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    Changing pick-ups in a Collings I35

    I don't know if you can use the F holes on the i 35, LC, they are smaller than normal gibson holes. You have to pull the harness through the bridge cavity. I personally cringe at the notion of cutting lollar pickups short and splicing Throbaks in. Sell those things if you don't like them, with...
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    1964 Epiphone Wilshire Painted Pickguard? Help, what should I do?!

    OK, makes sense. Anybody aware of a good source for vintage correct guards?
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    1964 Epiphone Wilshire Painted Pickguard? Help, what should I do?!

    Recently, I stumbled across a 1964 Epiphone Wilshire refin that had been refinished and all the gibson hardware stripped off of it for $500. It plays like an absolute dream. I have a '63 SG and I imagine that these pieces of mahogany were soul sisters, sitting on a rack together at some time...
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    opinions on FW interfaces for home studio

    I have the Saffire,and I can't speak highly enough about it. GREAT Software mixing control, nice clean pres, expandability down the road, and SPDIF. I got one off of ebay for $325. Great piece of gear. I've had presonus stuff, including firestudio, and it's been very finnicky. Saffire 40 has...
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    When relicing is not relicing

    First world problems.
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    Gibson LP Deluxe Mini-hums v. Filtertron/TV Jones TV Classics?

    In my experience, TV jones filtertrons have been more of a one trick pony. Consistently chimey, with those spiked upper mids that accentuate that cool pick noise definition. Roll off the volume, or tone, or change from bridge to neck, and nothing really changes. Still that sound. It's great if...
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    Ugliest Relicing Job from a Pro Builder?

    Looks like it was in a chemical fire.
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    A Stradivarius on TV

    How do you leave a cello in a cab? Ha! Maybe a wallet... but a cello?
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    Melodyne users

    If it corrects to a wrong note, you go into the editor and drag the note to the correct pitch. Super Easy.
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    John Mayer, Vince Gill, & Keith Urban...

    He even uses a jeff beck sig. guitar on it.
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    Keith Urban's '64 Black Strat

    I just meant that if you sat in his chair with your guitar in that studio, you would be amazed at how you good sounded (IMHO).
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    Rocketfire Total 60's pickups

    I have a set as well - and they are superb. I've had them for 2 years. Basically turned my strat into an heirloom guitar, and I sold my American and Custom shop Strat after buying them. I'm not the type to promote much of anything- but I go out of my way to talk about Nick and these pickups at...
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    Keith Urban's '64 Black Strat

    Sounds good- but the studio is cheating. Lord know what amazing mics/pre's/software are between his hands and your ears.
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    Best Hendrix Pickup?

    Rocketfire 60's. Done.
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    Buyer Beware....Ebay content.

    look at the tuners.... unreal. Can't believe Ebay won't act on this kind of stuff right away. There's probably an honest person that paid hard earned money for that 200 dollar knock off.
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    Rocketfire - instant "good"

    I just have his 60's pickups... and they are the best strat pickups I've ever heard.
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    Keith Urban - Knocked it right outta the ballpark

    I really enjoyed it as well, but the entire show, not just Urban's part, sounded EXTREMELY produced in regard to the audio. It sounded so squeaky clean that it didn't seem live. That's just me. The whole time my ears were stinging because although it sounded great, it didn't match what my eyes...
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    Macbook/Mac Mini

    Specs are probably about the same- but the nice thing about the mini is that it's cheaper- and you could buy a nice big 24 inch screen for it - that would make your life easier. If it's going to stay in one place- I'd recommend getting the mini. You'd probably need an external screen for the...
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    Relic question cars vs guitars

    the metaphor doesn't hold weight. Well played guitars have been played by almost all the greats - greatly publicizing them. Also, a well played/ relic'd guitar isn't less functional than a shiny new one- whereas a car would be broken down and ugly. The best thing about it all is that you don't...
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    Price Check: 1987 Am Std. Strat Excellent Condition

    Let's not forget about 23 years of inflation....
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