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  1. Orren

    New Dr. Z Spotted: "ems"

    Sounds great! Orren
  2. Orren

    Bogner Telos

    Me too—in fact, since Friedman is able to sell the PCB-based Runt 50 head for $1799, I was hoping this might be around there, too. Agreed. For comparison, 21" wide is about what the full-size Orange amp heads are. Orren
  3. Orren

    Saul Koll Video

    A great profile of an amazing builder and all around excellent human. He had a great booth at NAMM—he even brought a lefty for people like me! Yeay! Orren
  4. Orren

    New Orange Rocker 15

    That's my feeling as well. One of the few things that has been getting criticized is that the FX loop is pointing downward, I'm guessing they did that so that all the jacks would be placed properly in a future head configuration. Orren
  5. Orren

    Digitech FreqOut!

    Welp...looks like another pedal that will be on my board. Looking forward to checking it out at NAMM! Orren
  6. Orren

    EQD Transmisser - Resonant Reverberator

    I still have mine. Great for shoegaze type stuff! Orren
  7. Orren

    My Custom SG Build by Pete Skermetta

    Absolutely gorgeous! Looking forward to the finished instrument! Orren
  8. Orren

    Roland JC-22

    Roland JC distortion was always pretty mediocre. I wouldn't worry about the fact they're not bothering with it on this one. :) Orren
  9. Orren

    EQD Transmisser - Resonant Reverberator

    Mine just came in. It's great to have a verb that sounds spacey and wild and doesn't ape sounds you can get elsewhere! I love tuning the filter frequency to the notes and chords, creates a massive but musical bed. Orren
  10. Orren

    Friedman Runt?

    Just picked up the 20W head. It's a beast! I actually really like the clean sound with the bright engaged, too. Simple and sounds very present. Orren
  11. Orren

    Rivera Mini Rock Crusher is here!!!

    I just got one myself. Been using it with my Orange Dual Dark. So far I'm still learning it, but I'm happy with the sound. I find that the different filter selections are pretty damn similar, at least through a really cranked, distorted high watt amp. You can hear some difference, but it's...
  12. Orren

    NGD: Custom Koll Tornado - aka "The Shrednado"!

    Gorgeous! Cool pickguard, too! Orren
  13. Orren

    The Gibson SG ! She' s a Queen

    Gibson are making all of their 2017 lineup available left-handed, but as I understand it via special-order only. In other words, go to your dealer, or as I did (for a 2017 Les Paul), contact Southpaw Guitars in Houston (or Guitar Guitar in Europe) and order through them, and they'll get you one...
  14. Orren

    New Johnny Marr Jaguar announced. Black on Black.

    Artist signature instruments are rarely ever offered left handed (except for lefty artists like Iommi or Elliot Easton) but if they ever do a lefty Marr Jag, I'll jump! Orren
  15. Orren

    Gibson 2017 lineup on Musicians Friend

    I love all the models they're offering lefties for in the new year! Oh...wait... Orren
  16. Orren

    Vox Gas - Anyone have the AC15 CH (head/cab) yet?

    I have the AC15CH head. I think it sounds really good—if you're familiar with the sound of the combo, that's the sound of the head. The Attenuator is the only thing new. And it's reactive, so it is very sonically neutral, it doesn't adversely color the tone. If you're looking for the AC15 sound...
  17. Orren

    Orange Micro Dark = Cheap fun. Great tones.

    I have this amp, and as a plug-and-play amp it's really good! Thick tones from such a small, inexpensive amp. I've even used it on my last record. The speaker sim is pretty thin, but if you blend a clean, slightly rock, and gainy tone you can get a nice thick tone. It does everything from nearly...
  18. Orren

    Baritone or Bass VI?

    I had a custom Koll guitar built for me, nicknamed the "Gothcaster" as a sort of modern take on a Bass VI. It has a 28" scale length, a bit shorter than a true Bass VI. I love it as a Bass VI, but I've subsequently strung it as a baritone, in "Drop A" tuning (meaning it's tuned B to B, but I've...
  19. Orren

    Boss announces CE-2w!!!

    Looks like I'll be buying another chorus pedal... Orren
  20. Orren

    New Yamaha Revstar

    Does it count as a "necro-bump" if the last post was less than a month ago? Anyway, just wanted to add to the chorus (pun intended) saying that I'd be very interesting in trying one of these out...if they ever deign to do a lefty model. In case some folks reading this thread are either working...
  21. Orren

    torn does Catalinbread Bicycle Delay

    I loved the mood of the two pieces, especially someday find a waltz really sums up my mood today, and spoke to me as a piece of music! I'm sorry, was there a gear demo in here? ;) Seriously though, cool pedal, I have two Catalinbread delays already (the Bella Epoch and Echorec) and it looks...
  22. Orren

    BOSS ES-8 Discussion!

    I just picked mine up and haven't wired it yet, but I'm planning on doing just that. Orren
  23. Orren

    Roland Jazz Chorus best small model JC-77 JC-60 JC-55 JC-50 etc.

    I for one am very interested in the JC-40! I've heard that it sounds pretty much spot on to the JC-120, which is quite a feat because if I'm not mistaken it's a digital sound engine. Orren
  24. Orren

    Vox AC15C1 vs. AC15CH

    I bought mine from Sweetwater online here in the USA. I'm not using the optional footpedal. The footpedal doesn't switch channels, it only switches the reverb and the tremolo on/off. That said, I am using a footpedal, for a different purpose: The AC30 has four inputs: two for Top Boost, and...
  25. Orren

    Vox AC15C1 vs. AC15CH

    I just picked up the AC15CH. It's a great sounding amp, so far I'm extremely happy with the sound. But there's one oddness that I didn't realize, and isn't obvious unless you read the manual. The AC15CH comes with a built-in attenuator, but it's only on the 16 ohm setting. So if you're using an...
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