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  1. Peeb

    Wondering about a 'STUPID SIMPLE' instrument-usb-windows 10 solution

    Current rig: guitar or mic into focusrite 2i2 into Windows 10 laptop. I use Mixcraft as DAW and get tones from S-gear Current gripes: I need some type of voodoo (ASAIOor some such thing) to get my instruments to play nice with my DAW and every time a take a break of a few weeks or months...
  2. Peeb

    Melodyne virus???

    I'm trying to install Melodyne and Norton a/v flags the program and deletes the setup.exe program. Norton shows under 'details' that the manufacturer has a 'bad reputation'. What? I tried to flag the offending files as OK and it still wouldn't install. I tried deleting the download and...
  3. Peeb

    Gated Reverb- why all the hate?

    As a product of the 80's, I heard a lot of drums with gated 'verb (first popularized by Phil Collins). Never minded it then, and it really doesn't bother me now. What is the offensive part of this sound to you, if any?
  4. Peeb

    HVAC Content: Gear Storage

    OK- below is a pic of all my accumulated gear (musical and photographic). I had to go to my bedroom, 2 closets, a bathroom, my dining room, and our family room to get it all gathered. I'm resolved to get it all together in one central location. What do you suggest I use to accomplish this...
  5. Peeb

    Some help with the proco Rat, please?

    Just posted a crazy youtube video of a gal absolutely nailing Gilmour's Comfortably numb solo with a Rat2. Never really thought of that pedal being versatile. Is this a must-have classic rock pedal? If so, which one?
  6. Peeb

    What does Strymon do best?

    Self explanatory poll
  7. Peeb

    Talk me out of a nylon string acoustic-electric

    I play mostly finger style these days: originals and covers of (mostly) 70's pop, and church music. Stuff like this: and this: I've demo'ed some nylon string guitars and I think it might...
  8. Peeb

    Time signature (Donny Hathaway content)

    I do believe that the late great Donny Hathaway did my very favorite cover of 'Misty'. Stupid question, but what is this time signature? qEmbWyUxmAI Wow, what a talent!
  9. Peeb

    OK- what is THIS tube???

    Pic from a local restaurant- this was an antique thermometer hanging on the wall: btw- is it sad that it excited me to find this item? Pretty sure my wife would say .... yep.
  10. Peeb

    What's the longest a guitar has been in your family?

    I just wondered how often a guitar passed down from generation to generation. My grand-dad bought my Dad a 1955 Gibson L-50 brand new, which eventually passed down to me. That would be 59 years, so far. You?
  11. Peeb

    $115 later, we have music!

    OK- an anti-TGP post here. Recording on the ultra-cheap! Bought this prestigious guitar used for $99: Popped in this $16 pickup from amazon (free shipping!): Got this: There are many minor flubs in both execution and recording- and I...
  12. Peeb

    VST delay plugin for DAW

    Interested in quarter+dotted-eighth stuff and spacey modulated tape delays. Ideas? DAW is Mixcraft 6 if that matters.
  13. Peeb

    Scuffham S-Gear into Mixcraft?

    Installed the S-Gear demo, asked Mixcraft 6 to rescan the computer for vst files, but not seeing any S-Gear items inside Mixcraft. What did I miss?
  14. Peeb

    "The last pedal I will EVER buy"...

    Please vote.
  15. Peeb

    Repair, Trash, or Keep Axe Received as Gift?

    Brother in law gives me his old Kay Acoustic (probably circa 1960s). Not a bad little box, but the bridge is lifting and it needs a neck reset. Probably $400 us dollars to repair and there's no certainty it'll be fabulous when it's done. I would likely need to drop a pickup into her to have...
  16. Peeb

    New cord won't stay in endpin jack- huh?

    Bought a very nice fender "premium" 12' guitar cord for my acoustic guitar outfitted with an LR Baggs M1 pickup. The pickup has an endpin jack I installed myself (maybe the problem?) that has been fine until I bought a 'better' cable this week. The cord fits the jack, but tends to pull out...
  17. Peeb

    hiss with cheap condenser mic- avoidable?

    OK- I've got a very cheap behringer c1 condenser mic mounted without a shockmount onto a straight mic stand (pic in the soundcloud link below). Mixed a quick acoustic recording with and without noise reduction so you can see what I'm talking about. 1) Normal? :huh 2) Would a shockmount...
  18. Peeb

    Mixcraft is awesome!

    My DAW trajectory: 1. Audacity (not a DAW) 2. GarageBand (is what it is) 3. Reaper (I am officially an idiot- could not work it) 4. Mixcraft 6- Perfect! Making things happen now! Having a great time with VST instruments and working with my acoustic guitar tracks. Will this work as 'training...
  19. Peeb

    Subtle vocal pitch correction?

    I've got a pretty fair vocal track recorded in Audacity but there are a couple of notes that are like a tenth of a pitch flat. I tried blocking the precise note and using the audacity pitch adjust effect to make the subtle correction but the effect is very prominent (almost a click sound). Is...
  20. Peeb

    "doink" on the neck of my strat

    Nothing overly deep, just an indentation on the back of the neck- maybe around the 5th to 7th fret (thereabouts). Doesn't kill the playability, but it offends my OCD. Cures short of replacing the neck? It's a 99 Am. Std. strat, if that matters
  21. Peeb

    iPad Guitar Software

    Currently using Amplitube to use my iPad as if it were an multi-fx box for my guitar (like the L6 pod, digitech rp series, zoom g3, etc). What other options are out there?
  22. Peeb

    Strat stability in Drop-D tuning

    My 1999 American Standard Strat is a wonderful instrument, but when I drop the low E string to D, it slightly whacks out the other 5 strings so I need to retune. THEN when I go back to conventional tuning, I need to retune again. Since one string affects all the others, I presume this has...
  23. Peeb

    You can buy a stupid-good used guitar for $100USD

    My bro-in-law gave me his old beater acoustic guitar to use as a 'campfire' guitar. Tone is nice but the bridge is lifting and it really really needs a neck reset. I saw it was going to take about $300 minimum to fix it, so I went shopping for a 'new' used beater. Found a no-name scratched...
  24. Peeb

    Entire Wampler line in a nutshell

    Just got this in an email from Brian. This is a fantastic overview. Apparently, the Ecstasy pedal is now the Euphoria (I haven't been keeping up!) Very entertaining and GAS inducing: Qf4Vrrl_cSA
  25. Peeb

    Looping guitar AND vocal- mixer?

    I love my loop pedal- it has 1/4 inch ins and outs only. I want to loop both guitar riffs and vocals. Maybe plug mic and guitar into a small mixer, then out to the looper for live performances? If yes: recommend a good mixer for 200.00 USD or less. If no: what should I do?
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