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    Money no object - speakers for BF Vibrolux Reverb

    I've been researching for a while now. The original speakers for a BF Vibrolux Reverb - Jensens and Oxfords - are either too tired or near-impossible to come by. What current production speakers (2 x 10") do you personally recommend as replacements for an original '64-'67 BF Fender Vibrolux...
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    Mystery Philips 12AX7 tube - ID help req'd, with a twist.

    I have the following Philips 12AX7 labelled tube which I'm trying to identify. I've owned it for 20+ years and it came to me in a BF Princeton Reverb as V1, and sounds fantastic there. Unfortunately at some point in the tube's life someone decided to place a rubber 'condom' on it which has made...
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    Who can refinish my Analogman Astrotone for me?

    Love the sound of the Analogman Astrotone, but I really dislike white-colored pedals. Who can take this: ...and refinish the same pedal (using the above existing enclosure) in black/gold color scheme like: that it looks something along the lines of (except with original black...
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    Fuzz Face - Anyone heard a great-sounding BC209 one?

    Lots of hype around the original germanium NKT275 and silicon BC108C pedals. A little interest in the BC183 pedals, perhaps due to their rarity as well. There are lots of original BC209 FFs out there as well, though not much talk on them. Do they sound any good?
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    EBS Red Twister - Manual Wanted

    Anyone have the original manual for the EBS Red Twister pedal? I want to make a small adjustment to the 'mix' of straight/effect without messing with the great tones I'm already getting. There's two small trim-pots on the circuit-board that I want to find out what each does. If someone...
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    Not excited by Zendrive, will I like the Zendrive2 any better?

    I previously owned the Zendrive and it really didn't impress me all that much with my gear (Strat or Tele > various other pedals > Fender '64 Blonde bassman/THD 2x12). I play a huge variety of music - Rock, Blues, Jazz, Top 40 covers, etc... Is the Zendrive 2 much different in tones and...
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    Fender low-end problem when using a tremolo pedal.

    Thanks to some of the good folks here sharing their ideas and experience with amp mods, I have been trying some of these out on my '65 Fender Vibrolux Reverb amp. The amp is in excellent original condition. So far I have done the following: * installed a pair of Weber 10F150T's (original...
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