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  1. Festus

    Klon KTR - out of production?

    I got the Klon KTR email from Humbucker this morning. I figured ‘what the hey, why not give it a whirl?’. I get to see what the fuss (or non-fuss) is about at a not-exhorbitant price.
  2. Festus

    Barber pedals

    Well, for the record, I'm using the full size Direct Drive Low Gain, Direct Drive Super Sport, and the new DD/DC. AND your full size Launch Pad and Tone Press. David, what I would really really really really really like to see is a Dual Launch Pad. Having two Sensitivity settings that are...
  3. Festus

    So that Lehle Mono Volume Pedal...

    I just got my Lehle volume pedal. So far I like it very much. In my rig, it does not seem to add high end. If anything, it seems to add a bit of girth in the lows or low mids. Just a tad. My pedal board has a buffer in front, dirt and other stuff (chorus, delay), then the Lehle volume. The...
  4. Festus

    Barber B Custom Super Sport

    I have (and use) several Barber dirt pedals - Direct Drive w/mod board, Direct Drive Super Sport, LTD, Dirty Bomb, Direct Drive Low Gain, and the new Direct Drive Dual Channel. My favorites are the DDSS, DDLG, and now the DD/DC. None of the above Barber pedals are noisy in my experience. With...
  5. Festus

    Hot Dang! Something to rival the Mobius?

    It looks like its shipping, gfisys website says "in stock".
  6. Festus

    Barber DD/DC - Direct Drive Dual Channel - amazing

    I found one at Humbucker Music. Fantastic pedal, sounds just as good my DDSS and DDLG....which is what the DD/DC is in one housing. YAY! Way overdue, IMHO. I do like it (and the DDSS) better than the Compact DD. I agree that it's very amp-like in feel and response, just super cool. David...
  7. Festus

    Euro/Dollar Rate Makes Weehbo JCM Anniv. Cheap(er) Right Now

    I just ordered one, Eike said he could ship it by the end of the week. I'm quite anxious to give the JCM drive Ltd a work out. I also have a JVM drive on the way, very cool sounding pedals.
  8. Festus

    Basic Audio "Zippy" Fuzz

    Wow! That is just stupid cool! I really like it. I'm just beginning my real journey into fuzzdom. This clip puts the Zippy on the checkout list, as well as the Altered Destiny. Very cool.
  9. Festus

    Mic Stands: Round base vs. Tripod w/boom

    The tripod fits around a pedal board much better. The round, heavy base is much better in a bar fight. Not that I've ever had to use my mic stand in that manner.
  10. Festus

    The Vertex Axis = BBE Ben Wah - Bermuda Triangle Axis Wah Continued

    There may be some mods, but I'd have to find a stock Dunlop to do some comparisons and really see if there's any difference. It sounds pretty good, but not $270-worth-of-mods good. Keeley practically rebuilds a Dunlop for less. Why didn't I go that route, or go with a Teese? :jo I'll get in...
  11. Festus

    The Vertex Axis = BBE Ben Wah - Bermuda Triangle Axis Wah Continued

    Yea, but the PCB board is covered in goop. A few component values are still visible, but not many. I'll compare it to some Crybaby board pics online.
  12. Festus

    The Vertex Axis = BBE Ben Wah - Bermuda Triangle Axis Wah Continued

    Well, count me in with the taken. I ordered an Axis wah back in May from a dealer. I kept getting the "sorry, it's backordered" story, then the "Vertex increased their minimum dealer order" story. I should have gotten a refund (which was offered at one point), but I bought into the...
  13. Festus

    NVPD! New V-Picks Day!!

    I'm sold on V-Picks. A local store started selling them, they have a nice variety, so I could try several out to see which felt the best. I went with the Euro II, very similar in size and thickness to what I've been using. Really nice picks, wish I would have tried these a long time ago!
  14. Festus

    Barber DD or Super Signa Drive

    The B-Custom Super Sport (bit of a souped-up Direct Drive) is definitely worth checking out. I think it has more going for it than the regular Direct Drive. Like a few others in this thread, I highly recommend it.
  15. Festus

    Which OD replaced your Barber Half Gainer?

    I've had a Barber Direct Drive LG for a while (which bumped an LTD), tried the 1/2 gainer, went back to the DDLG.
  16. Festus

    barber burn unit EQ - STILL ROCKING

    I had a BUEQ for a long time, ended up selling it. I have other Barber pedals, need to get the BUEQ again. Very cool pedal.
  17. Festus

    Strobostomp 2-removing 1M resistor

    Why was a cap removed? Related to removing the 1meg resistor?
  18. Festus

    trying to snag a Zen drive for a reasonable but wondering about the Jetter Gain Stage

    Alf Hermida is shipping Zendrives pretty quickly these days, if I'm not mistaken. I wouldn't pay inflated prices for Hermida pedals. Check out his website.
  19. Festus

    If you only can use 2 pedals, what are they?

    Single channel amp (Valvetech 50), then it's a Hermida Dual Boost and a Kar Krash (or Zendrive). It it's my channel switcher, then the Dual Boost and an analog delay.
  20. Festus

    Zendrive...Freak'n A!

    Whoa, really? That sounds like something I"m after. I love the Zendrive, but sometimes need something with a bit more bad attitude. But not too bad.
  21. Festus

    Will a Zendrive blow away my modded SD-1 into a 2204?

    Will one blow away the other? Only if one of the pedals uses C4 or nitro. mentioned in other posts, they really are different animals. It's been a long time since I've played an SD-1. But I do have a Zendrive, and through a Marshall-flavored amp, it will take on some of the...
  22. Festus

    RMC Wahs?

    I have an RMC3, and a Wizard Wah. I'm using the Wizard more right now, with both humbucker and single coils, sounds great. It seems to fit in with what I want to hear. The RMC3 is killer as well, I could probably tune it to sound like the Wizard. I also tried the Wilson Rippah Q, very nice...
  23. Festus

    Lollar Pickups. Blonde vs. Blackface

    Mmm, I might be tempted to say that the Blondes are more Knopfler, perhaps. Blackface makes me think of Gilmore. Anyway, I tried both, a went with a set of Blackfaces. I like the extra bit of beef in them.
  24. Festus

    Retro Sonic Chorus - any fans?

    I like it quite a bit. I removed a cap to brighten up the chorus a touch. The vibrato is cool, but not a univibe. I haven't had issues with running chorus along with overdrive, though I'd have to say I'm in the medium gain overdrive camp.
  25. Festus

    Does anyone like the ZEN with Single Coils?

    I think it's great with single coils. I tend to set the Voice somewhere between 3 and 5 o'clock. Gain maybe 11 o'clock.
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