, but all before I really payed that much attention to...
  10. pgoon

    Calling all Jazzmaster experts - PLEASE HELP - wiring issue?, CLIPS INCLUDED

    Hi TGP Family, I recently used musikraft/mjt to build a jazzmaster, and wiring parts from toneshapers: Pickups are Duncan Antiquity II, and as far as I know we followed all the wiring...
  11. pgoon

    Used Morgan Dual 20 arrived - tube help needed

    Hello there! Bought a used Morgan Dual 20 and it arrived yesterday :-). Brought it to rehearsal - it sounded incredible for about an hour and then a tube started to get microphonic :-( I reinstalled the tubes per sellers instructions after I got it, but I'm not 100% confident about replacing...
  12. pgoon

    HELP NEEDED - should I have MJT 'age' my Mastery bridge and vibrato?

    .... the hardware is with them now, but they said they are concerned the chemicals they use will affect the long-term functionality of the hardware. I raised this question when I sent it to them, so I'm wondering if this is really an issue or if they are just trying to cover their asses...
  13. pgoon

    First Build - MJT Jazzmaster - your thoughts?

    Hi all, I have been looking for a jazzmaster, but have not found anything that is right for me. I have a tech buddy that can help me put the right one together. I have never built a guitar from parts before, so I am hoping my gearpage family can lend advice and thoughts, pitfalls, etc. I have...
  14. pgoon

    bent preamp tube pins - should i be concerned?

    Hi all - I was plugging in my Matchless Spitfire 15 combo and I noticed one of the 12AX7 preamp tubes was bent. Basically all the pins are bent at an angle. I did some gentle wiggle work and straightened it out as much as possible, but the pins still don't quite go all the way in their...
  15. pgoon

    Have you ever fallen in love with a $300 guitar?

    OK - I played this Squier made in Indonesia tele with jazzmaster bridge pickup at lunch today and I couldn't stop playing it. The setup was terrible but I love the pickup combination ... Has anyone ever bought a guitar like this and ended up being a main player for you? I could see this...
  16. pgoon

    What was the first album you bought?

    ... you know, with your own money? Artist, album, and format. Mine was Sonic Youth, Dirty, on CD... I put the headphones on at the listening station at my local music store, and it was instant magic... still one of my favorite records...
  17. pgoon

    HELP - I cant decide - 1 gretsch duo jet or 2 reverends?

    Hi all, Saved the cash for my next major purchase, and I had been set on a gretsch duo jet for a long time, but am now considering buying a Reverend 15th anniversary flatroc AND and a Reverend charger 290 instead of the gretsch. I play P&W, have a great amp and solid pedalboard, but...
  18. pgoon

    Ever played a gretsch duo jet with dyna neck and filter bridge?

    Hi again, Looking to buy a gretsch duo jet with dyna sonic pickups, then switch out the bridge pickup for a tv classic pickup with dyna mount... Anyone ever play a gretch with dyna up front and filtertron in back? Is this a good idea? Thought it would sound great, neck position with that...
  19. pgoon

    ~2500 budget - new amp or new guitar?

    Hi all! I have about 2500$ saved for my next purchase. Was planning on buying a gretsch duo jet, but realized I can now possibly afford that matchless amp I have been wanting.... My question for you - would it have a bigger impact on my sound to get the amp or the guitar? Currently I have a...
  20. pgoon

    Want to buy a Gretsch - Pro Jet or Duo Jet?

    Hi all, still on the hunt for a Gretsch... Wondering how different the duo jet is from pro jet? can anyone who is familiar chime in? What are the main differences pro/con? Obviously, the pro jet is cheaper, which is good. Also, I like the bigsby on the pro jet better than the standard one...
  21. pgoon

    Analogman King of Tone or Prince of Tone??

    Hi all - for those of you using a KOT, do you find that you use both channels, or that you prefer stacking one channel on KOT with your other drives/fuzz? I am asking because I want to buy a KOT, but Prince of tone is cheaper and I'm just not sure how much I would use both channels on the...
  22. pgoon

    Found a Gretsch Jet jr. II for $179 - should I buy?

    HI all - just found a great deal on this guitar, looks great in black, and has neck and bridge pickups... figure I could swap out the pups for TV jones, and add a bigsby or stopbar and have a pretty sweet gretsch - thoughts?
  23. pgoon

    What should i do with my old Carvin Guitar?

    Hi all, I still have my first guitar, an all black Carvin that is at least 15 years old, it is a strat style body, all black, with a neck-through-body design... Single coils in the neck and middle, with a coil-tapped bucker in the bridge... good looking guitar, but I can never get a good...
  24. pgoon

    has anyone used a power supply as a pedal riser? Bad idea?

    hi there - thinking through my ideal pedal board, and wanting an isolated power supply (CIOKS or PedalPower), but don't want a slanted board and would rather not use risers... so has anyone ever velcroed the top of their power supply and put pedals right on top? is this a bad idea? thoughts?
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