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  1. TweeDLX

    347VDC on 6V6 cathode?

    I have an amp I built years ago in a Princeton chassis. It's been my favorite over the years, but lately, it started adding static at the end of notes when I got to stage volume. It's a basic Fender Deluxe NR type circuit, and I added 1ohm resistors off the cathodes of the 6V6 tubes going to...
  2. TweeDLX

    "NON-steel" screws for PT mounting on steel chassis?

    I just heard something new. Someone told me I needed non-steel screws, washers, and nuts for mounting a PT to a steel chassis to avoid hum. Any comments or recommendations for said parts?
  3. TweeDLX

    Tone Control Choices and Help

    I recently built a SE amp using a 6SL7 for the preamp section, and two 6V6 in parallel for the output. I started with a typical 5E3 type tone control, and the amp was loud, and beautiful. For fun, I tried using a TMB stack from the Fender Brown era (70% tap on the treble pot, resistor to ground...
  4. TweeDLX

    High Voltage question

    I just completed a build 2 x 12AX7; 2 x EL84, with a solid state rectifier composed of four 1N4007 (2 on each leg of the PT secondary). The PT is a Mag Components 40-18066 (Deluxe Reverb type) that puts out 330V in the secondary. I'm getting 472VDC on the plates of the EL84's. I had to use a 56K...
  5. TweeDLX

    SF Vibro Champ issues

    I'm looking at this for a friend, and ran across a couple weird things. First: the signal is distorted and weak. I t isn't crackling until you play through it. Tubes have been changed several times (by me and the owner) and the problem persists. I've tapped through the chassis, and chopsticked...
  6. TweeDLX

    Stupid idea idea

    Wondering if a set-up like this would work. I know nothing about switching and relays, and don't mind remaining ignorant. Trying to come up with a "two channel" type amp that will fit in a tweed super chassis. My concern is with the front end of this schematic. Would I need to put mixing...
  7. TweeDLX

    Divider Placement Question

    I have an amp with two gain stages going into a LTP PI. First stage is the tone stack. I would like to add a divider to knock a little gain down, as it gets really loud fairly quickly. Would the best location for the divider be after the tone stack, or after the second stage (before the coupling...
  8. TweeDLX

    Is there something wrong with my brain?

    I'm thinking that adding this 1000p cap to ground (in the red box) will make the mid control more about the high mids. Should I stop sniffing glue and posting on TGP, or is this a valid idea? If it's valid, is there a better value I might want to try? Thanks in advance for your kindness in...
  9. TweeDLX

    Early morning idea...can I do this?

    I have a two channel amp that I built. Channel 1 is a typical BF type of set-up, and Channel 2 has gone through a number of changes in my attempt to make it more of a "Lead channel". I use an A/B/Y box to switch between the two. While I currently have the two channels mixed right before they go...
  10. TweeDLX

    New one on me...

    I was playing a gig the other night when my amp stopped working. Turned around in time to see the magic smoke pouring out in rather large foul smelling billows. Thankfully, I had a spare amp in the car to finish the gig with (I highly recommend the Crate Powerblock for this purpose, it's small...
  11. TweeDLX

    Speaker review: WGS Liberator 80

    Got here today, but right out of the box it sounds exactly like what I wanted: Warm and full, with nice presence. Not a ton of top end, but enough to keep it smooth yet have definition. I'd say pretty balanced over-all. WGS says these are based on their ET65 with beefed up lower mids, and I...
  12. TweeDLX

    Sometimes it's the little things...

    I just bought and received a pair of WGS ET65 speakers (awesome sounding speakers for blues!) off the 'Bay. Putting them into my Victoria Victorilux, I noticed something that made a TON of sense. The speaker mounting screws had FLAT ends instead of the usual pointy...
  13. TweeDLX

    Looking for a good caps/frequencies chart

    Like it says, I'm trying to get a handle on how cap size (uf) relates to the frequencies allowed to pass. A chart or some math would be great. Mostly interested in values from 1uf to pf values. Thanks in advance for your help.
  14. TweeDLX

    Should this be done?

    Is it OK to wire a dual triode so that it has a shared cathode and grids but seperate plates? EDIT: I'm working on my Concert II which has V1 wired in parallel. My recent mods hve given me a good drive channel, but I discovered today that the clean channel is not so clean any more. I'd like to...
  15. TweeDLX

    Prestige NYS Deluxe

    Anybody out there have experience with these guitars? Any advice? Pro's or con's...
  16. TweeDLX

    A matter of opinion

    I have built several amps using Mag Components Deluxe/Deluxe Reverb PT (40-18016). They were simple tube rectified; 2 x 6L6GC, non-reverb, with 2-3 pre-amp tubes, and the Mag Components 40 watt OT (40-18006). Great sounding units. Recently, I converted one of them to 6V6 tubes, and now use the 4...
  17. TweeDLX

    Pop...then redplating

    I'm working on a friend's amp. It's a 5E7 with a mid control added. When it first came in, I noticed it had a low (300VDC) plate voltage, and one tube was red-plating. I switched the red-plating tube to the other socket, and things went back to normal. PV was where it should be, and both tubes...
  18. TweeDLX

    Divider question?

    Just for grins, I installed the tone stack from a Top Hat Club Deluxe into one of my amps today. I simply followed the schematic exactly as drawn, and the result, while sonically pleasing, was much quieter than it had been previously. After some thought, I realized there was a divider following...
  19. TweeDLX

    Potentiometer question?

    I've noticed there are several different types of materials used to make pots. Conductive plastic, carbon, cermet, wirewound...maybe more. Any caveats on using these (I know carbon is the most commonly used for tube amps) alternative types in an amp? Pros, cons? TIA for your insight.
  20. TweeDLX

    What's the difference here?

    This morning I was looking at electrolytic caps and noticed that they had different voltage ratings. Specifically: WVDC & SVDC with the SVDC rating being slightly higher. What do the W & S signify? Thanks for your clarification.
  21. TweeDLX

    Death Cap on SS amps

    The harp player in our band has an old Hohner 12R solid state amp (it actually sounds pretty good). Anyway, I changed out the old two prong cord for a 3-prong. While I was in there, I noticed (what I took to be) a death cap attached to the fuse and removed it. The amp now has a slight noticeable...
  22. TweeDLX

    Mid Cut Control

    I've been thinking about adding a mid cut control on one of my amps. Actually, a switch that cuts mids. Something to make the neck pickup on my Strat or Dot sound a bit less woofy. I have a couple ideas that might work: 1) Switching the slope resistor to a higher value 2) A switch that adds a...
  23. TweeDLX

    Plate voltage dropped?

    I was tweaking one of my homebrew amps (pretty much a take-off of a 5f6a) last night when a strange event happened. I'd been getting some ghost notes, so I stiffened up the filtering a little by changing a 22uf for a 30uf, and a 22uf for a 16uf. Fired it up, checked the plate voltage = 420VDC...
  24. TweeDLX

    Using a cap as a crossover?

    I want to add an 8" (mid) speaker to my bass rig. I know I can add a cap to isolate frequencies for this speaker, but don't know how to figure it out. I'm looking to send freq's above 400hz to the 8". I'm more interested in knowing HOW to do this than just getting a simple answer (but I do need...
  25. TweeDLX

    Tone Stack Math?

    I'm still working out the design for my Bass pre-amp. Since it will have a 4 band EQ(tone stack with T/HM/LM/B), Duncan's Tone Stack Calculator doesn't really help much. What I'm looking for is how to calculate the center frequency for each control. I'm thinking to use .1uf, .047uf, .01uf, and...
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