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    Falbo Guitars event, first night of NAMM@ Vintage King Audio Nashville

    I'll hold a small get together at Vintage King Audio, a wonderful place with a new showroom in Nashville on July 11th, the first night of NAMM. You'll be able to see their outfit (which is an experience all its own) but also try the Falbos (including a new 12-string) in the "right" setting...
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    Falbo Guitars at the Dallas Guitar Show

    Barring the unforeseen, I'll be at the Dallas Guitar Show this weekend with some Falbo Guitars. Stop by, this is a new venture and outside of the review in April's Guitar Player magazine, I'm sure none (or few) of you have seen or played these guitars. If you're in the area, now's your chance.
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    8-Minute Deja Vu Tap Delay audio demo

    Jeez I can't believe I went on for 8 minutes, but most of it is playing so it shouldn't put you to sleep too quickly. Anyway for people really looking to hear the tone of the Deja Vu it's a good demo. It's through two Super Reverbs (stereo)...
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