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    Wow! No affiliation. Just lusting!
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    Larrivee P-09

    Anyone have experience/opinions they'd share? Thanks kindly!
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    Budget, good quality 000 sized guitar?

    Your opinions are appreciated. Thanks!
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    Bloomfield les paul

    Hey folks, Have an opportunity to pick up a Bloomfiled from a good friend who's a big-time LP collector. Although I'll be demoing a few at his place tomorrow, I was wondering what your impressions were/are of this model. If you've spent any time with one, I'd like your feedback. Thanks, Dave
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    '60's Gibson w/ 2 serial numbers

    Anyone know why a mid '60's SG Special would have two serial numbers? One appears to have been stamped over top of the other. Thanks!
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    '68 Tele finish wear, refin, touch-up or...?

    Hi folks, This is my '68 tele. I'd like opinions abut the finish on the back of the guitar. Took these pics quickly this a.m.- not great, but they convey the "look." The finish is worn and not smooth, with a slightly smeared/swirly look. I don't know if it's wear, a touch-up or something...
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    Thorn 194 starting to take shape

    Thanks Ron!
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    Is there a Gibson Les Paul production year...

    When the "i" on the headstock veneer was NOT dotted? Thanks for any info, Dave
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    Arrived: Ribbecke Halfling (thin body)

    Thought I'd post some pics of the Halfling I received two weeks ago. It is a perfectly constructed and finished instrument. The acoustic tone is remarkably loud and full. Plays beautifully. I've had very little time to dive in, so I can't give a detailed review yet ( have only plugged in once...
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    Teacing neighbor's son - what's first?

    Hi folks, As a favor to a good kid, I've offered to give him weekly lessons. Any idea where to start? He's had a guitar for about a year, is 10 yrs old, and knows very little. I was thinking pentatonic scales, but don't want to bore him. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dave
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    used Artinger and another great TGP experience.

    This morning I traded two for one. Out: 1. Grosh ST (this one hurts more than just a little), and 2. custom shop Strat (somewhat painful as well). In: Artinger Blondie II Initial impressions: Lightest guitar I've ever played, wonderful detail with going over-the-top...
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    eBay - Anger management needed...

    This is amusing:
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    Fender's reply...

    Well hat's off to Fender's Consumer Relations folks! :dude As some of you may have read in another thread, I purchased a 1995 "Custom Shop 1960 Stratocaster" from a friend. Couldn't get much info from the web. Though this email doesn't offer much detail, it is pretty darn good service from...
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    custom shop strat help...

    A buddy is selling a strat for one of his pals. It's a mint 1995 custom shop strat in sherwood green with a super flamey neck, tweed case and paperwork. I want it - badly... Q: Anyone have a going rate on these? Thanks kindly, Dave
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    Driskill Updates

    Anyone get one recently? Just curious if anything was moving out of his shop. Thanks, Dave
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    For the instructors &/or lefties

    A friend's son wants to start playing guitar. He favors his left hand, but throws righty. They stopped by today and I explained that I'd probably encourage him to play right handed b/c if he sticks with it, he won't face some of the challenges that lefties do. Your thoughts and experiences...
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    One Flight Up Guitars

    Howdy, Anyone ever do biz with them? Thanks!
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    Collings I-35

    Hi folks, Received yesterday from Stu @ Fat Sounds. Plays and sounds wonderfully out of the box. Stu's a great guy. Looking forward to breaking this in! The top is strong from some angles and very washed out from others "ghosty." Enjoy, Dave
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    Jazz box shop

    Hey folks, Would you give props to a guitar shop that sells older jazz guiatrs? Thanks, Dave
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    Gibson Le Grand

    Hey folks, Years back I had one on order, but it was taking forever and I cancelled. I'm GASsing for one again and was hoping for two things: 1. TGP members' experience with this guitar. 2. Any idea recommendations for on-line archtop guitar resources/sales? Thanks kindly, Dave
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    Thorn top - fun wood pic

    Hey folks, Here's the redwood for #194. Enjoy, Dave
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    Phil Jacoby

    Hey all, I know there have been other posts about Phil and his work, but I want to share some details of my visit to his shop yesterday. First, Phil is a great guy. It's a real pleasure to catch up with him once a year or so. He's been around music/guitars for a long time and offers a lot...
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    50's les pual decal question

    Hey folks, Does anyone know how the "Gibson" logo was applied to early 50's Les Pauls? I'm particularly interested in '52 and '53 models. Thanks for your assistance, Dave
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    '52 Les Paul

    Hey folks, Have an opportunity to buy a '52 gold top. ...a few concerns about the guitar's authenticity. If anyone out there would be so kind, I'd like to know if you have seen/own/have photos of a head stock (FRONT) with an UN-dotted "i" in the G"i"bson logo. I have access to a '53 and...
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    Fender Squire experiences? Child electrics?

    Hi folks, I'm considering getting guitars for my three young kids. We love "jamming" together. My '70 LP deluxe hit the floor yesterday, so I thought it was time to put something more appropriate in their hands. Daughter: 5. Sons: 3. I'd like something they can grow into with out dropping...
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