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  1. SteveK

    Pre wired P/J pickguard...

    I'm wanting to replace the active EMG P/J set on my Fender bass, with a passive set. Since it would have to use different pots etc., I'd like to replace the whole enchilada. Any suggestions where I can find this? Or anybody have one they would like to swap? Thanks.
  2. SteveK

    Sold PRS SE 245

    Re-posting the PRS SE 245. Guitar is in great shape, just some light pick swirls on the face. Locking PRS SE tuners added from John Mann. Dimarzio Super Distortion in bridge, Dunlop strap lock buttons, or I can put the originals back on. Includes PRS SE gig bag. Price is $325 with shipping...
  3. SteveK

    Genalex Gold Lion, Groove Tubes, Mesa Boogie, JJ...

    I'm wanting to get a spare set of 6V6 tubes to have on hand. It will be for a Fender DRRI/Fuchs ODS mod. Shipped with Groove Tubes, but I'm wondering if there would be any advantage to using any of the other brands. Thanks.
  4. SteveK

    Nad - Fender DRRI/fuchs Ods Mod

    Came in today. Band practice in AM...can't wait! Christmas in November!
  5. SteveK

    New acoustic duo...Mods please move if this is the wrong area.

    Ok folks, after playing in bands for 38 years with my wife as the lead singer, we have decided to try something we've never done before. In addition to the band gigs, we are booking gigs as an acoustic duo, we both sing, and Joy also plays harp and...kazoo :) Some questions that come to mind for...
  6. SteveK

    Sold Fender Telecaster Neck - MIM

    Up for sale is this 21 fret Fender Telecaster neck from my MIM Tele. Excellent condition, frets in great condition. I have had the guitar for a couple months, and when I bought it, the guitar still had the plastic on the pickguard. $130 via PayPal with USPS shipping to CONUS included.
  7. SteveK

    Setting up my Pedaltrain Nano...

    Channel switcher for Fuchs ODS, Line 6 G30 receiver > tuner > Xotic SL > compressor > delay. So my questions are regarding the compressor and delay. Due to the size of the board, these need to be mini pedals. For compressors I'm looking at JHS Whitey Tighty, Xotic SP, and Wampler Mini Ego. This...
  8. SteveK

    6V6 Tubes

    I have a Fender DRRI on the way to Andy to have the Fuchs ODS mod done. I want to buy a pair of 6V6's that are a step up from the stock one Fender uses. I hear a lot about Genalex Gold Lion tubes as well as Telefunken. Any thoughts? If you prefer one over the other, why? Any other ones I should...
  9. SteveK

    Road Cases...

    I'm buying a new Fender Deluxe Reverb and having it drop shipped to Andy Fuchs for his ODS mod. For a band that gigs regularly, within a 2 hour drive radius, would it be worth consideration? How many of the other members here are using road cases? And finally what brands are the "go to" for...
  10. SteveK

    Fender replacement neck

    I'm getting ready to order a replacement neck for my MIM Standard Telecaster. I want to replace the maple fingerboard neck with a pau ferro fingerboard neck. Two questions for the group: 1. Which neck will feel thicker in my hand, a "modern C" 9.5' radius, or a "flat oval" 12" radius? 2. Is...
  11. SteveK

    Sold Rectoverb 25 1x12 Combo - Price Drop

    In great condition, light scuffs on bottom. Used for a couple open mikes, and that's about it. Comes with cover and footswitch. $850 plus actual shipping costs, or will drive up to 3 hours to meet to ensure no damage to amp.
  12. SteveK

    Joe Barden P90's

    I have a Tele with a set of Joe Bardens in it, and love the tone and absence of noise. Does anybody here have experience with their P90 offerings?
  13. SteveK

    Fuchs ODS tube replacement

    I just had to replace the first 12AX7 in my Fuchs ODS. I have had this amp for at least 13-15 years (built in Andy's basement, and no, it will never be for sale...) and have never changed a single tube. So last night at the gig, the overdrive channel howled and was totally unusable. The Menatone...
  14. SteveK

    Faber Master Kit

    I'm going to be buying a Faber Master Kit for installation on my ES-339. For those of you that have played/heard, is there much difference between their regular bridge, their HYBRIDge that has titanium saddles under the bass strings, or use titanium saddles all the way across? I have also sent...
  15. SteveK

    Gibson/Gibson Memphis/Gibson Custom Shop

    It's been a while since I've owned a Gibson. I have a 2011 ES-339 from the Gibson Custom Shop on it's way here. What are the general differences between the three "Gibsons" I listed in the title? Any help/info would be appreciated.
  16. SteveK

    Fralin P-90's

    I'm thinking of dropping a set in one of my guitars and setting it up for slide. My main question is, with the reverse wound bridge pickup, will it still retain the P-90 "character" when in the middle (hum cancelling) switch position? Any other thoughts on these pups? Not really looking at, or...
  17. SteveK

    22 and 24

    Does anybody else here have a problem switching between 22 and 24 fret guitars? I've been playing for 40+ years, and find myself still having issues with this. My main electric guitars are a Strat (22 fret), a PRS DC 22 (22 fret), and a PRS Santana III (24 fret...why oh why did they not put two...
  18. SteveK

    Tuning machines

    I've been spoiled by locking tuning machines. I have them on all my electric guitars. Would like to find a direct replacement set for my Taylors. Any ideas?
  19. SteveK

    Guitar weight

    Do you have an upper limit for the weight of your electrics? Mine range from 6.6 to 8.4 pounds. Anything more than that would be...uncomfortable.
  20. SteveK

    Fulltone Choralflange...

    Sold my first one YEARS ago. Found one used in excellent shape. Very pleased...
  21. SteveK

    Tappable PAF options...

    I'm looking to swap out a pair of pups. I have a set of Dimarzio 36th Anniversary PAF's in another guitar that I like quite a bit, but am wondering about other options. Can't go for a boutique set right now, so I'm primarily looking at Seymour Duncan and Dimarzio. Not looking for any high...
  22. SteveK

    Number of frets vs. scale length

    Just curious on how some other folks see it. I have guitars with 24.5" (current favorite), 24.75", 25", and 25.5" scale lengths. I can get around well when switching between them, but all my electrics are 22 fret. I don't like having to switch between 21/22/24 fret necks. I have a DC22, and have...
  23. SteveK

    PRS Zack Myers & Sweetwater

    Hey all. Just noticed that Sweetwater is selling this model @ $102 off their regular price. I called 'em up, to inquire since I bought mine about three weeks ago. They are refunding the difference to me. Talk about GREAT customer service! I was told the Vintage Sunburst ZM was being...
  24. SteveK

    So, which "major" brands have you not owned an example of?

    For me, it would be Gretsch and Rickenbacker...
  25. SteveK

    Replacement tuning machines

    Does anybody know of a lockng tuning machine that is a direct replacement for a PRS SE Santana? I have one coming in on Monday...
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