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    Musical retreats?....

    So I just looked into the G3/G4 event for August of 2014. This looks like it could be really cool. But am I just thinking like a teenager? Which I haven't been for quite some time. Seriously, if that's your musical persuasion, could you have fun at the age of 41 at an event like this. The...
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    Need help with an EL34 Shiva NR problem

    weird scenario - I've had this amp for a couple years without issue then all of a sudden weird things start happening... Gig 3 weeks ago - no issue. No Practice that week - head sat the house for a week not used...:nono Gig 2 weeks ago - I plug in and i get nothing (running through...
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    Cot50 coupons

    Anyone else lucky enough to grab one at that f#%£ing awesome price. Thank you thank you thank you!!!
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    Boutique EQ?

    Is anyone making a boutique/handmade EQ? Not sure if I really want one, but I'm curious.
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    Modding jcm800's

    I know some if not most will say this is a sin but there is a tone I'm after that I believe the modding process can help with. I want to put in a high quality tube fx loop plus I want the treble to be less spikey. I believe that's the technical term. I checked out Voodoo Amps and FJA...
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    EHX Memory Boy

    Just got one in trade - i never even heard of this. Tell me what you all think of this unit.
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    16 OHM greenback trouble

    OK - i know that if you push (gently) on the interior of the cone and you feel/hear a crunch/squish it's a good indication of a blown speaker, THAT does not happen. What also doesn't happen is the speaker reacting in any way to a toner put on the terminals AND a 'zero' reading when attempting...
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    What can anybody tell me about this. I've been told it is an original. It sure sounded fantastic in front of a mid 70's 2203. Ungodly, really.
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    Pigtronix EP-1

    tell me what you can about this unit - i've read up on it from the manufacturer's site, but let's see if any players use this and what it's worth to them. thanks all -
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    Howie VS Small Fry

    I was so into trying the Howie, but the small fry is winning me over. Anybody else feel this way. It seems like the small fry has a bit more bass on tap, which s a huge plus for me.
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    get out of my yard

    what does he say at the last 2 seconds of the title track? I have my guesses, but it can't be....
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    Saddened by my delay, not sure why

    so i have a Maxon AD9 that i've had for the last 3+ years. lately i'm not really digging it. i think i'm looking for something with a little greater delay time. maybe not. what are my options? i may stray from analog if i get enough good reasons.
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    what pickups?

    i have an LP with classic 57's in it, but i'm not all that happy with them. a little woofy on the neck and a bit shrill, although not much on the bridge. i'm looking to get a hotter more defined/clear tone on the neck, and a little more bass response on the bridge. what direction should...
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    i recently read in a post that "such and such effect sounded great 'dimed'" - i couldn't find the post again to address this term - just curious - "dimed"? - what exactly does that mean? i didn't know where else to post the question. thanks.
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    Eternity question

    so after much money saving i have purchased an Eternity by Lovepedal. for myself - now when i first started noticing this pedal it was in the $250+ range always - #1 - would you say that was hype (zendrive-like) -and- #2 - is the build quality the same? (and yes - i get hand wired...
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    help - creating head out of combo!!!!!

    ok - so i've got a fender dual professional that was badly damaged in shipping - just the box though, not the chassis or anything in it. anyway - i measured out the chassis, and as i guessed, it was the same dimensions as the fender twin reverb head sold by mojotone. i like the flexibility and...
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    i've got a TU-2 which suits me fine, but i need to get my bass player a tuner, do i give him that and buy the hip no product? or do i instruct him and keep the TU-2? i've seen a lot of posting about the pitchblack blah blah blah, and i want the best for myself - the bass player......not so...
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    fuzz pedals

    Has anyone ever specifically played a fuzz that was not responsive to the volume knob? i see this as a pitch that people will throw out there to sell there pedal, but it seems to be a weak area to boast about. Could be wrong.
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    website for audio hosting?

    can anyone point me in the direction of a webhosting site suh as photobucket, but for audio tracks - Thanks- Todd
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    Paul Gilbert's Latest

    Silence Followed By a Deafening Roar - any thoughts? I'd say fantastic.
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    Robert Zimmerman are you out there!!!!!??????????

    just got a les paul from a forum member - but i don't have his contact info anymore. - Robert Zimmerman - anyway, my les paul is locked in the case and i don't know the combo. Is there a gibson default or do i really have to f up the case to open it. it's not imperative tonight, but the...
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    Dumble-y question.

    so we've got the Zen, Howie.....what else claims to try and capture aspects of that dumble-y tone? -Thanks- Todd
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    Muff Mods?

    I've got a russian Big Muff Pi that i would like to look into having it modded and can't seem to find any sites that offer it for those. Anyone? Thanks - Todd
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    500k or 250k? Help!

    i'm going to be assembling a "H/S/S" pickguard. I can't get out of my mind that 250k's (pots) would go with a S/S/S setup and a 500k would go with a humbucker setup. My humbucker is an SD Pearly Gates, and the middle and neck are from the Texas Specials Set from Fender. Which pot is best for...
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