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    Sold Synergy OS module

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    Sold Synergy Bogner Ecstasy module (and possibly SYN-1)

    Synergy Bogner Ecstasy module - $315 This module is in excellent condition and sounds great. Everything functions as intended. I’ve settled on the 2-3 modules that I’ll use most often, so this one’s been sitting in the box Comes with original box and paperwork. Price includes PayPal fees and...
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    Sold Fender Wildwood 10 ‘61 Strat heavy relic

    I’ve got a beautiful Custom Shop Wildwood 10 ‘61 Strat that needs a new home. If you like heavy relics then this is a real attention getter. Lots of better quality pictures and info in my Reverb ad: It has a nice...
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    Sold Clark Beaufort 5e3 Tweed Deluxe

    Lots of pics in the Reverb ad: **SOLD**
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    Sold Strymon DIG Copied and pasted from my Reverb ad: Awesome sounding Strymon DIG in good physical condition. There is a little bit of leftover stickiness on the base plate from removing velcro, and a couple scratches pictured. Functionally it’s 100% and sounds...
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    Sold Montreal Assembly Count to 5

    Montreal Assembly Count to 5 - $265 About as close to mint condition as you can get. No velcro, no wear and tear... There’s some minor bubbling and imperfections in the paint, but that’s it. Anything showing up in the pics is either dust or a rogue hair. Functions perfectly and sounds like...
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    Sold Gibson Grace Potter sig. Flying V

    $1,700 shipped & PayPal’d within the CONUS. No trades, please. Copied & pasted from my Reverb ad: This is a gorgeous Grace Potter V in excellent condition and with some very nice upgrades. I am the third owner. The...
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    Sold Pladask Fabrikat

    Pladask Fabrikat - $375 I’ve fallen into the iOS rabbit hole so this isn’t getting used much anymore. It’s in great shape cosmetically other than the label being slightly torn from removing velcro. Comes with the original box and paperwork. Price includes PayPal fees and USPS Priority shipping...
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    Sold Germino Classic 45LV

    Germino Classic 45LV - $1,650 This thing sounds great, I just don’t need it and hate having gear sitting around unused. The tubes were installed back in February of 2018. I’ve only owned the amp for about 3 months and haven’t put hardly any time on the tubes. There is some scuffing on the...
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    Sold Boomerang III Phrase Sampler

    Boomerang III - $375 Pedal’s in great shape with only a couple minor scuffs. Comes with the original box, power supply, and paperwork. Price includes PayPal fees and shipping within the CONUS. No trades, please.
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    Sold 2008 Gibson R8 w/ upgrades

    I’ve debated this one for a while, but I prefer my R4 and this one’s just not getting played. This is a 2018 2008 Gibson Historic R8 that I purchased earlier this year from Dave’s Guitars. It’s in excellent shape and has some really nice upgrades. The story is that I bought this thinking it...
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    Sold EHX DMM 1100TT

    EHX DMM 1100TT - $275 Pedal’s in great shape with velcro cleanly applied to the base plate. Comes with the original box. I’m all set on guitar gear but I could use a couple Strymons to round out the synth rig. The BigSky, Flint, and El Cap would be the most tempting.
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    Sold Victoria Chicago-Lux

    Victoria Chicago-Lux - $1,400 This is Victoria’s beautiful sounding 5f11 tweed Vibrolux. Amp is in great shape and sounds fantastic. The tolex is clean, controls all work 100%, I can’t find anything to complain about with this one. The tremolo sounds amazing and is the part I will miss the most...
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    Sold Analogman AR20DLDX

    Analogman AR20DLDX - $200 I sold one of these years ago and had to track down another, but now I’ve settled on my “keeper”. This is the 600ms version. It has velcro on the base. There are a couple of small dings in the paint. Comes with the original box. Price includes PayPal fees and USPS...
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    Sold Trombetta Bone Machine GTx

    Trombetta Bone Machine GTx - $550 Pedal’s in great shape as you can see from the pics. I had to try one to see what all the fuss (fuzz?) was about. It has a couple of small strips of velcro on the base, and comes with the original box, paperwork, and 3 extra transistors to try out. Price...
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    Sold Vox Heritage AC15H1TV w/ Blue

    *TRADED* Somehow after years of gear flipping this is my first ever Vox. These were made in limited numbers back in 2007 as the “50th Anniversary” model. I really wanted to try the EF86 channel, which is why I went with this particular model. Both the EF86 and Top Boost channels sound great...
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    Sold Swart STR-Trem w/ footswitch & cover

    This is a super sweet little 5-watt tweed from Swart with both tremolo and reverb. Perfect volume for home playing, yet can hold its own with bigger amps due to the 12” speaker and deeper cabinet. It has the stock Mojotone BV-30H speaker. It will come with the footswitch for controlling the trem...
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    Sold Ibanez JSM20

    I just picked this up in a trade, but alas I still haven’t figured out what exactly I’m looking for in a hollow body. Guitar is stock and in excellent condition. The one or two little white marks in the picture are just dust that I missed at first. It has the Super 58 pickups with the 3-way...
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    Sold MJT Esquire partscaster w/ BKP

    This is a super lightweight Esquire partscaster made with all quality parts. The whole thing weighs in at 6.5lbs. The body is a 1-piece from Musikraft with a thin nitro finish. It is not routed for a neck pickup. The bridge is a Wilkinson top-loader with compensated brass saddles. The neck is...
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    Sold Victoria 45410 (tweed Bassman)

    Bit of a feeler here... The Victoria 45410 is every bit as amazing as you’ve heard it is, but I don’t play it all that often and I’m finding that I prefer the smaller tweeds. I purchased this from Ultra Sound Amps in NYC not quite two years ago. It is serial number 594 and was made in 1998...
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    Sold Neunaber Wet

    Neunaber Wet - *SOLD* Strymon Volante - *SOLD* Meris Mercury7 - *SOLD* Prices include PayPal fees and USPS Priority shipping within the CONUS. NO trades, please.
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    Sold Kemper unpowered head

    Kemper Profiling Amp - *SOLD* Great sound and feel, I just discovered that A) I’m allergic to menus of any kind, and B) I pretty much only use models of amps I already own. This one has a couple of dings that I’ve shown in the pictures, but functionally everything’s 100%. It currently has 289...
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    Sold Bad Pixel Pink Face

    Bad Pixel Pink Face - *SOLD* Next up is his take on a germanium Fuzz Face. It uses a pair of Russian NOS GT402 and MP20 transistors, and there are switches on each side that let you select which ones are in use. Bad Pixel Gold Bender - *SOLD* Both pedals sound as good as they look, and...
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    Sold MJT Jazzmaster

    This is a really great partscaster made with all high end components. It compares very favorably to the Fender and Dano Jazzmasters I’ve owned previously. The body is from MJT and is alder with a black-over-white nitro finish. No relicing from MJT, so the nicks and dings are all from natural...
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    Sold 1993 Fender AVRI '62 Strat

    I just picked this up in a trade, and unfortunately it's not going to get played enough to justify keeping it around. It's in great shape with all original pickups & electronics. Comes with the original hard shell case and case candy. The guitar weighs 7.8lbs on my digital bathroom scale. The...
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