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  1. TheRealDeal

    What happened to ARC Effects?

    His website isn't showing anything for sale and states he is working on some updates. Is this old news and I'm late to the party or is this fairly new?
  2. TheRealDeal

    Convince me my 535q is good enough and I don't need the xotic wah

    I'm not much of a wah guy, and my 535q sounds "good" but I've really been looking into the xotic wah. Seems like it (from the videos I've seen) it sounds great and is pretty solid. Any thoughts?
  3. TheRealDeal

    2 year wait for the

    No news here...just stating that after all these years this pedal continues to be one of the hottest drives out there...keep it up @analogmike !!
  4. TheRealDeal

    Dirty pedalboards really gross me out...

    Guys, PLEASE take a look at your boards and if there are crumbs, pieces of mystery materials, and nasty hair (collected by the velcro) and God knows what else, CLEAN IT! I am not a neat freak by any means, but I have played gigs with far too many guitarists who have the grossest pedalboards...
  5. TheRealDeal

    How close is your current board/setup to your ideal/dream rig?

    My board hasn't really changed over the past year or two, outside a delay change and the removal of a fuzz. I feel that things are fairly stable and I am enjoying things, and feel that perhaps an OD switch is coming within the next year or so but I'd have to say things are pretty close to...
  6. TheRealDeal

    KoT leaving my board...what did you replace yours with?

    OK...I have tried the KoT for 5 years. I adore Analogman and his products. I just can't seem to get a warm, smooth, non overly-compressed sound from the KoT. I have played with the internal switches, moved the placement on my board. I just can't seem to bond with it. I find myself needing to...
  7. TheRealDeal

    Timeline help...

    so the timeline won the delay shootout that I had and now I have a noob question... Is it possible for some of my delays to be based around a BPM and some around MS ? I feel like it has to be one or the other based on the global options
  8. TheRealDeal

    Need a new delay...boss dd500 or timeline?

    I am moving on from my timefactor and have narrowed the search to either the dd500 or the timeline. Now that the dd500 has been out for a while is anyone using it over the timeline? I would love the library editor to be easy to use as well. Ideas?
  9. TheRealDeal

    What's the deal with the Bondi del mar?

    Why had this pedal skyrocketed up in price? Seen them going for more than gold horsie klons...
  10. TheRealDeal

    Brothers vs. Sweet Tea

    I am trying to decide on my next purchase and i have been looking at both of these. I am curretnly using an Arc Klone and a KoT, but would like a second small board and need a double OD for it. If you HAD to pick...which would you go for based on sound....
  11. TheRealDeal

    2018...year of the JHS Seesaw?

    SO its been a few years since this was announced...any news? anyone actually care?
  12. TheRealDeal

    Does the Arc Klone sound better than the KTR?

    I have spoken to a lot of guys who actually prefer the arc effects klone over the ktr. It's not something where they haven't played the KTR, but have actually owned it and have choosen the ARC over the KTR. Anyone else in this boat?
  13. TheRealDeal

    Pedal boxes....

    Ok I'm snowed in and I'm trying to "clean" up and I have a ton of pedal boxes. I know I'm not selling the pedals that I have the boxes for but I am keeping them for some reason and I have had them for years... Should I keep them or toss them?
  14. TheRealDeal

    pedalboard goals for 2018?

    anyone have specific ideas that they are going for in the upcoming year? I personally want to try and start utilizing my mod pedals more within my playing. Any ideas, changes, sales, purchases, uses that you guys are aiming towards?
  15. TheRealDeal

    Xotic Andy Timmons BB

    so this looks cool... But is jhs not making an AT anymore? couldn't find anything through a search..sorry if this is a repost.
  16. TheRealDeal

    New Analogman AMAZE1

    Saw the "new" version posted on instagram...i was hoping somehow it would have been inside the delay pedal itself but looks like a big improvement over the old version. Any news outside of this instagram posting?
  17. TheRealDeal

    JHS Spring Tank Reverb

    could be a cool thing...
  18. TheRealDeal

    soothsayer users help...

    I have an arc soothsayer and I love it. I am having a hard time trying to dial in a sound that is not WAY over the type volume wise and/or drive wise. I have a version were there is an external switch for all the modes and for the HI/LOW gain modes also. I have played with it a ton but every...
  19. TheRealDeal

    What to choose now that boss has changed things...

    Wondering now that boss has the delay... Modulation and reverb big box pedals what it is possibly making people choose. I currently have a bigsky and a timefactor. I'm on the fence for a md500. What are you guys going for? A mix of these big box options or staying consistent with one maker
  20. TheRealDeal

    Calling iconoclast users... Talk to me

    REALLY interested in getting one of these but having a hard time understanding how it will sound/function through demos of it. I am wondering if it will be a great end of the chain amp replacement that I can go direct with. Anyone out there either tried it or own it? Thoughts?
  21. TheRealDeal

    Analogman mini chorus distorting

    my sound is clean with zero drive/breakup however when I engage my chorus it becomes distorted like a drive is on along with the chorus. What could be causing this?
  22. TheRealDeal

    Analogman mini chorus...problem?

    I have had my mini chorus for years and it has been amazing. Recently I've noticed when I turn it on...even when playing a clean sound, my sound becomes distorted. I have the mix knob set at noon however when I play with it either all dry or all wet the distortion goes away. I will give Mike...
  23. TheRealDeal

    Any Arc Shepherd users out there?

    this has been for a little while but without much talk or action. Anyone out there playing one or have played one?
  24. TheRealDeal

    where did the new klon thread go?

    ummmm did i miss something...why did the new klon thread get nuked?
  25. TheRealDeal

    JHS SeeSaw... Will this ever be released?!

    "revealed" over a year ago at winter namm 2016...Still nothing... Anyone have news on this?
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